We are here to heal ourselves and each other. We do this by sharing our experiences and the lessons we have learned or are learning from them. Experiences in the past, present, and future are to be shared. Everything we experience is for our benefit and the benefit of our brothers healing. You are here to heal. Heal yourself and heal your brothers of the false beliefs you hold forth as being true. The judgments you were taught to own from the cradle are part of these beliefs being held. Abuse, drugs, habits, personal judgments of self, beliefs, and anything else that may be blocking you from healing. Nothing is off limits. Only by looking and asking for the truth will they be healed then released. No one can do this for you. You must be willing to look at everything without exception. This is the time and here is the place to heal our misconceptions. Our judgments of ourselves and everyone and everything we know of. Holy Spirit is showing what is possible. When we allow open sharing we heal.
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The Master Teachers you seek are all around you.

Hello world. The following is from 2018.

Many of you are asking where the Master Teachers are that are to help Humanity heal and regain their Sovereignty. You are asking why they have not appeared yet. Why are they not answering Humanities calls of Love for healing.

Humanity, the way you have been trained from the moment of your arrival here in this reality is the key to understanding and freeing yourselves. You must be willing to look at what it is you were taught to think and believe. You must be willing to look at what you were taught to judge your experiences as being and what you chose to judge your experiences as being based on the treatment and what you were experiencing in those moments.

Humanity you have been lost and wandering out in the wilderness of your imagination and what you have chosen to believe in as being possible to experience for you. Everything you have chosen to focus your mental and emotional energy and attention on you manifest in your reality to be experienced. You do this on an individual level and on a co-creator level.

Humanity, the Master Teachers have been all around you. They are constantly sharing with you the Truth that you seek. They lay these Truth's before you and walk away. They lay these Truth's before you and allow YOU to CHOOSE whether or not it RESONATES as Truth for you.

They do not try to convince you of anything they share with you. They do not ask anything of you in return for what it is they are sharing openly and freely with you. They ask you questions that are gauged to get you to turn within and begin looking at and questioning your own choices to think, believe, perceive and be. They share a perspective with which to look at something from that had not been considered before. One that comes from understanding and non judgment. Of compassion and empathy for where their brother is at on their journeys.

In many instances they will give one clarification as to what it is that is blocking them from being able to heal that which was experienced. How many times, it is a concept misconceived that is blocking them or simply a judgment being held that they are not willing to look at yet and let go of. All they share is gauged to get YOU the INDIVIDUAL to turn within to Holy Spirit for the next stages of your journey into the Labyrinth you have created for yourselves.

Humanity, each one of you are responsible for your individual choices to think and believe as you do. No one else is responsible for these choices YOU have made, but YOU. The training you received here has you blindly following, believing and accepting what another is telling you is the truth. You have been trained to seek out the judgments and opinions of those around you and enact those same judgmental beliefs on yourselves in the form of self castigation.

Everything you have been trained to do has been done on a subconscious subliminal level without your conscious knowing or understanding of what was happening to you at that time. You held no understanding that you were being coerced, manipulated and controlled through judgments, opinions, punishments of ostracism, physical violence and the mediums of shame, guilt and fear being used on you.

Understand, the ones who were doing these things and training you in this way had no understanding nor knowing of what it was they were doing to you. They were repeating a pattern that had been taught to them by someone else. They were taught to think, believe, perceive and judge everyone, everything and themselves from a perspective of the victim. They are taught they are required to believe what they are told by anyone who states they are the authority. They are taught the authority starts with their parents, then drifts to every adult around them. Then as adults it drifts to society, their bosses, government and laws. They are taught that someone ALWAYS has authority over them.

Humanity you have been trained to perceive yourselves as different from each other. To perceive your brothers as above or below you. You have been trained to believe that someone has authority over you and that you are not allowed to say no to their dictates. You have been trained to believe in and accept the prohibitions created by Society and enforced by mans laws. You have been trained to accept prohibitions that whittle away at your freedom to be Sovereign Beings that are Self Governing. You have been trained to do all of this without your conscious knowing. Just as those who came before you, you have chosen to repeat the same patterns that were taught to them and that were then taught to you.

There are Master Teachers all around you my brothers. I AM a Master Teacher. The issue many of you face here are your own choices to pick and choose what it is you will look at and consider, and you judge the messenger instead of listening to hear the message and what is being shared with you.

If you truly wish to heal you must be willing to listen and not respond. To listen and contemplate what is shared with you without judging it. Simply consider it and ask yourself if it RESONATES AS TRUTH.

For those with interest I can be found on multiple platforms. You can google search my name and find I post on sites such as Onstellar.com, Medium.com and Patreon.com/HealingwithSharing. I invite you all to come walk with me on this journey to healing and the taking back of your Sovereignty of Being through your Free Will to be as you were meant to be which is Self Governing as God created you to be. You are Sovereign Beings. What you do here now is play at being the slave...

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.
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  • When I ask you a question, do you actually look at what is being asked of you?

    Hello world. The following is from 2016.

    I was Guided to look within at my choices to believe in and accept the labels that had been handed to me as defining me. It started with Spirit asking me the following questions and giving me the understanding of what it was He would have me look at and question...

    Spirit states, "When I ask you a question, do you actually look at what is being asked of you? My Brother, what is it that you seek here? Is it a shallow superficial response that does no more than stoke an ego mind? Or do you seek a deeper connection of joining on a spiritual level of mind and heart? What is it that you are seeking? Do you know?

