Curious happenings in one's life! Discussing numerical or circumstantial synchronicities and what they mean.
  • I see 2's and 8's in a combination or by themselves throughout my day ...Every day for the past 2 or so years. I just smile when i see them now.
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  • Hello and I'm glad I'm here..
    On that note I have a lot to share about this subject.. so apparently I fell into the correct rabbit hole :]
    _ 2:22 is my follower, and with all the weight of the Universe_I wish I knew why ☆
    I just joined a group (remembering past lives) and it says 222 Members... mind you that was the number before I joined.. quite often I like a post or video or whatnot and there has already been 222 for the count and I come upon it like I'm chasing the number 222 and it, me... I really can't tell you how often this happens.
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  • Here's a quick anecdote that I wanted to share: when I read the book "Secret Societies And Their Power In The 21st Century" by Jan Van Helsing, it was 11th of August, 1999. That was the day a total eclipse happened over central Europe. I remember getting to a point in the book where I realized the seriousness of all that I had read. For some reason I never doubted anything of it, and thought to myself "Holy cow, we're all screwed!"
    I read that part of the book right when the eclipse happened. Right at the climax of the eclipse, I felt the most depressed. I didn't even look out the window, that's how spellbound I was.
    Fortunately, that feeling of depression didn't last for too long, as the conclusion of the book paints a much brighter picture.
    In any case, at that point in my life I thought this eclipse and my reading the book a mere, if creepy, coincidence. Nowadays, though, I don't think it was.

    What was your introduction to the rabbit hole? Do you remember any synchronicites?
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  • So, I finally got the time to write a little something.

    When it comes to supernatural experiences, I haven’t had any, really. At least if you don’t count “coincidences”, and those weird digits on clocks and other devices. I also never saw a UFO or had angelic visions. But I dream a lot.

    So, if someone’s a sceptic, they might just wave it all off as “coincidence”. I’m not a sceptic, though.

    I was raised protestant, here in Germany. That means my mother taught me about God and I naturally was sure about God’s existence. That also meant that I grew up with a sense that life must eventually be ABOUT something, that it must have a meaning.

    Over time, my conventional view of God shifted towards a more spiritual one, and nowadays I’m on board with the whole Infinite Creator thing.

    When I was about 18, I had been going through some disrupting experiences. My parents had gotten a divorce, my dad had just died, etc.

    I got to a point where I thought to myself that one’s purpose in life must be to learn from those experiences, even if I didn’t know what, at the time. Nowadays I’m pretty sure it’s about unconditional love, but back then, I was only sure that learning must be the goal. That kept me from going nuts.

    I’d like to share the first moment in my life that I thought to myself “Holy cow, this cannot be a coincidence, there really must be SOMETHING more to existence than atoms”.

    It happened on a trip to Ireland, when I was about 20. I already had started going down the rabbit hole by reading “Secret Societies And Their Power In The 21st Century” by Jan Van Helsing. (Just a quick side note: Jan Holey (van Helsing) is pretty controversial here in Germany, as is the whole Ufology/Conspiracy/Esoteric scene. That’s a topic I’m happy to discuss in a different article.)

    With me on the trip was my friend, who is a few years older than me. We took my car and started in the early morning (about 4 a.m.), and I remember my stepfather asking if I’d checked the oil. I told him that of course I had done it (I hadn’t, though. Of course).

    My friend and I drove the whole day and made it to Ireland, finally. We got off the ferry, still having to go for a few hours until our destination, when a red light came on on my dashboard.

    “Hey, what’s that light doing there?”, my friend asked. “Oh, nothing to worry about, that’s on all the time”, I told him.

    Right before Tipperary (“coincidence” No 1: It’s a long way to Tipperary) the car started beeping. My friend told me to stop by the side of the road, which I did. I didn’t have any choice anyway, because that was when the engine died on us. It had ran out of oil, as you might’ve guessed.

    My friend, bless him, didn’t show how pissed he was and tried to call the Automobile Club ADAC to see if they could help us out. Turned out they couldn’t.

    Ten minutes later, when we were starting to get really desperate, a car stopped in front us. I don’t remember his name, but it was an Irishman with his son saying “Oh, I had feeling I had to help someone tonight! I’m just coming back from a Blugrass-Festival!” He was also a car-mechanic. What a coincidence.

    To make a long story short, he managed to fix the car (running out of oil is not fixed with just refilling it) and it turned out he went in the same direction, until about 20 miles before our destination. He lead us almost all the way there and even stopped in Limerick quickly “just to give you a short overview of the city”. It was already some time past 11 p.m.

    So there you have it, that was my first conscious realization of something beyond us.

    I have a few more similar stories, which I’ll write up some time in the future. Meanwhile, I’d like to hear your experiences!

    Peace to all and everything,

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  • Hi everyone!

    Before I get into the topic, let me point out a few things:
    I’m not a native speaker, so any corrections are welcome!
    I don’t really know how groups work, so any help is also welcome!

    Okay. I have been lurking around Onstellar for a while now, but have rarely seen anything about synchronicities, numerical or otherwise. In my life, synchronicities play an important/huge role.
    I can remember that as a child I would often see the 22:22 digit on my clock (I live in Germany where we have a 24hr system). This continues on until the present, with increasing frequency. I sometimes get an hourly sync.

    I created this group to discuss all those kinds of synchronicities. And I don’t only mean the numerical ones, but also all those seemingly “weird” situations where the everything seems to fall into place, may it be positive or negative.

    On a final note: Although I am a big fan of David Wilcock and have bought “The Synchronicity Key”, I didn’t get further than a few pages. It’s still on my to-read list, and I will get back to it, but as of now I haven’t read it. All I know about synchronicities I got from interviews and articles from David.

    So, I’m looking forward to read about your personal experiences and to share mine!

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