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  • Multiple Owl Dreams in Same Week
    Over the last couple of days I've had two really vivid dreams involving owls/baby owls. I found it a bit odd to have had a couple of them so close together. Not sure what to make of them so posting them here in case anyone has feedback.   Owl Dream #1 -   I'm on a school bus with a bunch of people and we are going to school. All of us are older so it doesnt really make sense...
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  • When a Jedi Dreams Part II: Bear Guide Dream

    7/11/2018 Jesse Lee Alexander. From Tonight

    I began my dream standing outside of a cave, when an enormous bear walked out of the mouth of the cave. The bear did not appear at all ferocious, rather it had a look of calmness and joy within its eyes. The bear approached me and I was not in fear at all and totally relaxed. The bear came closer until its eyes were looking directly into mine and the bear than spoke, “Come, ride on my back and I will show you things,” the bear said to me. So without any hesitation I walked around to the right side of the bear and hopped on its back careful not to tug on the fur. The bear then turned back toward the mouth of the cave and I asked, “Where are we going?” The bear replied: “Inside” we began to make our way down a dark and narrow tunnel within the cave and I remember turning to look back as the light faded away from the entrance, yet I remained calm and un-afraid for I had complete confidence in the bear. Finally we came to a larger chamber that was filled with light though there was no visible source of light that I could see. I said to the bear. “what now?” The bear replied: Look down and so I looked down to see a pool of water which contained images of the planets Mars, Jupiter, and Mercury. Not knowing what to think and somehow by reading my mind the bear then said: “Now look up”! I looked up only to find the same planets configured in the same order as the reflection of the water. The bear then said these planetary elements are just a small portion of you. Take their meanings and make of them what you will. The bear then turned back and we began to make our way back to the entrance of the cave where the sun began to shine almost blindingly but bearable, no pun intended. When we were out of the cave I thanked the bear for showing me things and climbed off of the bears back. I stood and stared at the Sun for a moment only to turn around and the bear had vanished.
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  • Magpie Animal Guide: When a Jedi Dreams Part One

    7/10/2018 From Yesterday

    It's a funny thing how the Force works, tonight I was awakened by an animal spirit guide which I had never encountered before in any of my dreams. This bird is called the Magpie and though it is not native to where I live I do know of the bird from seeing it on an animal documentary one time. Magpies are known for being a trouble makers and are natives to Australia. They are known for swooping down and attacking people usually from behind. The problem has gotten so bad that they literally have Magpie Swooping Zone signs posted. Either way, in a dream dealing with a Magpie can be a good thing, and as far as I can tell the message that the Magpie brought me was a good message. It was swooping down at me screeching the whole time, in turn this tells me that the Magpie wants me to use my voice more and to clearly speak my messages. So in the heart of tonight's spirit animal: May the Force of compassion and light be with you all and may your path be blessed! - Solomon Skywalker.
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  • Dream Log #2 - Inside the Sphere

    Dream Log #2 - Inside the Sphere
    I had this dream about two weeks ago. It was very vivid, clear and super colorful. I beleive it may have been a lucid dream as at one point in the dream, I was aware I was dreaming and was telling myself not to do anything that might wake me up from the dream.   Dream Log #2   I am...
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  • Hi. Some time ago I haf this dream in which I sow a huge bat. It was quite uncomfortable (cuz I don't like insecs, burds or flying bats). Is that a sort of message of "big changes in the near futur"? Or is something different? Thank you
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  • Dream Log #4 - Seeing The Future, The Day Of The Dream.

    Dream Log #4 - Seeing The Future, The Day Of The Dream.
    When I was in 7th grade I had a very clear, vivid dream. It was an unusually short dream or at least I was only able to remember a short portion of the dream. It was the most powerful short dream that I've ever had in my life to this day. It completely changed my perspective on life, time and...
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  • Ok so this will be long but hopefully you like it.

    I heard from a channeling from the A-Team (Ascension team- hawking, Einstein, Tesla, Dolores cannon, dr. Emoto) by Pamela Aaralyn about eck being the space between all things and that there is a religion type called Eckankar so I ordered their free literature out of curiosity. When it came in I was like hmm I'll look at this later and like a week went by and the books were on my dresser. Then one day I was asking my higher self and guides like what is the deal with my dreams and why do some of them seem prophetic and I was wondering what one meant. And then I fiddled around in my room for a bit then like mindlessly picked up this Eckankar book and opened to a page and it was this (I'll attach pics-probably will have to in comments as I’m getting an error message)

    I'm not like converting to any religion or anything but I did think it was cool and informative, taking what resonated.
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  • https://alpha.onstellar.com/blogs/20730/Dream-Log-3-Image-of-God
    Dream Log #3 - Image of God
    When I was 18 years old (1998) I was having a difficult time in my life. I was trying to figure things out. I was very depressed and couldn't find my place in life. It got to the point where I pretty much just said F-it and I didn't really care anymore if I was alive or dead. I sat in bed that...
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  • Every night I have at least 1 dream that is so vivid, so intense, soooo real that when I wake up feels like I didn't drem, is feeling like real life. Also I feel pain if in dream was so and continues after I came to my sense. In fact I wake up tired like i didn't was alseep. Any of you experience such thing? Thank you
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