This group is dedicated towards bringing awareness towards Lyme Disease, along with openly discussing conspiracies around the topic.
  • Thank you to everyone who has joined this group.

    This is an open forum where people can discuss various theories & conspiracies about Lyme Disease without judgement or censorship. As a late stage Lyme Disease survivor I am looking forward to sharing, collaborating and gaining insight into this complicated, (at times) devastating, and ultimately fascinating illness.

    Topics open to discussion are not limited. Everyone's view point & experience is welcome, without censorship or judgement.

    A few topics that I am (personally) looking forward to discussing are: Lyme Disease used as bio-weapon (nazis, plum island, and others); Lyme Disease as a symptom of CE5; Lyme Disease as a symptom of the '20 and back program; Lyme Disease with increased theta functions.

    Along with discussing conspiracies & theories surrounding Lyme Disease, I would love for this forum to serve as a support network & hope to those affected by this devastating illness. I would love for this to be a place where we can share our struggles, insights, strengths and progressions.

    It is possible to heal & cure late stage Lyme Disease. Despite what mainstream medical reports tell us, It is possible to re-build & re-grow damaged organs such as the brain. I know, because my body was devastated by this illness including (MRI scans that showed) demyelination of my brain, v tachycardia and many more health issues. I was told my brain would never repair, and at 25 I was told I needed a pace maker. After several years of mainstream & alternative therapies my body has regained all of its functions, including MRI scans showing that my brain has re-generated (something previously stated by my doctors and naturopath to be impossible).

    There is hope & we can recover. We have to be made open to the possibility of a full recovery. In the meantime, as we struggle with our illness, we can learn a lot from Taoism. What is in the present moment that we need to learn? Where is the gift in all of this? Every obstacle is an opportunity of insight & growth...and Lyme Disease is the most challenging task that anyone can be given. I believe there is so much more to this disease.

    My heart & prayers go out to my Lyme Light Warriors. Together we evolve & transform. Together we heal ourselves, as we heal with Gaia.

    #LymeDisease #StopTheLymeLies #CE5 #UnknownInvestigations #AwakeningMedia #DivineFrequency #SphereBeingAlliance #LawOfOne #Wanderers #Gaia
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