We are here to heal ourselves and each other. We do this by sharing our experiences and the lessons we have learned or are learning from them. Experiences in the past, present, and future are to be shared. Everything we experience is for our benefit and the benefit of our brothers healing. You are here to heal. Heal yourself and heal your brothers of the false beliefs you hold forth as being true. The judgments you were taught to own from the cradle are part of these beliefs being held. Abuse, drugs, habits, personal judgments of self, beliefs, and anything else that may be blocking you from healing. Nothing is off limits. Only by looking and asking for the truth will they be healed then released. No one can do this for you. You must be willing to look at everything without exception. This is the time and here is the place to heal our misconceptions. Our judgments of ourselves and everyone and everything we know of. Holy Spirit is showing what is possible. When we allow open sharing we heal.
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The Master Teachers you seek are all around you.

Hello world. The following is from 2018.

Many of you are asking where the Master Teachers are that are to help Humanity heal and regain their Sovereignty. You are asking why they have not appeared yet. Why are they not answering Humanities calls of Love for healing.

Humanity, the way you have been trained from the moment of your arrival here in this reality is the key to understanding and freeing yourselves. You must be willing to look at what it is you were taught to think and believe. You must be willing to look at what you were taught to judge your experiences as being and what you chose to judge your experiences as being based on the treatment and what you were experiencing in those moments.

Humanity you have been lost and wandering out in the wilderness of your imagination and what you have chosen to believe in as being possible to experience for you. Everything you have chosen to focus your mental and emotional energy and attention on you manifest in your reality to be experienced. You do this on an individual level and on a co-creator level.

Humanity, the Master Teachers have been all around you. They are constantly sharing with you the Truth that you seek. They lay these Truth's before you and walk away. They lay these Truth's before you and allow YOU to CHOOSE whether or not it RESONATES as Truth for you.

They do not try to convince you of anything they share with you. They do not ask anything of you in return for what it is they are sharing openly and freely with you. They ask you questions that are gauged to get you to turn within and begin looking at and questioning your own choices to think, believe, perceive and be. They share a perspective with which to look at something from that had not been considered before. One that comes from understanding and non judgment. Of compassion and empathy for where their brother is at on their journeys.

In many instances they will give one clarification as to what it is that is blocking them from being able to heal that which was experienced. How many times, it is a concept misconceived that is blocking them or simply a judgment being held that they are not willing to look at yet and let go of. All they share is gauged to get YOU the INDIVIDUAL to turn within to Holy Spirit for the next stages of your journey into the Labyrinth you have created for yourselves.

Humanity, each one of you are responsible for your individual choices to think and believe as you do. No one else is responsible for these choices YOU have made, but YOU. The training you received here has you blindly following, believing and accepting what another is telling you is the truth. You have been trained to seek out the judgments and opinions of those around you and enact those same judgmental beliefs on yourselves in the form of self castigation.

Everything you have been trained to do has been done on a subconscious subliminal level without your conscious knowing or understanding of what was happening to you at that time. You held no understanding that you were being coerced, manipulated and controlled through judgments, opinions, punishments of ostracism, physical violence and the mediums of shame, guilt and fear being used on you.

Understand, the ones who were doing these things and training you in this way had no understanding nor knowing of what it was they were doing to you. They were repeating a pattern that had been taught to them by someone else. They were taught to think, believe, perceive and judge everyone, everything and themselves from a perspective of the victim. They are taught they are required to believe what they are told by anyone who states they are the authority. They are taught the authority starts with their parents, then drifts to every adult around them. Then as adults it drifts to society, their bosses, government and laws. They are taught that someone ALWAYS has authority over them.

Humanity you have been trained to perceive yourselves as different from each other. To perceive your brothers as above or below you. You have been trained to believe that someone has authority over you and that you are not allowed to say no to their dictates. You have been trained to believe in and accept the prohibitions created by Society and enforced by mans laws. You have been trained to accept prohibitions that whittle away at your freedom to be Sovereign Beings that are Self Governing. You have been trained to do all of this without your conscious knowing. Just as those who came before you, you have chosen to repeat the same patterns that were taught to them and that were then taught to you.

There are Master Teachers all around you my brothers. I AM a Master Teacher. The issue many of you face here are your own choices to pick and choose what it is you will look at and consider, and you judge the messenger instead of listening to hear the message and what is being shared with you.

If you truly wish to heal you must be willing to listen and not respond. To listen and contemplate what is shared with you without judging it. Simply consider it and ask yourself if it RESONATES AS TRUTH.

For those with interest I can be found on multiple platforms. You can google search my name and find I post on sites such as Onstellar.com, Medium.com and Patreon.com/HealingwithSharing. I invite you all to come walk with me on this journey to healing and the taking back of your Sovereignty of Being through your Free Will to be as you were meant to be which is Self Governing as God created you to be. You are Sovereign Beings. What you do here now is play at being the slave...

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.
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  • How does one relearn? You question it…

    Hello world. The following is from 2018.

    If everything you think you know and believe in as being true has been taught to you by someone else just as it was taught to them, how do you know it is the Truth? You question it.

    Something to contemplate a bit. I was guided at the time I was asked the above question to write down a list of what I believed defined me, who I am, and am supposed to be. I then wrote a list of every title and label I used to define myself. As I looked over that list I was asked another question. What do all of those labels have in common? Each had been handed to me by someone else, was the common denominator.

    My Guides speak, “Every name, label, title, category, people, place and thing has been given not just one label but multiple labels. Each one seems to hold a definition all its own. Each one created by someone else and taught to you. Each one was accepted by you as being the absolute truth without question.

    Try it for yourself and see if what I am stating isn’t true for you too. Then look at everything you believe in. Same thing applies… All was taught to you. Everything around you and that you use everyday. What all those things are was taught to you by someone else. They were created by someone else. Written by someone else…

    Everything you read and are taught to believe was “invented” for a lack of a better term by someone else. The first knife, spoon, shoe, bowl, cooking pot, shelter… No one knows who it was that created the first one of these things or if those were their intentions for them. No one knows if those were the names or labels they gave them. Yet you accept that this is what this is because society says it is…You are told you should not question this….

    You must relearn to question all that you experience and think it is you perceive. The Truth is being placed before you. It is you who chooses to look past it and refuses to see it before you. It is a choice you have made to believe what another has given you blindly without question. You will now need to make an active choice to begin questioning all that you experienced that has stayed with you on your journey causing you the pain and suffering you still endure…”

    Sounds as if someone has been working very hard at figuring out a way to have me handing away my own Free Will and Sovereignty of Being to be Self Governing away to someone else without my conscious knowing. Everything seems to be getting done on a subconscious or subliminal level… Now I wonder why that would be? Could it be I was being trained into a form of slavery where my shackles are an illusion created by me?

    As the answers begin to dawn a sickening feeling of horror and righteous fury ignites within me. That a brother would willingly do this to another brother just for power, control, money, gain, greed and envy is difficult to accept, yet hard to deny. The pain and suffering so many have and are experiencing shows this.

    Healing is possible my brothers. Healing of yourself, the world and all of Humanity is possible. Each of us are being asked to make a choice to turn within and start seeking Holy Spirit’s Guidance within you. You are asked to Ask Spirit your questions and it is up to you to accept the answers that Spirit would give you. Healing starts with you and it starts when you turn within. When you heal yourself you are helping to heal the world and all of Humanity. That is your responsibility here, to heal yourselves. We cannot heal anyone else. We may only heal ourselves. We do this by turning within and accepting responsibility for the choices we are making to judge our reality as being what it is for us.

    How does one relearn? You question it…

    Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.
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  • It seems today's word will be "Expectations".

    Hello world. The following is from 2018.

    It seems today's word will be "Expectations". No one is required to meet our expectations and we are not required to meet anyone else's expectation of what they think and believe we should or should not be or be doing in any given moment. In all experiences you the individual get a choice in what it is you will have that experience be for you. It is a choice you are making to JUDGE that experience as being whatever it is for you.

    In our "Expectations" we tend to forget that we all have a life that is being led individually. That each of us have things we are dealing with in the moment that takes precedence over anything and anyone else outside of what has been placed before us. Our expectations are the tripwires we setup for ourselves. They are our own judgments and beliefs that our brother is required to respond to us as we dictate and when. That we have some right to try and control what it is our brother is doing and can dictate what their responses and behavior should be. We do not have that right. We are only responsible for ourselves and the choices we are making in any given moment. No one gets to make our choices for us, just as we cannot make anyone else's for them.

