The goal of this group is to try and show evidence of a past civilization that i believe once thrived on Mars, as well as most things space related.
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I would like to welcome everyone to my group here on ONSTELLAR. I have been hunting through Nasa and Esa images for many years seeking out that which is classed as anomalies, things that seem out of place from what should be the natural order of things on a dead planet as nasa likes to call it. I have found enough to convince me that there was at least some time in its past a thriving civilization that must have inhabbited Mars and then was left in ruins after either a major natural disater or war. I hope to shed enough light on this topic to at the very least get some people to question what might be one of the biggest discoveries in our modern area and maybe even inspire some of you to do some hunting of your own. topic related posts are welcome here.
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