This group was started to discuss the mysteries surrounding the Rh Negative Blood Type. Please feel free to post articles and videos containing facts as well as theories and personal stories about this strange mutation. The Rh Negative Factor seems to be a mystery in human evolution; let's see if we can get to the bottom of it.
  • Just read an article that said people with Rh negative blood have high IQs, red or reddish hair, enhanced intuition, ESP abilities, & a love of space & science.
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  • Hello! I just read an article on the Occipital Bun which is a bump of bone found on the lower back of some people's skulls. This is apparently an archaic remnant from other species of hominids (neanderthals, cro-magnon, etc.). It stated that many people with RH Negative Blood have this occipital bun - my father had an occipital bun (and he had RH negative blood). I found another article that referenced that many people who descend from the Iberian Penninsula/Basques also have an occipital bun.
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