    Each individual Being is responsible for themselves and the choices they are making to believe so perceive their experiences as being. Just as you hold judgmental beliefs and expectations that everything should be this way or that way, so to does your brother hold beliefs of a similar vein of perceptual purview. Each of you have been trained or indoctrinated in almost the exact same ways.

    All of Humanity is indoctrinated into a form of blind mimicry. Children are trained from birth to mimic the beings around them if they are to gain acceptance and approval. When they do not mimic they are punished until they do. Love, affection, gentleness and kindness are withheld until the child does as they are directed. Sometimes physical pain and suffering will be used as incentive to comply when judgments no longer work. The child is coerced and manipulate using their minds and their emotions against them. They are indoctrinated to perceive and believe they are REQUIRED to conform to the expectations and dictates of those around them and ANYONE who states they are an authority.

    Humanity you have been TRAINED to perceive and believe you are REQUIRED to comply, conform and live up to someone else's expectations and judgmental choices to be and so believe themselves to be. You have been trained to do this willingly and unconsciously. You have been enslaved unknowingly through these forms of mental coercion and manipulation since your birth. Be willing to look at what you do and believe to be true. Be willing to look at how you are choosing to hold expectations or are conforming to someone else's

    It is up to YOU the Individual to decide what you will do. It is up to you whether or not you continue to conform and comply to the expectations being handed to you. Such as the rules, laws, regulations and judgments that are constantly being handed to you and forced down your throat by these imagined authority figures. Each one is a choice YOU are MAKING to accept so believe...

    Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.
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  • The topic for today seems to be "Discernment".

    Hello world. The following is from 2018.

    I have been having very interesting conversations with my brothers, Holy Spirit and my Guides this morning. The topic for today seems to be "Discernment". The following are some things shared by my brothers and my responses to them.

    A brother shared, "We each reduce the infinite down to our version. Then we have to deal with our ideas"

    My response, "Discernment... Alex and I were just having a discussion about that before he left for work this morning. He responded to that troll in open minds yesterday about the guys lack of discernment about what the course is stating about the ego's discernment being unconscious and Holy Spirit's discernment is based in Consciousness. Even the post I had shared showed the depths of the ego thinking and how Holy Spirit would have me see and perceive things differently."

    Another brother had posted about the story's we tell ourselves and I responded with the following...

    My response, "I used to tell myself the story that was handed to me about all the rapes and molestations and beatings I experienced as a child. That story would come into the forefront of my mind any time I interacted with a man. I looked at every man as the next rapist, molester, and murderer of me from beating me to death. It took a very long time for me to understand that EVERY TIME those thoughts, beliefs, and emotions would come up that I was to begin LOOKING at them and QUESTIONING them. I was to start asking myself if what I had been taught was the truth.

    As I began looking at those thoughts and stopped denying I was experiencing them... I began getting answers and healing from those experiences. I came to understand that how I was thinking and perceiving myself, the experiences, and everyone involved in them had been taught to me. Every judgment I was using to define those experiences, myself and the people involved had been handed to me as defining me.

    I had to stop denying what Holy Spirit kept bringing up and into my face to look at. Once I looked and questioned I received answers and healing. I was able to see the choices I made to believe and let them go completely. It is not an easy task but a necessary one."

    For the last 14 years I have been on a journey inward seeking understanding of who I am and why I experienced all the things I had. When I turned inward and started looking at the things my Guides were bringing up for me to look at I experienced a dawning horror that everything I learned to believe in was a lie that had been taught to me that I blindly accepted as being the absolute truth, defining who I am and am supposed to be.

    I began to understand how the egoistic thought structure works and was put into place and becomes self regulating. It becomes a well oiled machine of fear, shame, guilt, blame, pain, suffering, victimization of self and others, and of handing away our responsibility for our own choices to think, say, do, be, and believe to someone else. To make them responsible for what it is we are thinking, saying, doing, perceiving, believing and experiencing. We are trained to become the perfect slave. The only chains binding us are our own minds. Each belief is a bar to a cage we build for ourselves in our heads.

    We are taught to follow the unconscious thinking of an egoistic thought system that has us believing we are conscious when in truth we are Unconscious. It is not until we turn inward and start seeking within ourselves and looking at the things we have been taught and that Holy Spirit and our Guides bring to us for contemplation that we begin to regain True Consciousness.

    We gain an understanding within us of what we are doing. We gain an understanding of who we really are. We gain an understanding of how our minds are really working on an subconscious level that we were never AWARE of. We gain the ability to discern for ourselves what resonates within us as being true for us and who we are choosing to be. We have been taught to do as we are told and to not question the authority. Told that what they state is the truth and we are required to accept what they say for ourselves.

    All of Humanity has been trained in this egoistic thought system of perceiving, believing, saying, doing, and being. To take what is said to them or they read in a book as being the absolute Truth because the person who said it or wrote it is supposed to be the authority. They have a title, a piece of paper that says they know what they know. All taught to them by someone else just as it had been taught to them. All accepted blindly because they said it was true.

    What is failed to be recognized here is that in every instance we are the ones who are choosing to accept another's authority over us. We are not and have never been required to accept or believe in anything being said to us or we read in a book. It does not matter if the person speaking says they have or they are the authority. It does not matter that they read a book or wrote a book so they are the authority or that book is the authority.

    Belief is a choice being made by you to accept what another is saying as being true and defining you. What is not seen is how the words in a book are still someone else's choices to be and believe and discernment is needed to comprehend what is actually being shared there. One needs to be willing to question everything placed before them. To willingly turn inward and stop blindly following and believing whatever is placed before them. To take responsibility for themselves and their own choices to believe, accept and perceive.

    Until Humanity chooses to do this the egoistic thought system shall reign supreme within them. They will continue to accept what is said and done to them until they decide they are no longer willing to accept it any longer. When they choose to Stand in their Light of Truth no matter what it is their brothers are choosing for themselves. When they are able to accept that their brothers are allowed to be as they choose and to believe as they choose. They are allowed to blindly follow and believe the being in front of them or that book they read as they walk themselves into the quagmire of quicksand and the death that following brings.

    It is and has always been their Sovereign Right of Free Will to make those choices for themselves. They are the only ones who can change their minds and choose differently. All that can be done for them is to share our Truth and the experiences we have had that shows us this is the Truth. We lay our Truth before them and allow them the choice to accept it or deny it. We give away all attachment to the outcome here. You cannot drag anyone kicking and screaming into the Light. Every single one of us must pick ourselves up and walk into that Light on our own. We have to make a choice to do this. To learn to use Discernment and stop blindly accepting what another chooses to believe because they tell you, you have to or it says it in a book.

    Discernment is the word of the day here Folks. Standing in our Light of Truth no matter what is using Discernment that what another is choosing does not resonate within us as being True. Just because they choose to believe it does not mean we have to accept it too.

    Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.
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  • Relationships based on shallow means will not last long.

    Hello world. The following is from 2015.

    Had someone post a question regarding relationships and intimacy earlier today. Something about if your partner is good to you in almost all ways but sex would you stay. My answer after some contemplation with Holy Spirit and my Guides was the following...

    You get back what you put into a relationship. Sex isn't everything and desire fades with illness, life, and age. Relationships based on shallow means will not last long. When one looks below the surface to the heart within, the outer shell no longer matters. One begins to realize quickly that the shell they observe is no more than an illusion. A costume an actor may don at any given time to represent that moment. If one is willing, one can learn how to please their partner. They only need the desire to do so. Their partner must also be willing to do the same. In sharing their deepest desires and wants they can teach each other to please and be pleased. Hold nothing back and be completely open and honest in all aspects of your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and desires. In having completely open communications and hiding nothing you can work then as one unit/team with a common goal.

    No relationship is perfect and no single person is perfect in the eyes of another. To have that sort of expectation is asinine in the extreme. The key is to see your partner's flaws in all their glory and still be able to see past them and ACCEPT them as being part of them. That folks is the true meaning of Unconditional Love. To see all aspects of yourself and those around you and love them all anyways without judgement unconditionally. This has been working for my Husband and I for over 15 years now.

    Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.
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  • Was he an Angel in disguise?

    Hello world. The following is from 2018.

    Today has been a very strange and long day. Woke up around 6:30 this morning. We had to be on a job site by 8:30 AM today. We made a stop at the bank on our way out to pull some money for a buddy of ours. As we were saying our goodbyes in preparation of going our separate ways a man appeared out of nowhere and walked up to us. As we were talking I had been looking past our buddy towards the main road across the parking lot of the shopping center to gauge the traffic. I turned and looked at my Husband Alex and then turned back towards our buddy and the road. I literally turned my head and said two words, "You ready?" to which he nodded. I turned my head back and this guy was around two hundred feet from us walking towards us. He literally appeared out of nowhere in front of us.

