This group stand for the research into the UFO phenomena, that means any witness or researcher can share Data here, information and footage of UFO encounters. But only their own footage can be shared here! Because the whole point of this group is to talk about our own experience, to understand the phenomena better, after we gathered what we know, saw or experience, and then put that on the table. I think that is the only way to get more answers about these phenomena. Now if you are a witness and you have footage, pictures or videos, then feel free to join this group and share your knowledge. And if anyone who joined this group share footage what is not from his own, will be removed asap. Because the internet is full with hoax, fake footage, or videos about documentaries. I don't want to see that in this group! What i want to see is data about your experience, that could be stories, pictures or videos. Thanks for reading and see you in the group!
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