This group is about resolving issues of the provenance of our space images from NASA. An in-depth study of the images and the process that created them. Donna Hare, Ken Johnston Sr, William Tompkins, and I along with many others have come forward to tell people about their experiences with these images. I look forward to sharing ideas and getting to the bottom of the image manipulation that still occurs today with our public space images.
  • SOOO glad to have a new LARS group on OnStellar. Other Anomaly groups likely to have manipulated images touted as "real" when a sophisticated psy-op of the anomaly community includes CGI over the originals. Fortunately, images with better provenance are available. So ANOMALY HUNTERS BEWARE. Get to know the deeper story here from Bret and myself working for 3 years with Ken Johnston Sr, NASA Whistleblower and his archive of early NASA images.
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