    He stopped, looks at me and says, "Seriously, are you serious?" He laughs and then says, "Are you serious? I need a program. (I believe he said his name was Michael but not sure.) I was just asking God for a Miracle. I was walking and thinking about taking this razor blade and slicing my wrist or my throat..."

    All three of us had stopped talking and had turned towards this guy when he walked up and started talking and waving around a bare razor blade as he demonstrates the act of slicing his own throat. I found myself responding to him telling him,"You are needed here. You have value and purpose here even if you are not aware of it. Your life is of value and you do have a reason for being and being here. Everything you have experienced has been of benefit to you. You would not be who you are if you had not had those experiences. You have value and you are worthy. Death is not the answer and you know this brother."

    The man started pouring his heart out about his trials and tribulations with homelessness, drugs, and probation. Our buddy stepped up and started sharing his own experiences with him of how he himself has been dealing with issues with drugs and homelessness and how he is going into a program himself. That there are programs out there to help him if he asks. Our buddy then asked him for the razor blade as he to told him he did not want to do that. The man handed him that blade and our buddy immediately hugged him. Our buddy had just been pouring his heart to us about his own troubles when this man walked up. In those moments his own trials were gone as he helped that man.

    A few moments later my Husband and I got into our car as our buddy walked over to a garbage can to throw away that razor blade. I had been watching the man as he stood there a moment before turning to walk away. I glanced over to our buddy who was almost to the garbage and turned back and the man was gone. He freaking vanished. I seriously started craning my neck around looking for him and he was nowhere in sight.

    Now as I am thinking about that encounter I am beginning to think that man was no ordinary man. As quickly as he appeared he was gone. The downward spiral our buddy had been going through seemed to have been stopped and forgotten as he looked at what he just experienced. Another soul who seemed to be in more pain and suffering than he was. It was beautiful to see the light come back into our buddy's eyes. His hopelessness fall away some as a renewed hope kindled within him in those moments.

    Was he an Angel in disguise? We may never know. Yet something says he may well have been...

    Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.
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  • What is it you would teach and of what value would it be to anyone but you?

    Hello world. The following is from 2019.

    A brother states, "If you have listened to the Teacher, you will not think there is anything else to learn."

    My response, " That is an interesting perspective and belief system you are holding there which would entail one to blindly follow and believe in whatever it is being said and or stated by the one they have placed on a pedestal of imagined authority. That would mean it is a choice they are actively making to be a victim of the world they perceive their reality as being. On my own journey Holy Spirit and my Guides have taught me something very different regarding "the Teacher".

    My Guides state, "The Teacher's Purpose…

    The purpose of the teacher is to teach the student to turn within. The goal of the teacher is to get the student to no longer come to the teacher for answers. The teacher teaches the student that the answers they seek are within them. That they are the Master of their journey. They make all choices and decisions to be, believe, perceive and experience their reality as being what it will be for them. No one will make these choices for you and no can make these choices for you."

    I am finding it interesting how Humanity is blindly following and accepting what they read in a book, are told by a teacher as well as these rules, laws and regulations being handed to them by these representatives that are supposed to be listening to and following what their constituents are asking for. Instead it is the other way around. These reps have the masses believing they are in control and the masses must comply or be punished…. They are overstepping their authority and any and all authority they have is and has been given by We The People. This means We The People can rip them right out of that chair we have placed their asses into. I WILL NOT COMPLY! They work for me and not me for them!

    Something to consider… No one can tell you what it is you know, think, believe nor experience. No one has authority over you unless you CHOOSE to allow them to. You have to willingly make a choice to conform and comply with their dictates in order for them to have any impact on you directly. YOU have to ACCEPT what is being handed to you in those moments. So, the question now becomes for the individual being when is enough, enough? When do they CHOOSE to STAND UP and say NO MORE, I WILL NOT COMPLY? It is a choice each of you will have to make for yourselves. No one may make this choice for you.
    Are you ready to use your God Given Free Will to Choose what Resonates within you as Truth and follow your OWN INNER GUIDANCE to be a Sovereign Being who is Self Governing and RESPONSIBLE for themselves and ALL choices they would make to believe so perceive themselves to be? For THAT IS what it will take to stop what is happening and make the needed changes to something else.

    My brothers what is shared here is how Humanity is being manipulated to respond and react. How the corrupt have been twisting words and meanings to suit the situations they perpetrate and set up themselves. It is time to open your eyes and recognize what is right in front of your face. Stop denying what is right in front of you. Take responsibility for your choices to believe as you are. It is only when you accept responsibility that you can make the changes needed to stop and choose again choosing differently this time. All you go through is a choice you are making. Accept it! It is what it is! Recognize it and change your mind!

    To blindly follow and believe what some teacher is telling you or you read in a book without question is to ask to be made a victim and a slave to your chosen authority figure. It is an illusion you are choosing to make real. It is also an illusion you will have to heal too.

    If one would choose to actually heal while on this journey they will need to stop lying to themselves and turn within and begin to actively start looking at the choices they have made to accept and believe in the judgmental opinions that were being dictated to them in their youth. For that is where most of our beliefs come from… They are TAUGHT to us! We are responsible for making that choice to accept and believe in it. We made that choice and no one else. Seriously!"

    Something to consider regarding those first 20 lessons in ACIM… What they were pointing out was that everything you think you know and believe in as being true has been taught to you by someone else just as it had been taught to them. Everything you think you experience is colored by those things you were taught to think, believe and perceive yourself, the world, your brother and your reality as a whole to be. What you and those who taught you were being trained to do is accept blindly whatever was being taught to you. To accept all without question. That in each interaction YOU ARE the one who chose to accept whatever was being said, done and dictated to you. It was a choice YOU made to do so. What is also being pointed out is that you were NEVER REQUIRED to accept any of the things you were being taught to believe in. You only THINK you are required too."

    My brother states, "All truth is not learned. We already are the truth. The Teacher shows us this in an instant."

    My Husband Alex responds, " If you are the truth then who or what are you?"

    Our brother responds, "Alex Reyenga listen my brother and you will know also."

    Alex responds, "I see you can't answer the question. That is because you do not know who or what you are. You seem to think that you don't exist even."

    Our brother responds, "Alex Reyenga I think this may make some sense to you. Shrubs ISIS jd jdj mdkodjd duke ksndbisns s. Skikda"

    Alex responds, "All I see is nonsense."

    My response, "And what "truth" would that be that you would teach? Is it the truth you were taught in school that you are your body? Is it the judgmental beliefs you were taught to conform to that are truth? Is it what you read in some book or heard some supposed teacher or guru state is truth? What truth exactly are you choosing to believe in? Why are you choosing to believe in it? Have you QUESTIONED the validity of that which is being dictated to you to be believed in? Has any of it been proven to you to be true through your own personal life experiences? Can you SHARE how these so called truths have played out in the experiential aspects of your life so others may garner some context of the value of what it is you say you share here? Or are you just blindly repeating what is said to you and you read in a book like a sheep following the flock with its head down or a lemming jumping blindly over the ledge of the cliff following after the one before it??"

    Our brother responds, "Alex Reyenga yes and when you see things differently you will not see nonsense anymore."

    Alex responds, "How witty of you! Oh, good one! Score for your ego!"

    My response, "What are you trying to sell here? If you would have your brothers buy whatever it is you are trying so hard to sell here… You need to give them context so they have a basis with which to compare what it is you are selling them to what it is they know to be. Otherwise whatever you are selling is valueless and holds no meaning nor value for anyone but you…."

    Alex responds, "Our brother is playing the enlightened Guru act. He is trying to get people to follow him and his beliefs. Maybe he will start an ACIM cult called "There is no problem because you don't exist!".

    A brother responds, "Sabrina Reyenga including this, prayer. I don't know how to tell my friend that I'm imaginary."

    My response, "You are not imaginary. What is imaginary would be their thoughts, beliefs, perspectives and perceptions of who they believe you to be. What they choose to perceive will be a reflection of the choices they have made to believe themselves to be."

    My brother responds, "Sabrina Reyenga Sister Learn to appreciate sarcasm And yes Good point Which I tried to convey and it's rarely ever understood "

    My response, " I have learned that sarcasm is no more than a deflection and a way of judging what is being shared or gone through by a brother. It is a false facade and mask that is being donned in those moments to portray what is not real nor true. In each interaction I am bidden by Holy Spirit and my Guides to be completely open, honest and authentic. I am to share the experiential aspect of my journey and the lessons learned through them. I am to question everything without exception. That is their statement to me. Question everything! Even that which we share with you. Ask how it is applicable or has been experienced within my life. Ask to be shown an example and one will be given you. This is what they have stated and is what I do."