    Consider for a moment every label that you use to define yourself. Now consider every label that has been handed to you by someone else. When you consider each of these labels that you are holding forth as defining who you are, ask yourself if that label is a judgment. Is that label you are believing defines you a judgment and opinion being handed to you by someone else? Why are you believing in that label or judgment as being true, as being who you are? What purpose does that judgment serve? Who does it really benefit?"

    When I willingly looked at what I was believing defined me and this world I began to heal. I also began to see how every label being handed to me was a judgment and opinion. All create a codependent relationship who's only function is to place the free will of one being into the control of another. The tools being used would be fear, shame, guilt, blame, violence, punishments, and the list goes on and on.

    One must look below the surface of a "wound" or "hurt" to see where the true cause is hiding. Many times the true cause is a choice and decision we ourselves have made to judge ourselves, the situation, others, and how we are being treated as us doing something wrong and being unworthy. When we are not being accepted as we are, we conform and comply to try and fit in. In many instances we will accept another's judgments and opinions just to gain that acceptance from them and others. In many cases we learn and are taught to blindly follow and believe the dictates, judgments, rules, laws, regulations and opinions of those around us and those we "believe" have "authority" over us.

    What I am talking about is bucking the system. Of no longer following, believing, and judging everything you hear, see, read and experience to be this or that. To instead go within your heart, mind and soul to look at each item, each thought, each feeling with Higher Self or Holy Spirit and ask questions. Ask what it is for, why it's there, what is the lesson, what's your misconception, what's the correction, and my favorite....IS THIS TRUE? Then I sit and wait in silence for the answers.

    Each time I have done this healing has occurred on some level within my being. Mental, emotional, and physical pain and suffering have been healed. Cancers and other diseases healed when I healed my mind of the judgments I was believing defined me. I had to willingly look within at what was hurting before I could begin to heal it. I had to play a game of connect the dots to see how each item was connected to the ones next to it and as such was a part of the whole. The whole being my body that was dying of cancers, disease, and broken bones.

    I reached a very rocky bottom and my last resort was calling on Source, God, Holy Spirit, the Angels, Higher Self and all beings of the Light to show me the way or I was checking out and coming home. I was done picking and choosing what everything was for and who I thought I was supposed to be. That the rapes, molestation's, mental, emotional, and physical abuses defined who I was and was going to be because someone else told me that is who I am. I reached a moment and recognized I needed to stop listening to what my Guides call "The Peanut Gallery". They say, "They are nuts slowly roasted in the blood, sweat, and tears in the "Hell" of their own making. If you want nuts go to the Peanut Gallery. If you want the "Real Peanut Butter" come to "THEM"!"

    Guess where I go to for all the latest and greatest info on my awakening now? I go Within to THEM!

    Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.
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  • What is it that you seek here?

    Hello world. The following is from 2019.

    My Brothers, what is it that you seek here? Is it a shallow superficial response that does no more than stoke an ego mind? Or do you seek a deeper connection of joining on a spiritual level of mind, heart and soul? What is it that you are seeking? Do you know?

    In the first few lessons of ACIM I found myself hearing the directions being given by the teacher and another set of directions being given beyond what the "teacher" was implying it's meaning was. I found myself listening to and following that other voice within me and not the teacher in front of me.

    As was directed I began to look within at my own thoughts and beliefs. The language used for me at the time was that Holy Spirit would use His Light and shine it before me. As He would shine His Light into all the nooks and crannies along the pathways that are the labyrinth of my mind, He will guide me back to the Center to my beginnings and where the One infinite Creator awaits me and my coming home to the Truth of who I am and am meant to be.

    I asked myself, "What is it I am seeking here? What do I really want to know and understand? Who am I? What have I experienced all the things that I have? Why did they do the things they did to me? I want to know and understand the Truth! I want the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth! I am tired of being lied to, used, abused and manipulated. I want to be free of my pain and misery fully and make it so no one can ever cause me to experience this pain and suffering ever again. I want the Truth!". I began to understand I had to willingly retrace my steps to where I first began to step away from the Truth and had accepted the lies as being my reality.

    It took me almost a year to figure out for myself that what I was being shown was the absolute Truth. That I had to let go of the belief that these "teachers" knew better than the guidance I was being given. I had to let go of the belief that something written in a book or said in a video was the absolute Truth. I had to learn to start questioning everything I had been taught to think, believe and perceive, to see where I made my own choices to believe. Once I could see it I could let it go and heal it completely. I had to willingly see it first.

    Once I accepted the Truth that I had been trained to blindly follow, accept and believe whatever an authority figure was telling me without questioning, I began to question every single experience I had and what it was I had chosen to judge them all as being. Every rape, molestation, beating, mental and emotional abuse. How every broken bone, disease, trial and tribulation was exactly what was needed for me to understand who I am.

    At that point I learned to Stand in my Light of Truth no matter what it was anyone was telling me. As I did this I was healed on all levels. That was the proof for me that I was on the right path. When I healed all disease and could forgive and love those who had hurt me. When I could see how every experience was of benefit to me. I understood fully that I was being shown and taught the Truth above and beyond all else. I was receiving what I asked for. Little did I know I was asking to be given back my Sovereignty.

    I found myself writing to Laura Boone. She is an astrologer and a psychic medium with The Lighter Side Network. I asked her if she could explain to me the fear that is experienced whenever I would try to get a reading done. The fear was not my own but the ones doing the reading. She told me that my chart shows a lot of darkness and abuses that I will or have experienced and will heal. That I have a strength of will that will not accept anyone's authority over me in any way.

