Edit "Conspiracy," non-fake news, fringe and hidden information, etc. Everything will be scrutinized for as much accuracy as is possible with such information. We want the Truth! (Belief is the enemy of Knowledge.)
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[UPDATED 5/27/18]

The Final Vault is a new OnStellar group that was created originally for our Facebook page and intended to be a place for the sharing of censored knowledge and other controlled information.

WHAT IS APPROVED: Topics of interest include anything routinely considered “fringe,” such as UFOs, conspiracies, suppressed news, ETs, false flags, whistleblower information, etc. Also included now are any articles relating to the dismantling of the Deep State.

WHAT IS NOT APPROVED: Advertising, "flat earth," religious posts (info and history is ok, but NO proselytizing), new age channeling and, obviously, porn.

PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL POSTS ARE LIGHTLY MODERATED. This is mainly to keep out trolls (fake accounts), internet psyops, predators, etc., and not to censor.

Respect, consideration, and courtesy between posters is expected. We are all adults and can disagree without attacking each other. Lively discussion and commenting is encouraged, including “points and counterpoints” for the sake of trying to decide what is true and what is false, but flames, attacks on other posters, name-calling, preaching, continual heavy use of sarcasm, etc., will be called out by an admin. If a friendly warning is not heeded, offenders will be removed from the group.

Ideally, posts should be reasonably well researched before sharing, but if not, the poster should state that it hasn't yet been verified. That means the information should have a source (rather than just “someone told a friend that this happened”), such as a link to the original article, a research paper, or some other type of validated source material. Despite the elusiveness of proof for some of these topics, we still do the best we can in not spreading mere rumors and adding to the “fake news” being propagated by the mainstream media at this time.

Because of the light moderation, please be patient if your post does not show up right away since we are not all online 24/7 -- however, we will do our best to review your post usually within a few hours. (Comments are posted immediately.)
(Please note... this is a public group at this time. As it grows we may change to a closed group, if for example trolls or abuse occurs in the meantime as the group grows).

Welcome to The Final Vault.

Thank for your attention and cooperation. If you have any questions or concerns about these rules, please don't hesitate to contact one of the admins:
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