This group is centered around the topic of any/all things of the beloved ET race known as "Avyon Felines". All are welcome to openly discuss they experiences&beliefs and etc. Share Video,Pictures, or even information reguarding all things feiline in nature. Please keep your conversations respective to one another & have peaceful discussion of said topics. Code of Conduct: • Be civil and respectful. Even if you think someone is wrong, we prefer that you open a dialogue with the person, not attack them. • Agree to disagree. Some things discussed here are a matter of opinion, and when opinions differ, it’s sometimes best to simply agree to disagree. • Be constructive when sharing opinions. We want to see all opinions, positive or negative, but be sure you’re posting it in a way that does not result in disrespecting other members. • Help new members who have questions. Our long-time members may have seen a question 100 times already, but everyone was new at some point! • Have fun! These guidelines are in place to ensure that everyone who wants to discuss a topic is free to do so in a safe and friendly environment. •Please for the quality of use & repect of this group and its members,please don't multipost THIS GROUP IS NOT FOR: • Sharing protected material. This includes piracy of any copyrighted material and attempts to sell Items of any nature(some extemptions may apply,but must be noted and within a agreement by the admin). • Spam. We appreciate jokes, but please ensure anything you contribute is relevant to this group. • Sharing inappropriate content. This includes (but is not limited to): extreme violence, illegal activities, sexually explicit topics, real-world religion or politics, phishing scams or unverified/suspicious links.This should go without saying! Use common sense. • Feeding the trolls. They don't need the sustenance! • Off topics. Please stay on Feline & Lyran topics at all times.If you fill you must please post a disclaimer at the top of your post! • Please use a proper ’spoiler alert’ when posting your threads. • Bashing the group and/or the admin; talking back to, or disrespecting the admin equals permaban on a 1st offense. • For any questions or concerns, please contact me privately. Please, do not post questions that are directly related to me on the wall, Without further adue! Thanks for being here. Your presence is greatly valued. Please enjoy the gatherings of this group!
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