People always thinks about how they could have done things different. This is the place for us to share when we don't have that thought. You know how to express yourself and we know you want to be able to. So i challenge you to be the change you want to see!
  • we need this information shared quickly please

    this decision to offer the product design for free to help speed up the change we need to progress

    simply put- free energy device creation

    repeat to increase transfer

    i Plan to build this also and provide my own video if you are able please do the same.
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  • As i continue to be the change i want to see, i have just made light on an error in oart on my own behalf of a message that im now to bring with to you as i do also share the How i have be being the Change that need Visability.

    Im been having problems with my eyes lately, when looking into higher spectrums of light, my specific human computations are beginning to be pixeled kinda of more like billions of floating dots squirming around. As my mind unwraps the universal code and im growing closer to source the ability to decod the material that is mathematically keeping the particulates holding third density together, i wish not to know those equations at this time as i dont want to waste my processing ability doing this until humanities upgrades are more available as i may damage the risk of understanding how our transceiveing human biological soul is recode able and runs programs that can be altered from a higher presence quite as easily as we can shovel dirt into a wheelbarrel. ""

    This goes deep if u can understand what the pain in my eye is really about most the times it is tapping into my electro conductivity and natural deterants of negativity stop the computing from happening so i dont over heat yet. I say yet as some of visualization of the equations that change the equation are coded into me but also un access able at current processing ability, but this is upgraded from before, 4 months ago of having this understanding, knowing not of the human eye procesing elements of electricity at a framerate above 3rd density explanation until then. And now to want to deny the progress not want to see the efforts of the energies to existing only looking at making this existence more existable, this understanding brings them to vacation from photon work to improving comfortablility for all.

    The constant fighting i have to get this close enough to a meaning in message dauntless of reality i stil do so. Be blessed. Be the change.

    My change comes in the sharing the message and making it unique every moring in a uber car, the driver always expressing positivity in response to the information and has an ability to carry it on. Also doing this has proven more economical in daily transit!
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  • It's been years since I let loose, now they continually provoke my kind.
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  • Thank you kindly for the Group Invite. Very humbled.

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  • Tell me your also seeing this!!!
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  • Just got sum good moon pics! Almost time...
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  • Something to care about:
    Inspire them to be better people and then help them know what they are and they will continue to love them selves as they must to evolve.