    Her explanation helped me to understand how the information they were to relate to me causes them to feel guilt, shame, and fear. They feel responsible for what the chart is stating. I am told they are trying to take responsibility for my path and journey because they would be the one to tell me of it.

    I understood immediately what was happening and why I was always being blocked from getting these "readings". My journey required me to turn inward for everything and not seek anything from out there in the world. I was and have been being taught self reliance.

    If and when I would try to get a reading all connections would be severed by them and money refunded... I stopped trying because the results were always the same.

    Thank you brother! You have just helped me fill in the blank. I have been being shown where the first distortion came into play to take us from Free Will Sovereign Beings to slaves. I had been asking if there were any points I may have over looked in regards fear and how to reverse it. This conversation brought into the Light the aspect of one taking on another's experiences as their own was what I was not seeing at that time. I now understand fully how to reverse that which has been done to humanity unknowingly.

    Psalm 91:13 holds a particular meaning for me. It refers to the Gods once worshiped throughout the lands. They were the "Alien Gods" known as the Northern Gods with white skin and hair. The others where the Reptilian Gods who resembled snakes. Both were known of and worshiped in ancient times. Many of the Indigenous Tribes speak of them in and throughout their histories. The oldest Tribe known of here in America would be the Hopi. Their histories are verbal and passed down generation to generation exactly as they were first taught to them. There is no twisting of the meanings for multiple elders are teaching and sharing the story at the same time. Each have a part they speak.

    Psalm 91:13 speaks of the lion and the snake or dragon. Of how when one chooses to Stand in the Light of the One Infinite Creator nothing may touch them. They will cast out the lion and the dragon so humanity will once again have free will to choose what resonates for them. Until now we have been made slaves through ignorance. As humanity awakens to the Truths of what has been done to them the lion and the dragon lose their hold more and more. Humanity is beginning to seek the Light of Truth. As more and more do so the lion and dragon become trampled under the feet of the masses who walk over them and through the door to their freedom. Never again will they be able to be controlled or manipulated again. They will now stand truly in the Light of their Truth no matter what is happening to them or around them.

    What is it that you seek here? Is it a shallow superficial response that does no more than stoke an ego mind? Or do you seek a deeper connection of joining on a spiritual level of mind, heart and soul? What is it that you are seeking? Do you know?

    Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.
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  • Humanity, YOU are the authority of you and not the government you were born under.

    Hello world. The following is from 2019.

    "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution states this. This means that NO ONE, not even the government is allowed to regulate who can have a gun nor what type or kind of gun they are permitted to have. THIS IS THE LAW according to OUR CONSTITUTION. The Constitution IS the LAW of this LAND and not these rules, laws and regulations these governments would hand you that you accept and follow blindly without question.

    Every time you choose to accept what is handed to you without question you enslave yourself to those dictating those rules to you. Every rule, law and regulation created strips from you your ability to be the Sovereign Being who is Self Governing that the Constitution stipulates you are and have the right to be.

    NO ONE is required to believe nor conform and comply so enslave themselves as you have chosen to here. May I suggest you start looking into your Rights as A Sovereign Being and not what these governments are telling you that you are allowed to be.

    Humanity it matters not what culture you were born to here nor what religion or country. The rules, laws and regulations you are and have been choosing to blindly follow from those who claim a title of authority such as your governments are being used to enslave you. Each time you choose to accept and follow these laws and rules you are handing away your ability to choose for yourself what resonates for you. You are willingly enslaving yourselves to these beings who state they have authority over you. It is a choice you are making here and it is a choice and decision you will have to make for yourself to STOP conforming and complying with your own slavery. No one can do this for you. You have to be willing to stand up for yourself and your RIGHTS as the Sovereign Being who IS Self Governing that the Creator created you to be here. You have to make this choice for yourself. NO ONE will do this for you!

    Consider what you have been taught and trained to think, say, do and believe of yourself and the world around you. Consider these rules, laws and regulations handed to you. Notice how each one will use your own mind and emotions against you to control and manipulate you to the dictates of a chosen few. Recognize how you have been conforming and complying to whatever is being handed to you BLINDLY without question out of a fear of being punished and persecuted. No one has a right to punish you here because NO ONE has authority over you. That LIE is no more than a tool being used to enslave you willingly using guilt, shame, blame and fear tactics to manipulate you.

    When you choose to stand up for yourself you are also standing up for those around you. You become an example for them in those moments. Consider what it is you have been taught and trained to do here and see the TRUTH of what it is I share now with you. Your governments do not have a right to dictate to you who you are to be nor who you are allowed to be. That IS your choice and decision here and not theirs. Humanity, YOU are the authority of you and not the government you were born under.

    Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.
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  • No one is required to conform and comply to what it is you are choosing for you.

    Hello world. The following is from 2019.

    Here is an interesting perspective to look at things from that you may have not considered before... It seems there are many people out there decrying that someone owns a gun and would choose to own one. They seem to believe that NO ONE needs to own a gun and that NO one has a right to defend themselves and that everyone should rely on the police and their government to save and protect them.

    Problem with this mentality is that they are choosing to accept and allow themselves to be victimized willingly. They are choosing to enslave themselves and then try to enslave everyone else around them. They seem to want to demand your compliance and that you justify yourself to them.

    Problem is they seem to not realize how they are being manipulated and controlled by someone else and what it is they are choosing to believe in. They accept every rule, law and regulation handed to them blindly without question. Never recognizing how each one strips from them their ability to be a Sovereign Being who is Self Governing.

