We’ve done our research and discovered the truth of what’s really going on in this country, this crazy mixed up world! We know the government (not the elected representatives, but the ones really in charge) have covered up the truth and told us lies about everything from Roswell to the JFK assassination to what really happened on 9/11. But when we try to share our concerns with friends & family, they just tune us out, call us conspiracy theorists, tin-foil hatters. We need to develop a way to discuss these topics (conspiracy FACTS!) with others that will get and hold not only their attention but their interest. We also need to learn how to approach these topics with compassion & empathy, utilizing the techniques taught in the Non-Violent Communication program. Working together, we will develop a system of matching areas of interest with topics that need to be disclosed such as the truth of our government's close association with extraterrestrial beings, the secret space program, the story behind our corrupt financial system and so much more. This will be more than just a social group, although we will no doubt become friends as we have interests in common; we will be an action group - active discussions, note-taking, even some activities to promote public awareness. This will be a team, working together toward a common goal. As such, only true "team players" would be a good fit here. I’m looking forward to meeting other "misfits." This group is based on a local meetup group I'm forming on meetup.com. I want to get the discussions developed on a wider basis, as well. I'd really like to see similar meetup groups all across the U.S. and even globally. I can see this becoming a global network. I'm really excited about this and feel it's part of my mission to do this. The idea came to me in what I can only call a "download" while at Conscious Life Expo in February 2018. I hope others will catch my vision and help me develop this group.
  • My how time flies ... whether you're having fun or NOT! LOL! I had no idea it had been THREE MONTHS since I last posted here. In that time, I've been sick several times, lost a dear friend, a cat named Arnold the Pig (he had a curled tail, so we named him after the pig on the 60's sit com 'Green Acres'), struggled with finances in a way I haven't had to do in ten years and so on. I've thought of visiting many times and never made it here. This year has presented many challenges for my health, which I've been working on improving for several years now. In April I had bilateral stroke which fortunately has only left me with some kind of eyesight anomaly in my left eye and my right leg tends to get weak when I've not moving around enough (like when I get sick). These kinds of strokes have the potential of leaving a person "locked in," a state where the mind continues being active but there is no way to express oneself - paralyzed, blind, deaf, unable to speak. Maybe if we could connect people who are "locked in" with telepathic empaths who could teach these patients to communicate telepathically.

    All these health-related challenges began shortly after getting the "download" that has become Developing Disclosure Discussions. It's really had me wondering if there's some energy or force that is holding me down, preventing me from really getting this group, the Facebook group and, especially, my local meetup group. We're off to a slow start but these groups are going to be successful!
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  • Namaste to everyone! May I suggest that we all start with topics to be discussed followed by questions that may come up then books, documentaries, etc. to back up our responses.
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  • If 90% of the population of this nation and every other nation in the world came to understand what we all agree to be true, what would change? I don't believe anything would change other than the conversations you could have with your family and friends. Those who control our lives, our perspectives, and employ all of us have no reason to let the truth out. So although my heart goes out to all of you everywhere, I do not believe that there is anything you can do or say to stop the present situation from unfolding at its present pace. Oil will still be produced, cars will still run, trains and planes will continue to use fossil fuel. Your water and food will still be poisoned, you will continue to be divided by two or more political philosophies. Your education will still be limited at best and your view of history will be as inaccurate as it is today. Let it be as John Lennon said and enjoy your life for you can do nothing.
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  • After taking some time off to grieve the passing of a very a special cat with a soul so much larger than his wasting body, I’m ready to renew my efforts in promoting this group and helping to build enthusiasm for this project. I certainly can’t do it alone, no one person can. It’s simply too vast a subject with hundreds, if not thousands, of connected topics. That’s why it’s going to be so important for us to compile as much information on each topic as possible. Then we’ll start organizing information into a vast database which will become a web portal to which anyone can come and enter their areas of interest and be lead to topics that need to be discussed. They’ll also be able to access information on how to begin discussing these topics in a way that won’t automatically alienate them from friends and loved ones. Enough families and friendships have been torn apart simply because we don’t know how to approach those we care about. Let this group become the means of preserving loving relationships and repairing those that have already been damaged just because we got too eager to share shocking revelations with those we care about so much. Peace, ove & Light.
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  • The group is growing! It's so exciting to see people excited about this topic. We now have 19 members. That's awesome! I'd like to see an introduction from everyone who has joined. Let us know something about you, what your interests are, what your experiences in this area have been.
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  • @HealingPriestess You wrote a very compelling opening/mission statement. I am 100% behind you in this mission, and will do what I can to help. As a small business owner, I am afraid I am often extremely busy. Most of my contributions at this point in time can only be in thought/discussion, but I will lend help in anyway that I can when able.

    Of particular interest to me is your point on the lack of openness of our friends/family, and developing a way to discuss these topics with those of the "mainstream thought". I'm not familiar with the Non-Violent Communication program, but this isn't a hard one for me.

    The first principle for me, which has many wide aspects of application, is what we call "Free-Will". Every person has free will, and we cannot infringe upon that. We must first and foremost always realize that our only role to play in the lives of others is that of "influencer". People's minds are their owns to direct, even if it is for corrupt purposes and that is that. It has taken me a while to accept this, but I do feel confident in my life that I am in a place where I have accepted this 100% and whole-heartedly.

    So, it all comes down to influencing our circles for good... through persuasion. So, the questions we need to begin asking ourselves are:

    How do we persuade?
    How do we guide?
    How do we direct?
    How do we urge?

    How does the mind work?
    How does thought work?
    How does decision work?
    How does action work?

    What are the true crux's of the problems that we are facing culturally/in the world today that have contributed to "the mess"?
    And by the mess, I mean, How exactly did our world become a slave/prison planet to begin with?
    How did the corrupt forces manage to get human beings to give their free will away?
    How does "the machine" truly work? How are we all authorizing this "mess", in the context of spiritual terms?
    How do we begin to untie this spiritual knot?
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  • Lovely idea for a group. Thanks for creating this wonderful platform. Now me? If I showed up for a meet-up and there was a car show, I'd walk around looking at the cars with the group and chatting. Except for me I'd be listening. I'm a listener. Love chatters. They take the burden off us shy folk.
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