    My brother responds, "Sabrina Reyenga All here is facade"

    Another brother responds, "Sabrina Reyenga you are assuming you know his definition of teacher. Mine is the Holy Spirit. And in the case of Holy Spirit being The Teacher and being "only"guided by the HS this feels true to me."

    My response, "There was no assumption being made. Our brother is choosing to follow his ego and not Holy Spirit when he speaks of blindly following and believing without questioning. Our brother cannot share examples of how what he says is truth has been proven to him through his own life experiences by Holy Spirit. He has not been able to share how every experience had a lesson within it he had to learn and how EVERY experience has been of benefit to him. For that IS what HOLY SPIRIT TEACHES one. HOLY SPIRIT shows one how EVERY EXPERIENCE IS for their BENEFIT and THROUGH THEM ALL of HUMANITY!

    ACIM STATES you are to ASK if you would receive. Asking entails QUESTIONING! Nothing is as it may seem. Everything you think you know and believe in as being true is no more than a lie that has been used to control you and all you would think, say and do. All you think you know has been taught to you by someone else just as it was taught to them.Those who came before you blindly followed and accepted whatever was being dictated to them WITHOUT QUESTIONING any of it. Just as YOU have CHOSEN to do."

    My brother responds, "Sabrina Reyenga Ok you must know this person so I'm backing out I would rather be happy than right."

    A brother asks, "Sabrina Reyenga oooo…can I be teacher next?"

    My response, "Then I would ask you what I ask all beings who would step forward to teach a belief system or way of being…

    And what "truth" would that be that you would teach? Is it the truth you were taught in school that you are your body? Is it the judgmental beliefs you were taught to conform to that are truth? Is it what you read in some book or heard some supposed teacher or guru state is truth? What truth exactly are you choosing to believe in? Why are you choosing to believe in it? Have you QUESTIONED the validity of that which is being dictated to you to be believed in? Has any of it been proven to you to be true through your own personal life experiences? Can you SHARE how these so called truths have played out in the experiential aspects of your life so others may garner some context of the value of what it is you say you share here? Or are you just blindly repeating what is said to you and you read in a book like a sheep following the flock with its head down or a lemming jumping blindly over the ledge of the cliff following after the one before it??

    What are you trying to sell here? If you would have your brothers buy whatever it is you are trying so hard to sell here… You need to give them context so they have a basis with which to compare what it is you are selling them to what it is they know to be. Otherwise whatever you are selling is valueless and holds no meaning nor value for anyone but you….
    What is it you would teach and of what value would it be to anyone but you?

    A brother responds, "Sabrina Reyenga How can you say no one has ever questioned what has been taught to them, including myself? There is no way you can make such a judgmental statement. In truth, I have questioned a lot and found some teachings to be valid and others not. So have those who came before me and so have my children and grandchildren. I always have and always will encourage free thinkers, to look beyond what we think we know and make certain it is truth. Not everything a person learns is taught to them by someone else. Some things we learn on our own from our personal experiences and/or observations."

    My response, "When asked, who are you, who do you believe yourself to be? What answer would you give? Is it the labels that have been handed to you? Are you that meat coated skeletal wagon you call your body? If everything you have ever experienced is for your benefit, how do you justify a need to forgive that which NEVER happened? If you believe in forgiveness then you are holding onto a belief that HAS NOT been questioned."

    My brother responds, "Sabrina Reyenga I am God's sacred child; Love is who I am. Period."

    My response, "This is not disputed. You asked a question and an answer was given you. It is up to you to decide to contemplate what has been shared here with you to discern if there is any validity in Truth to it and accept it for yourself if you so choose too. No one may make these choices for you and you may not make them for anyone else either.

    Perspective! All I have experienced has been for my benefit and through me all of Humanity. In sharing the experiential aspects of my journey with the lessons learned through them I extend an understanding of perspective in what I was choosing in the moment and how that choice impacted me on my journey.

    I am having brothers come to me asking my "guidance" or "counsel". I have no degrees nor certificates to state I know what I know. When I share, I share the experiential aspects of my journey with the lessons learned through them. I share the understandings I am given when I choose to look at and question what it is I experience or have experienced.

    I am a channel. A conduit for Spirit to use to connect to my brothers. When they ask a direct non-judgmental question Spirit will step into my vessel to respond to them. Spirit will NOT drag you kicking and screaming into the Light. Spirit will lay the answer before you and allow you to decide if what is shared resonates for you as Truth.


    Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.
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  • The TRUTH, is often mistaken for the lie.

    Hello world. The following is from 2019.

    A brother asks, “What is the true basis for forgiveness?”

    My response, “ Hello brother. Forgiveness is lie that has been taught to you. It is NOT TRUE. If everything we go through and experience is for our benefit, how could anything every go wrong or need to be forgiven? If one chooses to look at and question this belief they would find the lie therein and begin to let go of all they have JUDGED as being what it is for them.

    There is an article I wrote back in 2016 sharing a vision I was given regarding forgiveness and tithing. I am told you will find it very enlightening to say the least and that it will help give perspective and understanding of the lies you have been trained to accept and believe in as being true for you…

    “Forgiveness and Tithing

    Hello world. The following is from 2016. It is a sharing of a vision I channeled of how we are trained to believe in lies such as sin and forgiveness.

    As I was rereading a post yesterday that I had written a year ago I found a phrase standing out for me. The phrase was, “Many say the key is forgiveness.” Upon reading this I found myself receiving a vision and an understanding. The vision starts with an ancient city and people walking towards and into a temple carrying “gifts” with the intent and purpose of making an offering to the God’s for forgiveness. In essence they were tithing to the temple. Paying their way into heaven with the gifts they would bring for the God’s to be placated. Upon seeing this vision I understood the basics of what modern religions tithing is, or I thought I did…

    As the vision unfolded I was shown two people exchanging an item, a bowl. My guides were explaining that anything and everything is created “FOR-GIVING”. Meaning that everything can be “given” away to someone else. They are telling me that the meaning of this has been twisted to mean something very very different though. What was being shown to me about the temple is where this twisting of meanings originally began. The essence of “for giving” was to create items of value for trading and bartering so one may acquire those items needed for survival.

    The priests in the temples took this concept to a whole new level. The priests new they needed worshipers to believe in what they were saying. That all their “power” was connected to the strength and depth of the peoples beliefs in the priests ability to act as a go between for them and the God’s. The priests would foster this belief that only they could speak to the God’s and only they could interpret what the God’s wanted.

    The creation of the idea or concept of “For Giving” was seen as a new tool for controlling the people by changing what it’s meaning would be. The new use for this concept would be the supplication to the God’s of “Forgiveness” for the imagined transgressions the priests would then create to fulfill this new need. Everything the people would now create would be “for giving” to the temples to placate the God’s.

    The priests created an idea or concept that you could gain a place in heaven by “gifting” or “tithing” to the temples your most precious treasures and valuables. That only they could placate the angry God’s and assure you a place by their sides. They even created fictional items that you could buy such as blessed water to chase evil spirits from your home and amulets and talismans to keep you safe and protected. If one did not fall in line they were then brought before the priests to stand a mock trial only to be crucified in the end for disagreeing or holding a differing point of view such as what happened with Jesus. Using the tools of fear, shame, and guilt to manipulate the masses into supporting them, their need and greed of power had corrupted.

    The true creation of “Sin” came from the temples to manipulate the people to conform to the dictates of those in power. To keep the many answering to the dictates of the few. The temple priests understood the powers of the mind and how perceptions could be manipulated. They understood that and used it to create a world where only they would be above the laws of man that they themselves had created. This twisted creation has been in place since the rise of the first temple.

    All of us are taught to blindly follow and believe whatever is being said to us by our families. We are taught to seek out their judgments and opinions for approval and acceptance. We are then taught to extend this same seeking to any and all we cross paths with throughout our lives. In this same way we are also taught that “forgiveness” is us giving away to God what we no longer wish to have and experience in the hopes that it will be removed and we may live in joy and happiness. Just as the original temple priests taught the masses…

    The key here folks is that there was never anything to “forgive”. There was never any “SIN”. Nothing has ever gone “wrong”. These were all superstitious beliefs taught to the people by the priests in the temples. They would use the peoples own fears of the unknown against them. The pattern has not changed in thousands of years. It is still the same even though the characters in power have changed many many times.

    For giving is just that, FOR GIVING. As in giving it away so another may have it. It is a sharing of all that is. Forgiveness is a belief in a lie that something has gone wrong and one must make it real by believing in it in order to give it to God to be taken away.