    Now I ask you this... You do not need utensils in order to eat food. Yet you still demand you be given one... Why is that? Just because you are choosing to enslave yourselves to another does not mean the rest of us are required to. No one is required to conform and comply to what it is you are choosing for you. Think about that aspect the next time you start berating your brothers their choices to think, say, do and believe as they are choosing to.

    Blessings to you all on your journeys. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.
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  • Seeing the Human Being in front of you.

    Hello world. The following is from 2019.

    On this journey I am finding Spirit will place me where Spirit wants me to be. Spirit will place before me those in need of Light in their darkness. Spirit will also show me and explain to me what the lesson is I am to learn or help my brothers learn. One such lesson is seeing our brothers before us and recognizing their Humanity. Seeing the Human Being in front of you.

    For the past two months I have been shuffled from place to place in my RV. In each new place paths would cross mine and healing would occur with understanding of what was experienced. Each interaction my brothers would be surprised by my acceptance of them. My understanding of where they are at on their journey and what they are going through.

    In each interaction I AM seeing my brothers Humanity. I AM seeing the Human Being before me. It is not up to me who they choose to be nor how they are choosing to express themselves. My only function is to listen to HEAR where they are at on their journey and what they are experiencing within it, with Spirit. I AM then to step aside and allow Spirit to use my form to interact with my brothers so they may be healed as I have been healed.

    I AM a Channel. It is who I AM and what I do. One minute I am here talking with my brothers and the next it is Spirit speaking through me. In removing the filters taught to me I opened myself fully to Spirit and that which Spirit would Teach me. In accepting who I AM and what it is I am able to do I have found peace within the chaos around me.

    It is this peace I share with my brothers when our paths cross. In sharing healing occurs. Those whose path have been crossing my own are the homeless, destitute and hopeless. They have found themselves to be in a black hole they cannot escape from. They see themselves as victims of their circumstances not understanding how they have gotten to where they are at.

    Many shuffle by unseen by those around them. They are over looked or ignored, pushed out and away from the eyes of polite society. Society has forgotten they are Human Beings. Society would have you ignore them and abandon them. To society they are no longer Human Beings. Society has lost its Humanity.

    My brothers, be willing to stop and look these brothers in eye. See the Human Being before you. See their Humanity. See yourself in them. See them as your equal. See them as yourself. Recognize how that could be you. There is no cost to meeting a brothers eyes and SEEING their HUMANITY...

    Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.
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  • Sense

    Hello world. The following is from 2014.

    I am blind and yet I see.
    I am deaf and yet I hear.
    How do I do these conventional things?
    The energy of your emotion is what touches me.
    The things you do and words you say.
    I do not perceive in a conventional way.
    They don't convey your meaning to me.
    That is not the way I perceive.
    I sense your emotional energy.
    What you attach to your words is what I perceive.
    You can say the right words every day.
    Yet I feel the blocks in your way.
    The angst and fear, guilt and desperation.
    To really get it all without misconceptions.
    Stop holding on to all the forms.
    Materials, judgement, righteousness and body.
    These are not what God calls Holy.
    Giving freely of the body only keeps you in the body.
    That is not love, you misperceive.
    Neither is giving what you think they need.
    Opinions, advice, material goods.
    That isn't love you've misunderstood.
    Those ego thoughts produce judgments of greed.
    The ego wants what they have.
    Ego says "Why can't it be me?"
    Fear and resentments are just the same.
    Based in the realms of Ego blame.
    Projecting on others your guilt and shame.
    These are just more of Ego games.
    Your spirits call of love is what I perceive.
    What I perceive is the emotional need.
    Arms wrapped gently around you.
    Rocking you gently as you weep.
    My cheek resting upon your head.
    Accepting you.
    Loving you.
    Unconditionally as you are.
    This is what I hear and see.
    The Holy Spirits visions of you I perceive.
    I cannot react to what is not there.
    I see your soul completely bared.
    I love you unconditionally.
    The love you are is what I perceive.
    I sense your innocence crying out.
    Giving way to ego doubts.
    You are innocent and pure.
    Come, be free.
    Sense the love within you.
    It is all you need.

    Sabrina Reyenga
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  • What possibilities lay within, A Constitution of Sovereignty?

    Hello world. The following is from 2018.

    Humanity, I would like to put forth the notion that some of the Republican Party, most of the Democratic Party, their Affiliates, the DOJ and ALL of the other alphabet agencies (CDC, FDA, DNC, RNC, FBI, IRS, FDIC AND THE REST) are to be considered DOMESTIC TERRORISTS! They ARE the ENEMY of the People! The laws they pass are prohibitions that take your Sovereignty from you by eliminating your ability to be Self Governing.

    When will you all recognize all they do is project out their own choices to be and believe on any who disagree with them. They project what they themselves do onto you. Every time they open their mouths they tell you who they are and what they believe and want. They ARE Domestic Terrorists. It is time for The People, our Veterans and active military to step up and remove these domestic enemies within our midst.

    It is and has been your acceptance of these laws and of the judgments being handed to you that bind you and keep you from living fully. Your own judgments and beliefs are the chains binding you to this reality of pain and suffering Folks. You project out your judgmental beliefs before you, just as they do.

    How many of you agreed to the laws and prohibitions that have been handed to you? How many of you were given a choice in whether or not you wanted to live under those conditions of prohibitions? How many of you blindly accepted what was handed to you believing that it is true and this is just the way it is? How many of you passively handed away your rights unknowingly? Humanity, can you see yet the Truth of all you have been choosing for YOU?

