So why this group? First off if you are here, than you believe that UFO's and aliens are just cool as fuck! Secondly, it is important that we know who is visiting and why they are visiting so that we may be better ambassadors to our alien guests. To be better ambassadors we must have a foundation in which we can understand our star families so that we may have open communications with them and assure them that we mean no harm. Now am I saying that all aliens are friendly and have no intentions of causing us harm? NO Way! However I will say that I believe that we are entering into a time of disclosure on a huge scale and relations between human beings and Extraterrestrial life must be handled with great care if we are to avoid an interplanetary conflict. To understand our visitors we must be vigilant to stay informed and to avoid wild conspiracy theories that may prove to be a detrimental to our relations with E.T. life forms.

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