    As the vision closes I now understand where the belief in forgiveness has come from. How we the people have been manipulated to blindly follow the dictates of those around us. To believe that someone else would know what we should or should not being doing, thinking, and saying. That only a chosen few can talk to God and will know what is best for us. I now understand how it is we subconsciously give away our personal power to another all unknowingly.

    There is no such thing as forgiveness folks. It is all a lie. Everything we create is for giving away freely so we may receive more in this same way. What you give you shall receive, so give of it freely. Anything you think to hold you will lose for in holding it to you it loses all value to help you or anyone else further. It matters not if it is of material or ephemeral essence. It’s value comes only when it is given away freely. Your choice and decision in how you view it is what gives it the value it has. You now have a chance to choose again and choose differently this time in how you want to see your world. What will you choose this time?

    Blessings on your journey my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.”

    My brother responds, “Thank you for this. One thing I would like to add is that the ancient Jewish priests from the tribe of Levi were not permitted to own land as were the rest of the tribes. As compensation the priests were permitted to take a share of the food offerings home. They therefore had a huge stake in preserving the sacrificial system. They even codified it in the story of creation where God rested on the Sabbath.”

    Another brother responds, “We all judge. That is why God gave us the gift of forgiveness. Once we learn to simply love and accept, we will outgrow the need to forgive. But until then…”

    My response, “Yes all of Humanity is TAUGHT to JUDGE and be judged. To FEAR the judgment of those around us. We are TAUGHT to believe that another’s opinions and judgments DEFINE who we are and are SUPPOSED to be. We are also TAUGHT to JUDGE OURSELVES based on those judgmental opinions that have been handed to us. We are TAUGHT that we must CONFORM to these dictates that are being handed to us by those we have placed on the pedestal of authority. What we have been TAUGHT is an illusion that we are to propagate on ourselves and everyone we cross paths with continuously without end… That is until we choose to stop and question that which we have been indoctrinated into believing and perceiving everyone and everything to be.

    Something else to consider here is that every judgment that you hold forth as being true creates a bar to a cage that YOU build within your own mind. Each judgment becomes a shackle that will bind you within that cage you have built within your own mind. Each judgmental belief you accept limits and confines you to that cage you build. It is not until you choose to LOOK at each judgmental belief that you see it is attached to an experience had. It is from that experience that you were either handed that judgment or formed it yourself based from what it is you were choosing to believe that experience to be for you. Each and every item is a CHOICE that YOU ARE MAKING to BELIEVE!

    On my own journey I have come to recognize and understand that I made my first choices to judge my experiences at 9 months old. I was being force fed by my paternal grandmother and was then kicked across a room into a brick fireplace by her. I judged what I experienced in those moments as me not being worthy of gentleness, love, affection, kindness and that I was only here to be used and abused. I JUDGED those experiences to be what they were for me. I had to accept responsibility for making those choices to judge as I did. Once I accepted that I was in judgment I could then let go what I believed and choose differently. In all things we are the one choosing to judge what is experienced and to accept what is being handed to us. NO ONE is a victim here.

    Another item to consider here is that all experiences had are created specifically for those beings involved. Each one has a lesson within it that they are here to learn of themselves. If it is not part of what they have come here to learn they WILL NOT and DO NOT experience it themselves. Each and EVERY experience has lessons within it that we are here to learn. Each being creates a contract BEFORE they MANIFEST INTO this reality. That CONTRACT is the guideline or outline of all they have chosen to experience and go through here. What is not chosen is HOW they will experience these lessons. That is decided by those things they choose to do. As with any contract it can be broken and or changed. While on ones journey they are able to CHANGE their mind and choose differently. They change the direction of their journey as they learn the lessons they came here to learn.

    Every experience is just that, an experience. You would not be who you are with the understandings you hold if you had never had those experiences. You would not be able to connect with your brothers in understanding what they go through if you had never had the experiences you have had. This understanding paves the way for one to grasp how each experience is of benefit to them and through them all of Humanity.

    The TRUTH, is often mistaken for the lie. For the lie is all that one has known so refuses to question the beliefs of. Nothing is as it may seem. Everything you think you know and believe in as being true is no more than a lie that has been used to control you and all you would think, say and do. All you think you know has been taught to you by someone else just as it was taught to them.Those who came before you blindly followed and accepted whatever was being dictated to them WITHOUT QUESTIONING any of it. Just as YOU have CHOSEN to do.”

    Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.
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  • What DID Jesus do?

    Hello world. The following is from 2018.

    A brother asks, "Whom does Jesus refer to as "We" in the last few lessons? Helen and him? Or is their a host who cooperatively designed ACIM?"

    My response, "Hello brother. Something that has always stood out for me were Jesus's directions to do as he did and choose as he chose so as to walk in his footsteps. When I sat and contemplated this instruction I began to question what was being asked of me. What DID Jesus do? When I asked this I was shown that Jesus first turned within or inward. He stopped seeking for the answers outside of him in the world and in his brothers. Next he turned to the Teacher his Father had chosen for him of Holy Spirit as his personal Guide. Lastly he began to share his experiences and understandings with his brother FREELY holding nothing back and sharing all the understandings being given him.

    In turning inward to Holy Spirit and listening to and following only HS guidance he chose to become One with Spirit and God. He became the medium or conduit with which they could speak to Humanity. In doing so he becomes We and not me, Us and not I. He changes from the individual to the collective of Spirit within each of us. Many times when I find myself channeling my guides will state "WE" when referring to themselves and myself in conjunction. It is no different in this. They, being Spirit, sees all as connected and one even though Humanity sees itself as separate.

    In ACIM any time the word WE comes up I understand it as being the Trilogy or Trinity of God/Holy Spirit/Jesus connecting to and speaking to YOU the individual in those moments directly soul to soul. They are slipping past the ego mind into the Heart center to trigger remembrance within each of us in those moments."

    Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.
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  • The ego tends to become violent in it's reactions believing itself attacked again and again when it gets unmasked...

    Hello world. The following is from 2018.

    Day three and the dialogue continues from my initial posting of, "The Synchronicities that solidify the validity of Truth." and "Man's laws hold no bearing or merit when placed next to God's Laws." . I am bidden to keep first names in place for this one. This time the vitriol comes out full blown as the ego becomes exposed. The ego loves to give out demands and dictates, name calling and belittling, judging and assuming.

    When one assumes they make an ass of themselves and the one they make their judgment of, IF the one being judged chooses to believe them and accept their judgments as their own. Your assumptions are judgments my brothers. Blessings to you.

    As I said the dialogue continues and it is not pretty by any means. The ego usually isn't pretty when it gets unmasked. The ego tends to become violent in it's reactions believing itself attacked again and again... We may but hope that our words bring clarity to help heal our brothers calls for love.

    Maz states, "Sabrina Do you know what "Natural Law" means? And, since when is a Copyright for protection a Law of God? Can you answer a direct Question? You said your Guides propose same as Trisha's claim, that ACIM should be copyrighted. I asked by whom? Now you do not address the topic of this thread AT ALL, yet try to gaslight me, telling me I 'create a hell before me'? What makes you think you are entiltled to make this topic personal? TIA."

    Trisha responds, "And by the same token...just What makes you think you're entitled to demanding that anyone account to you?? LOL that's an indication you're still suffering the authority problem. You've got about all you can handle with just your own nonsense nevermind attempting to adjudicate anyone else's."

    My response, "I stated that my Guides taught me the same principles about the teaching of the material. That it IS a self study and requires one to be willing to turn within themselves for the answers and to stop seeking for the answers outside of them in another and the world around them. That the lessons I learn are to be shared freely as those understandings were given me. I am to use my experiences as the examples to give a basis of understanding what is shared and how it is applied.

    You asked about the copy right and my Guides answered you as to what was meant and why. What is not understood here by YOU would be that God/Jesus/Holy Spirit/Spiritual Guides will use the language and terminology best understood by the one they are interacting with. There may have been questions asked at the time of the creation of the material based out of the fears of those who were the channel and auditors of said materials. As I stated earlier many materials of a Spiritual or religious nature have been co-opted and twisted into something entirely different. It is possible that in their minds they were trying to prevent a similar thing from happening here.

    Unless someone who was there during all of this steps forward to clarify, that answer may not be know until they choose a way to get their message to Humanity through some form of medium.

    As for your belief you are being attacked... I have not attacked you here. I have not judged you here. I have not psychoanalyzed you here. I bare witness to what you are choosing to share. I bare witness to your projections and your judgments. I bare witness to your beliefs being bared for all to see. I share what it is I am witnessing. I share the understanding I am given as I witness your words and actions and reactions to what is said. I step out of the way and become the medium, the conduit, the channel when a question is asked that is not loaded with judgments so an answer may be given.