    If you would take back your own Sovereignty you must willingly give up your judgments of self and everything you experience, perceive, and the beings you interact with. You will need to be willing to accept everyone and everything exactly as it is unconditionally without judgments. You will need to be willing to extend love to all without exception. Even those intent on harming you. This does not mean you are not permitted to defend or protect yourself if needed. You are allowed to defend yourself from physical attack and anyone else who may need such a defense. Even if that act of defense takes a life.

    Humanity is connecting on an energetic level of the heart, mind and Spirit in the seeking of Truth! Humanity is awakening to the travesty that has been happening to them. Humanity is awakening to their Right of Sovereignty! Humanity is about to create a "Declaration or Constitution for the Planet Earth also known as Gaia and ALL of it's Inhabitants Claiming Their Sovereignty" and it may look a little something like this to start...

    "A Constitution of Sovereignty"

    We, the Beings of the Planet Earth, also known as Gaia, do here by declare our Rights of Sovereignty to be Self Governing as the Creator created us to be. We claim the Right of our Free Will to choose what Resonates as Truth for us Individually and as a Co-Creative Collective. We claim our Authority over ourselves and our rights to choose for ourselves and express ourselves as we so choose as long as we are not infringing on the Free Will of another, hurting ourselves or anyone else.

    We the Beings of the Planet Earth, also known as Gaia do here bye declare that ALL LIFE is precious and should be preserved if possible. Through the Circle of Life All are created Equal in their value and purpose for the whole. The Circle is never ending. As the plants grow they feed the herds who feed the hunters. As the hunter and the herds pass they return to the earth and feed the plants that grow and all the creep crawly things that slither, fly, crawl, walk and swim. Everything has a purpose and a place. All are interconnected one unto the other. All are to be given gratitude for their place in the creation of the reality given us. All have their place and purpose for being here.

    We the Beings of Earth, also known as Gaia, do here bye declare that ALL Beings are Free Sovereign Beings who may not be enslaved in any way by any Entity. No one is permitted to force their will on another for any reason. Every Citizen of the planet will be instructed of their Sovereign Rights and all Beings visiting the planet will be informed of this Constitution and the Laws attached to it herein.

    The rules of law for ALL will be...

    Propaganda or Lies, Deceit, prevarication, coercion, manipulations (subliminal or otherwise), violence and or any form or actions that can cause harm to self or to others "KNOWINGLY" will be considered against the rule of law which upholds that ALL LIFE IS PRECIOUS AND TO BE PRESERVED IF AND WHEN POSSIBLE.

    Honesty, Authenticity, Integrity, Compassion, Empathy and fore most LOVE for Self and Others. All beings have the right to freedom of speech and freedom of expression. All beings have a right to bare arms. All beings will be trained in basic self defense and proficiency in hand to hand combat and firearms to create a local militia for that community. All beings will be required to participate in some form of community service within the field and means of their expertise to help promote the Unity and well being of their perspective communities and the community of the Planet as a whole. All beings have a right to the basic necessities of life such as shelter, clothing, medical attention, clean water, air, organic or natural food and medicines. All beings have a right to assemble Peacefully in public or private to exchange knowledge, understanding, knowing, experiences, etc.. All beings...

    This document would be something that would be upheld by ALL of Humanity and ANY BEINGS that would come to our World from another place within space, time, and dimension to visit us. What laws or addendum's would you add to this? What would you choose for something like this say and stand for, for you?

    Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.
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  • This is the chaos of the journey I am on at the moment...

    Hello world. The following is from 2019.

    It has been awhile since I have shared where I am at on my own journey in the moment. Since June 7th I have been living in an RV with my Husband Alex and our animals. For the first two weeks we found ourselves shuffling from parking lot to parking lot dealing with issues with the RV, business and life in general.

    After spending the morning emptying our tanks and dealing with errands and business we decided to spend the afternoon at the park two blocks from where we have lived for the last 12 years. Our goal to cook some food, walk our dog and look for a place to park our new home more permanently so we can deal with the stuff we need to purge from 20 years of personal and business accumulation that we had to put into storage.

    We arrived at Buchanan Park in Pittsburg, CA around two o'clock that afternoon. We parked at the back of the lot in the ONLY place we would be out of the way of the flow of traffic taking up the least amount of parking spaces. Two to be exact. We also were partially blocking an access way for city workers that is locked and gated. When we arrived the lot was pretty empty. We knew from 12 years of living in the neighborhood and walking our dog in that park every day multiple times a day that there would not be ANY city workers in that park after 12 noon. There never are. They stop working by noon to allow the residents access to the park without interruption or obstruction.

    On this particular day we parked, took our dog for a walk, began a search for an RV park in the area with a space available before starting to cook some food for dinner. By this time it is around five to five thirty in the afternoon. We had watched a couple of police cruisers come through the parking lot not to long before I asked my Husband to pull out our portable weber. Most of the grills were taken in the park so we thought to use the weber so others could use whatever grills were left. Both those cruisers left after around thirty minutes of sitting there blocking the exit lane chit chatting. There were no signs saying we couldn't be there doing what we were doing. Within five minutes of my Husband lighting the grill one of those police cruisers were back with an officer K. Seaward approaching us...

    Officer K. Seaward started his conversation with an outright lie. He stated that he had received a call from his Sargent who got a call from his commander demanding that Seaward clear out the undesirables in the eye soar of an RV who had been there all day blocking the lot and the ability of the residents to enjoy their park without riff raft. He then suggested we go down to the marina and drop a line in the water. That we could stay there over night and not be bothered. He would let his "buddy" officer Torres know he was sending us over to their beat...

