Contact and sightings in Plano and North Dallas area. Let’s post our stuff! Photos, videos and stories!!
  • Back on October 2016 after dark my son and I were at the neighborhood park in Plano, TX and a huge triangle shaped craft was silently movin north directly above my son and I. It had a blue light on each corner and would blink alternately. The craft was not reflective at all and had no normal nighttime lights of an aircraft. My neighborhood is in the flight path of Dallas Love Field and planes fly directly overhead all the time. This craft was completely silent, and non-reflective. After watching it directly above for about 5 minutes as it was traveling north we realize it was joining 3 additional identical craft. Each one had 3 blinking blue lights. The crafts’ light didn’t blink in unison but there was a pattern each craft’s lights followed. I believe the 4 triangle shaped craft were fairly high in the atmosphere and HUGE — the lights were fairly dull but I could tell were also huge. It had to have been 20,000+ ft in the air and much, much, much larger than an airline. The reason being, there was no reflection whatsoever which you can always see from the ground over a large city in our area.Now, could this have been random aerial lights on weather balloons or drones, etc? So, the 3 triangle lights (per craft) never moved or changed shape in distance between the 3. So - each set of 3 lights was fixed in relation to each other, however, the different craft was moving in a group!!! About 10 min after moving north we could still see them and 1 of the 4 craft shot off due west at astronomical speed. The sun had set about 30 min prior and there was a faint hint of the sunset over the horizon. Within 5-10 sections the craft had disappeared over the horizon. The remaining 3 craft over our area continued north. To the north (Frisco, McKinney, etc.) there were some hazy clouds in the sky. The 3 craft flew north behind the hazy clouds until they disappeared. Within 20-30 minutes the 3 craft returned!!! And not only did they return, they stopped directly above (or the neighborhood in Plano). Again, they appeared to be very high in the atmosphere and HUGE - possibly even miles across. My Dallas cop friend was working 11 miles away at the time and he could see them in Dallas from off NW Hwy further supporting their elevation and size. They remained exactly in the same place above us (could’ve been the entire city) and ascended directly up into the atmosphere over another approx 20 min period of time until the lights eventually disappeared. I filmed the 4 craft before one of the craft shot off to the west over the horizon. This is videos 1 of 2 (1st link below). When they returned, I filmed the 3 craft again straight above but the lights are barely visible at all. Feel free to grab the video and try to enhance it. Wish I had had a nighttime camera.

    When I initially posted these on Facebook the same day there were hundreds of views and a few people at the Medical Center nearby even commented that they saw the same thing. Around the same time, I discovered @coreygoode who also lived nearby at the time and had been involved in a number of contacts and sightings.

    This may not be an uncommon thing for this area!

    #plano #texas #coreygoode
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