    If you are being triggered and believe yourself attacked, then you are holding onto a misconception that IS NOT in alignment with the Truth. You are instead holding onto a judgment that is causing YOU cognitive dissonance within you. Remember brother you are the one who commented on my commentary, directly tagging me into a conversation here. Your commentary and questioning opened this door to your own awakening of what YOU have been choosing to do here. You continuously project out your own judgmental beliefs on your brothers demanding they conform to what you are choosing for you."

    My response, "Hahaha, Trisha, I didn't see what you wrote until I had finished writing and posting my own response... Now this is some funny ****. We basically told him the exact same thing.. Buwahahahaha!"

    Maz responds, "Excuse me, Trisha, YOU are making a claim that your diary entry is a 'guideline' on how ACIM should be approached and you claim divine infallibility for this. That makes it a matter of the whole ACIM community, and it is only fair to ask you why you yourself have a life record which is ignoring or violating those same guidelines. Trying to turn the table is cheap. The squirming and dodging, too. She who makes the claim should be prepared to substantiate it. You don't. And it is obvious by your way of conveying the issue with a foto and all it is your own initial intent to make this also personally about you. Reason and logic apply. Why not apply your 'authority problem suffering' comment to yourself? You are deceiving and not trustworthy in this by your own admission. (IMO). But its very telling that you yourself call this issue your 'nonsense', above. LOL! In this you might be correct!"

    My response, "All this vitriol because you are not hearing or should I say reading what YOU WANT to be true... Nothing is going to change and no one is going to give you the answers you are wanting to hear. Trisha had already stated more than once that she does not make money off of the course. Yet you Sir keep harping on this and I am being given an insight that the reason is because YOU SIR DO charge money for the course and all things Spiritual. So what I am being told right now is that this entire situation is all about YOU and YOUR shame, guilt, fear because you are dangling that carrot on a stick and fleecing your brothers for everything they have. Yep it is sure looking as if YOU are the one who has been doing all you accuse your brother of.

    What is even worse is that you are doing no more than causing more pain and suffering for those who chose to listen to you. All you are teaching is how to become an enlightened (saying that loosely) egoistic mind who blindly follows and believes whatever is placed before it."

    Maz responds, "Sabrina Reyenga '....... Trisha had already stated more than once that she does not make money off of the course.......' Where? She said 'nothing I do involves money'. Nothing further. You are bearing false witness against your neighbour. What else should we take serious from you??

    LOL. What a nitwit. Step one, pay attention. Step two, remain truthful (if you know how that works). Why not get this. I am not a sir and you are not allowed to call me that. Next, I could care less what you are told by your demon guides. This thread is about Trisha's claim and her own substantiating (or not) of this claim. You can buzz off with your unsolicited cyber psyche analysis in the name of repairshop guidance. I have posted no accusations, but questions. I am not causing pain and suffering by asking honest questions. I am not a teacher. So buzz off. You are not credible, and have no say in this issue, AFAIAC."

    My response, "When my brother states that nothing she does with the course involves money multiple times to your accusations of the opposite you still refuse to accept her answer to you and you still continue to accuse her of what you do. You have nothing to teach me or anyone else. You Sir are no more that an ego. I have my Guides to teach me."

    Maz responds, "Your a goofball. Without ethics. Otherwise you wouldn't post this drivel. She didn't say that. You are lying again. Buzz off. You're not credible at all. And most probably illiterate. Or willfully ignorant and bearing false witness. What's your pay-off for making an a** out of yourself? Too funny."

    My response, "Apparently you have been triggered. Your responses of name calling and belittling show this to perfection. Little one all your pain is caused by you and your choices to be. The Truth is only painful when we are in denial of it."

    Maz responds, "OK, Here is your chance to regain some credibility. Where do I "fleece" an audience? Put up or shut up!"

    My response, "Fleecing another does not specify what is fleeced. You yourself stated and I quote, " I am known for ACIM correspondence for 20 plus years. Just ask Dov Fishman, our host." "

    Maz responds, "ROTFLMAO. Yeah, you are credible. NOT. What a nitwit. lol."

    My response, "You imply you teach through your correspondences. You inferred I should PM you if I wanted to delve deeper into things. When I pointed out your hypocrisy you called my sharing of Truth and personal experience a mind ****. As I stated you are projecting out and you are a fraud.

    I do not and have never looked to Dov or anyone else for my own validation of being. Yet you seem to think their judgment has value here. Each time you are called out on your garbage you resort to name calling and belittling. In every instant YOU are the one who is being triggered here. You are no where near where you think you are and neither are many of those you choose to blindly follow."

    Maz responds, "'You inferred I should PM you if I wanted to delve deeper into things.'..... That is another lie. I said this place is for ACIM. If you want to discuss outside of this context, PM me. Otherwise dont."

    My response, "Truth, if those you follow were where they think they are they would be healed of all illness and disease completely. They would have done the work needed to gain that healing on all levels. This is something I found out first hand as I have healed every disease I was diagnosed with. Two forms of cancer gone with no medications or surgeries. All by turning within and looking at my choices to believe. None of the folks you follow can state the same."

    Maz responds, " '....When I pointed out your hypocrisy you called my sharing of Truth and personal experience a mind ****......' That is another lie. When you started cyber analyzing a total stranger (in this case at my address) and started to defend bogus claims by demeaning and belittling your opponent in discourse, I raised concerns. And I still do. I hope you will not gas lighten real people with your psycho babble and demonic guidance. To me, you are shpwing the traits of a sociopath. Truth be told."

    My response, "Wow you pick and choose what is of worth or value and what is to be looked at in any given moment. Brother everything is for our benefit. Everything! All dialogues and experiences are for our benefit and are in alignment with what ACIM teaches. If it comes up it IS to be looked at and not ignored. All subjects are in accordance with ACIM. ALL, not this one and that one."

    Maz responds, "'Wow you pick and choose what is of worth or value and what is to be looked at in any given moment. .' --- Really? And you don't by any chance? Whats your point, liar?"

    My response, "Projection... I am not able to lie. Lying creates disease. Projection again, I bare witness and share what is witnessed. I do not psychoanalyze anyone. I share what is witnessed and I respond when someone tags me in a comment.... Need I remind you that YOU brought all this on yourself with your judgments?"

    Maz responds, "'.... I am not able to lie. ....' ROTFLMAO!!!!!!"

    My response, "Are you projecting out again?"

    Alex responds, "That is all that he has been doing the whole time every time he calls you a liar or any other name. Everything that he accuses you of is exactly what he is doing."

    Maz responds to brother three, "Alex LOL. Circling the wagons. Your repairshop ally with 'direct channel previliges' is posting personal slander against strangers on the Internet. You should keep an eye on her. IMO."

    My response, "As if I am some piece of property... My Husband is my equal and my companion not my keeper."

    Alex responds, "Maz, You sir slander yourself. Sabrina only points out the truth of what you do."

    Maz responds, "Sabrina You are definitely writing as a piece of internet crap posting slander against strangers while claiming higher Guidance for your ****. So much is clear. You call me 'sir' one more time and I will send you my insurance policy and terms&conditions which for very sure topples yours. I told you to please buzz off. Seek help."

    Trisha responds, "Sabrina pay no attention to Maz as it appears hes still struggling with the authority problem with its endless drama."

    Maz responds, "Alex '....Sabrina only points out the truth of what you do.....' What do you want? Send me your business coordinates and you will be held liable for your vile slander and character assassination support."

    My response, "SIR SIR SIR SIR SIR SIR SIR SIR! I am able to say whatever it is I so choose to and YOU do not get a say in what I am choosing for me. I am not a piece of property and NO ONE controls me. I am a Sovereign Being with Free Will. I know who I AM. Now tuck your tail and run away Little One."

    Maz responds, "Thank you Trisha. You have been everything else than credible in this topic you started. Again, you resort to personal slander. I suggest we wait for Gerald's and Judy's response in the matter. Your accounts are fishy, IMHO."

    Alex responds, "Here are those 'coordinates' you were asking for. Come hold us liable for your own worlds and actions, LOL! (link removed)"

    Maz responds, "Sabrina OK. You asked for it. Wait and see. https://thelawdictionary.org/self-insured-retention-sir/"

    My response, "Tick tock tick tock... goes the hands around the clock...... Words are but symbols of symbols and only have the meaning you are giving them. Redefine your meanings and your pain and suffering will stop.