    Needless to say I cannot stand a liar. I was filled with an extreme righteous fury in that moment. I literally pointed my finger at Seaward and stated, "Your a ****ing liar. You didn't get any call. You're full of **** and lying out your ass. You have no authority over me. I AM a Sovereign Being who is Self Governing. I have lived in this neighborhood for 12 years. There is nothing stating we cannot be here grilling as we are. As a matter of fact this is the best place for us to be parked. Also I might add that we have not been here all day. We got her around 2 o'clock this afternoon. The parking lot was almost empty when we arrived and it is still empty now. There is plenty of room for people to park here."

    Officer Seaward decided to double down on his bold faced lies. He stated he could call his Sargent down to tell us what the commander said to him. In that moment I snapped. I pointed my finger at him and stated, "Don't you ****ing lie to me. I know for a fact you are lying. Spirit is stating succinctly that you and your "partner" are playing a cat and mouse game with those you think are homeless. You are profiling, harassing, tormenting and psychologically trying to manipulate and coerce these people with gestapo tactics of brutality and lies. I am and have been watching you and others on the police force targeting and harassing the homeless in the area constantly. I SEE YOU and ALL you have been doing."

    Needless to say Seaward took a seat on the fence behind him with jaw open and eyes wide. He stuttered a bit and tried to talk his way out of the situation he found himself in. I let him know point blank that I AM a psychic and Spirit is telling me exactly what it is he and his buddy were up to. That they picked the wrong person this time around... A few moments later Seaward turned to walk away almost braining himself on our awning pole. My Husband had to warn him to duck his head before we have to call his Sargent and explain to him how he knocked himself out. We left the park around 10 minutes later.

    That incident has left a nasty taste in my mouth for Pittsburg. After 12 years I am happy to take my company and find a new home elsewhere. Someplace where the city officials, police force and government in and of itself is NOT corrupt to its core with a mind to alienate its own residents in lieu of getting in more illegals to take their places so get their votes to keep their jobs and the money they are literally funneling into their own pockets and special interests. I am even considering filing a formal letter of complaint at this point.

    With the exception of the Home Depot we have been harassed at every single place we have gone to, spending money in their shopping centers too. Walmart security is absolutely ghetto in their thinking and minds. They will bang on your window instead of coming around to your ****ing door. I happen to have a door bell to. No excuse or reason for that kind of garbage not to mention their threats to have my RV towed. Contra Costa County has become absolutely hostile to anyone and everyone in an RV regardless of how the vehicle looks. It is absolutely disgusting.

    The hypocrisy of their demands to recycle and reuse only seems to apply to those things they can strap a tax or surcharge to. They do not want to see or have any RV older than 10 to 12 years anywhere within the county. They are no longer giving permits to places who would offer parking to those of us that prefer vehicles we can actually work on ourselves. They seem to want only those who own brand new million dollar RV's in their cities. The nastiness we have been experiencing has had us moving out of the area entirely.

    We went to a state park in Benicia for one night before heading to Sugarloaf in Sonoma for 4 days.The energy in that park was oppressive in the extreme. Just like in Contra Costa County they have created a number of rules and regulations that prohibit and limit ones ability to connect fully with nature naturally. They have even cut off the ability for the animals or pets of visitors to connect naturally. All trails are off limits to dogs or pets. All dogs and pets are to be kept on the concrete or asphalt roads for vehicles throughout the grounds on a six foot leash or less. What animal can walk on black asphalt without hurting their paws? What animals prefer to relieve themselves on asphalt, concrete or gravel over dirt, grass and weeds? None that I know of...

    No gathering of dead fall for camp fires. No foraging for food. The excuse given that taking from the environment hurts the environment and takes resources from the wildlife. All bull**** when you hear and see the camp hosts chopping wood and bundling it for fire pits within the park. As for foods, all they sell is junk foods and nothing healthy in the slightest. They only allow and sell what will make them the most money. Such as a dollar per minute for showers payable by quarters only. That park charges $35 a day with $10 per extra vehicle. Folks that is $35 dollars a day for DRY camping. There is no water, electricity or sewage at any of the sites. Talk about outrageous when you consider where we are at right now.

    At the moment we are in the Sonoma County Fairgrounds RV Park. For $40 dollars a day we get full hookups of water, sewer and electricity as well as laundry facilities. The energy here is so much better than that of the park. The energy here is of those who have accepted where they are at on their journeys and are hopeful and allowing of whatever the Universe shall hand them next. The angst and frustration felt in the park at the prohibitions being placed on those who visit is not felt here. They ask for their visitors to use consideration and courtesy while here when using the facilities and interacting with your neighbors. Observe the quiet times and speed limits. Clean up after yourselves and your animals. All reasonable requests.

    We have work here in the area on Monday so are here until Tuesday at least. Where we go from here I do not know. Wherever we go I would ask Spirit to make it so we have full hookups with reception near where we have business to take care of. Something that is long term at a reasonable rate being what we need is a parking space so to speak...

    Through all of this situation we have and are getting work coming in from our own clientele and from the contract work we do. Problem is this constant shuffling from place to place is eating up the money we are earning almost as fast as we are earning it in gas, dumping and lodging fees for a couple of days. Something needs to change here and soon.

    We both want out of the rat race and out of this state. The corruptions within this state and the debasement of the humanity of the individual being by those who would state they are an authority so abuse those around them must stop. It is driving out the citizens of this country and state from the places they have called home all their lives. The greed and corruption running rampant through this state is causing the upstart of the next Revolution. Our Constitution states we are Sovereign Beings who are Self Governing. When our government no longer upholds the will of the people and chooses to subvert the will of the people instead... That government is then asking to be dismantled and replaced with a government that will uphold the will of the people it is there to serve.

    Where am I now on my journey? I AM where Spirit would have me be when Spirit would have me be there. The places we have gone and the paths that have crossed our own have been varied. The beings we meet all walk unique paths on their journeys with beautiful points of understanding to share in the perspectives given them on their journeys. My place is to be the Light in the darkness they find themselves within even if I to am occupying that same space with them. The difference being the perspectives we are choosing to perceive our journeys through.

    Where would you have us go, what would you have us do, what would you have us say and to whom would you have us speak to? How would you have us support ourselves on this journey you have started us on? What is the next step Spirit? What would you have us do now? This is where I am at on my journey my brothers. I am in a state of transition and change with no idea where I am heading until I get there. I am literally flying by the seat of my britches or skirts with no idea where I am going to land or how. This is the chaos of the journey I am on at the moment...

    Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.
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  • Judgments, opinions and the belief in them are forms of attack.

    Hello world. The following is from 2017.

    Something to consider here is what an "attack" actually is... An attack, is a belief in a "JUDGMENT" that is being handed out and "ACCEPTED" by the ones witnessing it as being the truth. As being something that defines them, their brothers, and the world. It is that belief that something has gone wrong that is at the core of the issue here. That a correction needs to be made through judgments and the acceptance of judgments/opinions as being what is true as defining us, our brothers and the world itself. It is the belief that judgments are true.

    In those moments the one judging is believing they know what is right and best for themselves and their brothers. That they would and could know better than God. The ones witnessing these "attacks" are believing it and accepting that the judgments being handed out are true and are choosing to believe in them. It is this choice they are making to believe in those judgments that is causing the conflict within them that has manifested all the pain and suffering they are experiencing in the moment. They are choosing to believe that their brother knows better than God what is best for them and their brothers. This belief is in conflict within them and is causing them to believe they and their brothers are being attacked. That something has gone wrong and is not as it should be.

    Something my brothers have still to learn is that everything is for their benefit. Every experience has been orchestrated specifically for them. Each experience has a lesson within it that helps them remember who they Truly are within. Every dialogue is of benefit. Even vitriolic dialogue can be of benefit. It brings to the surface that which was hidden to be viewed and healed in the Light.

    When conflict arises within look at it. Do not bury it, deny it and judge it to be this or that. Question it instead. Ask God and Holy Spirit what the truth is of what it is you are perceiving in the moment. Ask for the truth to YOUR misperceptions. They are yours and you must be willing to see them for what they are and where they came from. That each one is learned. They were taught to you just as they were taught to the ones who taught you. It is a pattern repeated that was never questioned. That you are the one holding a judgment of whatever is happening in the moment. That to defend yourself or another is to believe that something has gone wrong and an attack must be defended against... For when I defend myself I AM ATTACKED. In my defenselessness my safety lies...

    Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.
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  • I am obsessed with MY SOVEREIGNTY of Being to be Self Governing, for MY Sovereignty is ALSO my Brother's Sovereignty.

    Hello world. The following is from 2018.

    On May 1st I had two separate dreams were I had beings "invite me" to join them in the "Middle Earth". The first group to approach me were around a campfire. They told me "The Event" has already started. They said there was not much time left. Would I come with them to the Inner Earth. I would not be able to come back nor contact or see my loved ones ever again. They tender their invitation with conditions using a catalyst of fear to prompt a fear driven reaction for ones safety to comply immediately and go with them. Problem is they underestimate our emotional responses to love and those items or beings we feel responsible for such as our children, spouses and what we feel is our purpose here.

    My response was a no thank you, I need to get to my Husband. An older man who was tall, skinny, scruffy and dirty spoke then as he reached out to wrap his arm around my shoulders. He said, "Since the Event has already started Sweet Heart, you may as well stay with us now. We will keep you safe." I felt his intentions to herd me with them and not allow me to go of my own free will. I duct under his outstretched arm and began running away. I found myself climbing onto what was a motorcycle that hovered racing away from them as fast as possible.

    I awoke for a few minutes and went to the restroom. Upon falling back asleep I found myself in another dream. This time I was at the base of a mountain hiding behind some boulders. Their were searchlights coming through the forest towards me and a group of people who were hiding with me. They were all in beige and were tall and skinny like the guy from the other dream. The difference this time is they were clean.

    I started looking around for my Husband Alex. When I could not see him I asked where he was. I was told he was not with us. When I asked why, no one would answer. I told them I have to find my Husband. They tried to stop me. Telling me I had to come with them or I was going to die. Like that other group they were using fear and the carrot of safety to try and get me to go with them. Once again I found myself running away.

    Over this weekend I found myself having nightmarish dreams. Dreams where I am faced with making a choice of conforming to the dictates of my "family" to gain their form of love and attention or death. I was being shown in the dream that if given a choice of returning to the conditional attentions of my "family" or killing myself... I would choose death. For conditional love is no more than slavery and handing away my Sovereignty.

    It seems I have a theme going on here within my dreams that is manifesting within my reality as well now. It seems as if I am finding myself obsessing over MY SOVEREIGNTY of Being to be Self Governing through my Free Will to Choose what resonates for me. What I am also recognizing here is that MY Sovereignty is ALSO my Brother's Sovereignty.