    All you do is regurgitate that which you accepted as being true and defining you. You continuously project out what you want to be true and resort to name calling and belittling as all school yard bullies do when they are being shown for what they are. They immediately start in with threats to try and force their will on another. Yep a bully sure a true is what is shining before us here and now.

    Like all bullies they hide behind a false facade and mask. Noticed you have no personal pictures on your page. Just someone elses picture or art work instead. Was permission given to use anothers art? Probably not. Yet the bully never asks for anything. All they do is take, threaten and coerce others into conforming to their dictates and demands."

    Maz responds, "Sabrina You crossed the line with me by accusing me of 'fleecing' an audience, and the rest of that drivel. Stop stalking me with your pathetic projections. I am still only interested in truth, and my communications are with Trisha whom I know for decades. You goofballs take a hike already, demon guided trolls."

    My response, "How do you make your money? You state you do correspondence for ACIM. Do you make money off of your brothers through the work of ACIM? You have asked us this question. Now it is being asked of you."

    Alex responds, "I think Maz is trying to be funny."

    My response, "More like a hypocrite."

    Maz responds, "Sabrina I asked you nothing, cupcake. Stop bearing false witness against your brother. If you want advise, thats the only one I can give you."

    My response, "I see you refuse to answer the question. Guess that states it all right there. You are projecting out your own guilt. Why would I seek out advice from a liar, a fraud who does not know what honesty and authenticity is?"

    Maz responds, "Sabrina LOL, you interrogating me on Trisha's alleged guidelines? You must think everyone is a moron because you are? My work for ACIM is registered and secured for over a million bucks of production costs at the Washington Department of Licensing. A hormonally challenged and demon-driven old hag like yourself should probably educate herself about the consequences of online libel and slander before she proceeds? (IMO)"

    My response, "PROJECTION!!!! Why would I choose to incur more pain, suffering and disease by accepting someone elses choices to believe in the form of advice? You have nothing to offer me or anyone else with your egoistic beliefs. So you admit you are making money off of ACIM then?

    I stand behind my statements fully! You are projecting out your own guilt, shame, and fears that you have been FLEECING your brothers of their Sovereignty and Free Will each time you DEMAND they conform to your belief or face the retribution of your anger through threats...

    That right there is the exact opposite of what ACIM teaches. ACIM teaches that all are allowed to think and believe as they so choose and are not required to accept their brothers choices to believe."

    Trisha responds, "It's an ugly drama of projection when someone is struggling with the authority problem, as they always have to make someone else wrong in order to feel better about themselves -- it's an insecurity called low self-esteem and it's the core issue of every problem we have. Kinda reminds me of the Peanut cartoon series and the character "pig pen" who's in a dark cloud of dust wherever he goes. LOL

    ACIM is about correcting illusions. And since it took two to manufacture illusions then it's going to take two to undo them. And we can only find ourselves where we lost ourselves. that's why your healing can only occur when you've extended forgiveness to your brother FIRST. so correction can get messy when witnessing for the truth as the Holy Spirit reveals it. The ego may protest."

    Maz responds, " Trisha '....someone is struggling with the authority problem....' Exactly. You promoting an alleged guideline for the Community, abusing Bill Thetford's aquaintance, scamming folks to believe in TuttleRaj being author and Christ himself, living off NWFFACIM's group study since decades, and therefore being deceitful and untrustworthy, entitles YOU to lecture about authority? ROTFL. Give me a break, Aude, LOL, if anything is a pinnacle of hypocricy, your bogus claims are. Your slurs are nothing but an attempt to deflect, as always. No sprise, really. (imo)

    What is the difference between a scam artist like Renard, Wapnick or yourself or TuttleRaj? You all lie willfully, IMO. Take it up with Creator."

    My response, "Projecting again..."

    Maz responds, "Sabrina You are obvioulsy talking out your behind. I don't know you, Reyenga. And I don't want to know a demon driven con artist like you. Buzz off, and let this thread alone. I am talking to Trisha. Understood?"

    My response, "Unfortunately you do not get a choice or a say in where I respond or not. I was not the one who tagged you in this thread. YOU tagged me. You responded to my comment directly! You have brought on all of this yourself. If you do not like what I share then stop reading it. You do get that choice. Otherwise, enjoy the MIND ****ING because that is what you do to yourself with your choice to be and believe as you are.

    Recognize how YOU are demanding everyone conform to your dictates and beliefs. Notice how YOU are dictating what everyone is to think, say, do, believe, and be here. You have not once allowed or accepted that your brothers choices are theirs to make and you do not get to make that choice for them. Throughout the entirety of this dialogue you have projected, accused, and tried to brow beat your brothers with name calling, threats, and belittling."

    Maz responds, "Sabrina Your choice to libel and slander is yours. That's right. My choice to hold you liable for that are mine. So **** off before this recorded thread gets into the broader public. I warned you once, this is twice. A third time will not happen. I am not obliged to suffer your demonic abuse, goofball."

    My response, "As ACIM points out clearly these are all traits of the egoistic wrong minded thinking. Poor baby... Your feelings are hurt. You do this to yourself. Please feel free to do whatever you believe. I am not afraid or threatened by your childish whining."

    Maz responds, "Sabrina Yup. Just like your mean spirited accusations, libel and slander. How many times must you be asked to back off? Do you have a speck of decency in your bones, or do you love to torment strangers on the internet?"

    My response, "I point out the Truth you are in denial of. I speak my Truth an nothing more."

    Maz responds, "Sabrina You claim to be a 'direct channel', and the vile vitriol you post is evidence that you are a complete fraud. Everyone can see this. So buzz off."

    My response, "As was already stated. If you are feeling attacked then you are the one holding a misconception here. In my defenselessness my safety lies. For when I defend myself I am attacked... ACIM... Remember that lesson?"

    Maz responds, "you wouldn't recognize truth if it fell on you head, right? I am here to find clarity with Trisha Darrenger. **** off. Torment your husband if you need a target for your hate, goofball."

    My response,"Sound like someone is experiencing little man syndrome... It seems to be all about the pissing contest."

    Maz responds, "ROTFLMAO. Why not keep your bedroom revelations with hubby for yourself?"

    My response, "Do you prefer to be right or do you prefer peace? ACIM again... Little man is pissing on his own shoes... Sir you may want to change direction or you may find yourself with squishing feet. You are getting pretty deep into the muck right now... LMAO!"

    Maz responds, "Sabrina Reyenga "little man", "pissing contest" whip, lash and leather. LOL! we get the picture. You are shameless, right?"

    My response, "At 9 months I was force fed and kicked across a room into a brick fireplace. At 10 months I was raped and molested and that continued into my teens. I was beaten if I spoke of what was happening. I was beaten when I spoke of the dead I was seeing. I was exorcised when I would speak of them and then beaten again. I was taught to believe I was unworthy of human touch, affection, kindness and gentleness. I was taught to feel fear, shame, and guilt for how my body looks. I was taught to believe I was responsible for what was being done to me. I was taught I had to conform to the dictates of those around me or I would be beaten to death if needed.

    Those are the things I experienced and was taught define who I am and am supposed to be. Every single thing I was taught was a lie. I am shameless and sinless. I AM INNOCENT! Every experience I have had has been of benefit to me. Each held a lesson within it I was to learn about myself. I share openly all I have experienced holding nothing back. MY own family does not deny what I share for it is TRUTH that I share and no more."

    Trisha responds, "You are the mirror to your own self Maz. Right now you act like you're in a jungle feeling a bit threatened. Hopefully you'll work it out without too much discomfort as you deserve not to be suffering that mindset. Best to you."

    My response, "SIR has tucked tail and run away at being confronted with the TRUTH! I do believe the point has been made fully. They are a fraud and are projecting out their own shame, guilt and fear that this Truth will find them on the receiving end of their own personal form of purgatory."

    Trisha responds, "Well this is not an easy path to walk and I'm finding requires more and more patience and less reactive thinking which of course is the whole point and a great benefit for a happy fulfilled life "

    Maz responds, "Sabrina Well, this personal life story does not at any rate give you the right to expand the abuse onto strangers on the internet, ie. like you wrote to my address today "You are projecting out your own guilt, shame, and fears that you have been FLEECING your brothers of their Sovereignty". It should be clear that you are projecting the victimizers (parents etc) onto a stranger online. Thats why I said, seek help. Your way of addressing strangers by psycho analyzing them, shaming and rediculing them, just because they ask questions on a public thread and tag you because you are part of the discussion, is alarming!

    Trisha 'great benefit for a happy fulfilled life '... Yeah, Scamming your brothers with hypocrite bogus claims for attention, squirming and dodging when asked directly. If that is what you call happy, nobody can help you, Trish."

    My response, "All projections and judgmental beliefs..."

    Maz responds, "Sabrina On this we agree. And you've crossed the line, believe me. Seek help."

    My response, "There are no lines to be crossed here. I speak the Truth. Truth is Truth and that is what it is. You placed mans law above God's Law and that was the choice you made. You choose the EGO over GOD."

    Maz responds, "More psycho analyzing a stranger. You like the kicks of that, don't you? Why not go and repair some robots? You're a bore."

    My response, "Every law created by man is made of ego based in fear. Mans laws are the exact opposite of the Laws of God."

    Maz responds, "Sabrina That is why you have the perfect POTUS for your kind. Tell this to your ancestors who wrote the Constitution and granted equal rights and freedom. You are shaming our forefathers and you take pride in it for some demonic guidance you rely on. Seek help!"

    Alex responds, "It's funny to watch Maz project so much and then project some more and accuse you of being a liar and a fraud. The funny part of it is that Maz only shows how he is not willing to do the work or look within every time he projects out with his judgments of himself onto another.

    LOL! And now he has to get political. Can you get any further into the egoic ideas of separation and judgment?"

    My response, "Sir Ego what would you have of Spirit that you believe you deserve? More pain and suffering maybe? Ah, that is not something Spirit may give you. Only the Ego may give you that which you seek here."

    Maz responds, "T 2 B 46. Human beings can learn to improve their behavior, and can also learn to become better and better learners. This increase serves to bring them in closer and closer accord with the Sonship. But the Sonship itself is a perfect creation, and perfection is not a matter of degree. Only while there are different degrees is learning meaningful. The evolution of man is merely a process by which he proceeds from one degree to the next. He corrects his previous missteps by stepping forward. This represents a process which is actually incomprehensible in temporal terms, because he RETURNS as he progresses."~ Jesus, ACIM.

    Alex Proclaiming all of man's laws are egoistic is a darn lie and defamation. It is clear you can't even think your way out of a paper bag, let alone honor your forefathers. Take a hike. Read the Magna Carta or the Constitution of the USof America. Too bizarre."

    Alex responds, "Sabrina, Maz seeks relief from the pain and judgments that he holds of himself. He is wracked with guilt that he may have been going against Jesus wishes as to how the course is to be handled in regards to money. I's ok Maz, remember the line, "Father forgive them for they know not what they do."? You are sinless and innocent no matter what you say, do, or project out onto your brothers, for your projections are but a call for love. You are loved brother. God bless."

    Maz responds, "Alex Sanctimonious bull**** makes you feel better, I get that. Why not go play 'little man pissing contest' which your wife loves to mention so much online? You guys are a hoot. You abuse the granted freedoms to debase strangers on the internet. You should be ashamed of yourselves, really. LOL."

    Alex responds, "Maz, I have to admit that I thought that you were a moron for your reasons of protest of being called sir. I refrained from stating that judgment for that is not a kind way to look at any of our brothers or ourselves. But since we are laying our judgments out on the table to be looked at and healed, I figured why not join the party?

    You have no reason to be ashamed of yourself. You are doing the best you can at every given moment with what you have to work with. Your ego is a master of projection but I'm sure that everything has a purpose and a reason, for the Holy Spirit uses all things for the healing of Gods Son."

    Maz responds, "Alex And? Even if I was a moron, you guys have no right to torment strangers by giving unsolicited psycho analysis through the Internet, claiming infallibility based on some alleged 'guides' in a thread which is about Trisha claims on guidelines for ACIM. So, find a hobby or go fix some more screws on robots, I'd say."

    Alex responds, "Maz, we are not here to fix your robotic ever repeating egoic thought system, for that is your work. We are only here to answer your calls for love that are underlying your egoic judgments and projections. If you really did not want to be in this dialogue with us you would not be participating in it. Your feigns of protest are seen for the calls for love that they are."

    Maz responds, "Alex I happen to have some spare time. And I take notice of goofballs shaming their ancestors and forefathers for the God-based laws they have established so that you arrogant scumbags have free speech and can post slander on the internet. The 'love' you offer is based on ignorance and bigotry. Keep it for yourself. I am doing very fine, so don't worry. You should concern yourselves with your own mental health and calls for love, IMO."

    Alex responds, "Maz, two by two we walk each other home. We do this by sharing the truth with ourselves and our brothers for when we stand in our own light of truth the sinlessness and innocence of our self and our brothers can be seen for all who are willing to see. When we stand in our light of truth and refuse to buy into the ego judgments we are freed from the thought system of separation and fear.

    We are taught to should on others by others shoulding on us. We blindly follow these patterns of shoulding on ourselves and others until we begin to seek for the truth above all else. There are no shoulds or shouldn'ts. You are and I are doing exactly the right thing for us to be doing in each and every moment based on where we are on our journeys."

    Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.
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  • Lady Justice is no longer blind, she is now bias against the People!

    Hello world. The following was written 01/24/2020.

    Something to consider here is that the breaking down of what is in place is absolutely needed and necessary. For what is in place is corrupt and filled with bias. What good is the Judicial System to those brought before it if the bias within it fogs the lens of purview so that Justice is no longer blind? What good is this system when the guilty are set free and the innocent persecuted due to the color of their skin, race, financial status, religious belief and so forth? The poor are imprisoned falsely as the rich are freed because they can buy off the judge. Look to the judge who just got 28 years for selling poor black teens to prisons for monetary gain. That says everything about where our judicial system has fallen to.

    Lady Justice is showing itself to no longer be blind. The bias and corruption within it is being propagated by the very beings who are supposed to be monitoring it and upholding it and its values. They have twisted it into that of a money making machine to enrich themselves from another's blood, sweat, tears and freedom. They are making money from lies and persecuting the innocent.

    They have twisted our Justice System to be "GUILTY UNTIL YOU PROVE YOURSELF INNOCENT" instead of what it is supposed to be which is "INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY". They have willingly chosen to follow a status quo to keep from being ostracized and persecuted. Cut off from acquiring work and income if they do not fall in line. What we have before us is Stalin's Russia, Hitler's Germany and Mao Zedong's China occurring before us again and no one is lifting a hand to stop it out of fear of being persecuted. Their fear has silenced them. They forget History. Once those around them are gone , no one will be there to defend them when that firing squad enters the room.

    No one is able to decide what it is that is best for ANYONE ELSE. Everything Humanity has been indoctrinated to do is blindly accept, follow, and believe what they read in a book and is handed to them by their chosen authority figures. In everything Humanity accepts whatever is handed to them without question. Each law they accept strips from them their ability to be Sovereign Beings who are Self Governing so Self Reliant. These politicians recognize this so use your minds and emotions against you to manipulate all you think you see or perceive to be the opposite of what it actually is.

    Humanity is under an illusion. All they are indoctrinated to perceive are lies twisted together with small Truth's to manipulate that which is perceived. They use labels with definitions attached as judgments to control all one would choose for themselves. Each label accepted shackles one in place. Those judgments color all they look upon including themselves. It closes their minds to the Truth that they are choosing to overlay images onto what is in front of them based on those judgmental labels they were taught to believe define them.

    What we are witnessing with these Senate Hearings are the democrats seeking the documents pertaining to Durhams and Barrs investigations regarding Ukrainian influence in the 2016 elections against Trump in favor of Hillary as well as what has been uncovered regarding Obamas administrations colluding with foreign governments and laundering tax payer funds... Cloud Strike is just the beginning. All goes back to 9/11. What they are wanting to know is how much has been uncovered and what extremes they will have to go to make a break if needed or to take those poison capsules they all carry with them.

    They have done their best to twist the Truth into LIES and turn our Justice System on its head with their own perversions. They have fabricated evidence, lied outright, hidden evidence, colluded with foreign nations and have sought to remove from office the one who is working to uncover their corruption and deceit. They have done their best to slander and stop this administration from accomplishing the goals it promised the American People it would do. They have done their best to strip the People of their Constitutional Rights to be Sovereign Beings who are Self Governing so Self Reliant.

    Lady Justice is no longer blind, she is now bias against the People! It is time to tear down the system and rebuilt it so these atrocities may never occur again. It is time for We The People to make a UNITED STAND. To come together as Human Beings and demand to be treated as EQUALS in all ways. To DEMAND your Sovereign Rights given you by your Creator to be as you would CHOOSE TO BE and not as another is dictating you be.

    Lady Justice is asking use to correct what we are choosing here and to do what it is that needs to be done without fear. Humanity it is time for you to accept responsibility for yourselves and take your Sovereignty BACK! United you STAND and Divided you WILL FALL.

    Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.
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