    If I am not willing to stand up for myself who will stand up for me? If I am not willing to stand up for my brother, how can I expect them to stand up for me? These dreams keep showing me how I must be willing to stand up for myself and those around me. No amount of self preservation will keep my soul from feeling the pain and suffering of abandoning my brothers in their hour of need.

    I find I am no longer willing to bow down and conform to the dictates of those around me. I will not give ANYONE authority over me willingly ever again. I AM the AUTHORITY of ME. I AM RESPONSIBLE for MYSELF and what I am CHOOSING to BE, Perceive and Believe myself to be. No one may make these choices for me. NO ONE!

    Over the last six years Spirit and my Guides have directed me to read different materials and to watch different movies or listen to specific speakers, mostly channels and channeled beings. The books blew my mind away. They had me read A Course in Miracles, The Kybalion, The Emerald Tablets of Thoth and The Law of One.

    After reading ACIM I then started in reading the other books they would have me read. What I found out as I read each one is that they have taught me the principles of each from the back of the book to the front. When I asked them why they would teach me these things "backwards" their response was that it is a nod to their use of my dyslexia to guide me. They have me looking at things from the INSIDE OUT and NOT the OUTSIDE IN.

    When one looks within they will see where they chose to make a choice to believe. They will see where their choices to believe manifested before them for them to witness. They will begin to understand how it is THEY ARE projecting out before them all they choose to believe because THAT IS all they CAN perceive to be.

    Spirit and my Guides have been shining a Light before me on this journey to healing and taking responsibility for myself. Many times the things they show me pisses me off and hurts deeply to think I chose that for myself. Yet every time I stop and look at what they place before me I am healed. I accept what it is they show me as the Truth it is. Once I can see it I am able to heal it. Every time it takes me being willing to look first and ask Spirit and my Guides to show me the Truth of what it is I have done. Every time they show me it was my own choice to believe that was hurting me.

    I was choosing to accept and believe every prohibition that was being handed to me. I was choosing to believe I was required to accept, conform and bow down to the dictates of those who told me they were the authority over me. I was choosing to believe I did not have any choice and was required to do as I was being told if I did not want more pain and suffering.

    In everything the tools of pain, suffering, blame, shame, guilt, judgment and fear wear being used to control me on a subliminal level using these subversive coercive tools manipulations. The movie "1984" depicts this in very extreme in your face way. Yet, it is no different from the subtle manipulations being used in a similar way.

    In that movie they refer to political correctness as the "Thought Police". Children were taught to look to the state for everything and to turn in anyone who is not conforming to what the state is dictating, even their parents. Each time someone was brought to a "publicized trial" they would confess how they were happy to be caught and stopped from the way they were thinking. They were confessing to how they were cheating on their spouses trying to spread disease. Problem is none of them were married. Those who had children were seen as criminals to be watched. The government was trying to eradicate sexual expression and procreation. Through the entire movie they would play in the back ground statistics with spiritual or religious and war propaganda that could not be shut off continuously. Through those TV screens the people were being watched and surveillanced.

    Seems as if some folks were way ahead of their time in what it was they were seeing and perceiving coming in the future such as Orson Welles and his 1984 book that was turned into a movie. It seems there are quite a few authors, screen writers, scientists and even spiritual leaders throughout time and history who were given the vision to see what would and could be coming and were trying to warn Humanity to pay attention.

    Do any of the things I was describing sound familiar? They should. You have been experiencing this ideology and programming for the last 40 years at least. Humanity has been under a constant attack to their Sovereignty through the myriad prohibitions they have been trained to think and believe are normal and how things are supposed to be or should be. Humanity has been trained to think and believe they are not allowed to question these prohibitions or those who state they are the authority. NONE OF THIS IS TRUE!

    Every prohibition that has been created is a tool being used on a subliminal level to enslave you to another's will and dictates. Every prohibition creates a cage that confines you within your own mind. Each one is a bar to that cage you have built within you. Each prohibition you accept as being true and defining who you are and are supposed to be is what will kill you and your Sovereignty. Each one you accept takes away your ability to be Self Governing. Each one you choose to conform to will enslave you more fully and deeply to the mechanization of the machine you have chosen to be YOUR AUTHORITY FIGURE.

    I do believe I am starting to better understand why it is I am now obsessing over this thing of my Sovereignty and the Sovereignty of all of Humanity. I am no longer willing to bow down to someone else's choices to think and believe themselves to be. I am no longer willing to hand away my rights to choose for me what resonates as Truth. I now find myself more than willing to die for my choice to be as I would choose to be. I now find I am more than willing to stand before my brother and protect his right to choose to be as he chooses.

    Humanity, I am more than willing to take a stand and take back my RIGHTS to be a Sovereign Being who is Self Governing through the use of my Free Will to CHOOSE what it is I WOULD CHOOSE FOR ME. I am willing to stand beside you as you choose to do the same. We ARE EQUALS my brothers. There is no difference between us other than those judgmental beliefs you were taught to filter everything through held without the recesses of your own minds. Those judgments are the only things that separate us one from another. They are what keeps you separated from each other.

    When you choose to look at these choices to believe and change your minds... Those walls you have built will fall away. No longer will you see yourselves as separated. It is in these moments you will witness and recognize your equality. It is in these moments you will be handed the opportunity to let go your beliefs in differences. It will be in these moments Humanity will achieve UNITY and ONENESS through their joining together as one family, one race of beings. We ARE the HUMAN RACE. When we are joined together with one mind and one heart we become HUMANITY as a WHOLE. No more division and no more separation nor beliefs that anyone is above nor below anyone else. We ARE EQUALS in every way.

    Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.
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