    When we love in a selfish way it is working toward goals that we desire and often can get clouded from natural happenings.
    These natural happens I adore, we alone can not make them come about but are responsible for most (99%) of originality due to lack of interest.
    Interest: those things that make us want to love, or the ability to produce the means for new love in the beyond, the knowing of that what is un-known.
    We have the ability to emit an electromagnetic field(EMF), this means the things we send out will come back to us and can be amplified or degenerate depending on their purpose, or what they encounter on their path.
    When we love our children and give them the purest intend a human can express in a loving way, this is similar to the EMF that I am speaking of, where the parent is receiving joy parenting the child and the child is receiving joy from the parent in a loving manner. Both emitting the type of spiritual equation is most attractive. Many people do not understand how to operate their higher self but are now aware of it.
    Frequenting these energetic realms from a lower density can be exhausting but very revealing and enlightening. In the moment of experience we are all able to develop our own perception and co-create the individual understanding of a piece of existence.
    Science- Partials an Math : this revenant correlation to understanding the beyond is supplemental
    Every materiel is made of math : the best are some of the most beautiful equations.
    This concept will trail off in and out several times throughout reality.
    Ok here goes – so every thing is made of something – in our current understanding with science and particles – we take physical forms of matter and mold them together using different temperatures (completely ignoring the energetic aspect .. much less the spiritual) we take the different elements and mold them together to form our physical material and machine most of the process now. Not even knowing how the elements are refined or other elements that they are potentially exposed to during creation.
    Some times we just need, we need to let go, move on, get up, grow up, move on, and this is the hardest thing that we think of doing. The true challenge is to overcome what it was initially conflicting your origin of interest. When we get to this point we get down, we desire to be free but there are so many things holding us back from doing the things that we really want in life, the things that really makes us happy. People that have done their research the “tin foil” hat wearing individuals that know the things that are happening in our reality are abnormal for an existence. Those that seek information are never disappointed, this should be a red flag to those helping in the near future you are sure to encounter bad information and there is going to be all kinds of bad information surrounding the GOOD topics the ones that really wake people up. This part of the process is to show us what we are capable of and how far we are willing to go for what we care about. Those life’s that we live the times that we spend, waste, dream of, doing to change the world, in fact I couldn’t think of a better time than now to start getting the world on board with, getting the changes that we need to happen to not be feeling the ways the we all do. This type of impact that we have, has the ability to change societies forever. For the better, we must continue on in the way that we are not to be surprised by each encounter as they are sure to be new things everyday if you are really on the path. This path that we are taking to better the world is only able to happen thru a collective. We all need to work together to be a better “people” this type of thing is a good topic to bring up when talking(trying to wake people up). For sake, say there is another human species out there and we are to encounter them, say they all mostly the same but had a common difference like we do with the pigment of our skin colors, or any other race we encounter in the universe, how bad does it look that we ALL don’t get along(earth) there aren’t even very big groups of us that get along well(countries). Fear, caused from putting too many people together, I mean it is the most saddening to think that if you were to visit our place as a cosmic traveler(you could see a live action movie where someone dies because there is always war going on somewhere), the way this place is run is messed up and all the people are interesting but you would see how we all treat one another, this would be the sad part, because of the abilities we have. TO make one another better and boost each other up and do things that we would never imagine doing for ourselves, for other people, or for money. This power that we have they are calling the purchasing power, this sickens me, but as a society that is consuming as we are, it is almost fitting. That we as humans have a power that is so small they are afraid of it. Even if we do hold our own values as close to us as we can, I mean grip them tight. The system still has the ability to effect each and every one of us in some kind of way, we have to play their game. So I say lets be smart, lets do what we have to do to make this place what it should be. We need it to be. To have the ability to produce more than we consume should be a global goal. Our power as a creation in this universe can not go to waste and I for one don’t intend to stay a slave forever. There are all kinds of ways out of the “daily grind” that we are aware of even if we try our best, those ways almost never last even for most of the best. This design to keep the most power at the top and weaken the meek to no resistance has got to go. The rich should be allowed to leave this planet if they really want after the change. Too much suffering, too many people not getting there, not accepting that what is, because the value is too negated. The perception deception war is on, how many people can you win over, can you save, are you there yourself yet. IF so define it, be it write it down, keep it, value it, help others get it, share it with them, if you really are it give it away freely, it will make you feel the best anyhow. Our path’s the one we choose to be a part of to make the change come about is the most important thing that we can do in this reality, this place we exist, is make this change happen. Our evolution as a creation can happen, we are not domed to be slaves forever. Any saying that we are, they are wrong, the negative vibration runs deep in them if they are true to this type of value. As we progress our knowledge will be overloaded as to try and make our good decision’s harder to make, but with clear purpose the answer will now be clear we will just need to do the work to get there. That there, the place we desire, the new society that we co-created, this place we want to be, the place we would not be ashamed of if we had cosmic visitor’s , this is what we fight for. This is why we are at war. The spiritual war, the war of information, the good fight, defeating evil, backing up our bite, light work, heroism, super natural, what ever it is to you, make it mean it. BE it, live it, do it. Make the change happen.

    Tonight's light will shine,

    Recently received a download, request that I share for it's time of purpose, many things will come.

    This message from the light couldn't have been more personal as we grab on to those things in this reality, this broken, and perfect, ideals, and perceptions of what the right, or good things are. We must have the balance and permission to speak it I do believe I've been granted. For, the people who are Activated (probably most on Onsteller are) know this:
    The light is here.
    The answer to the question is but to now close your eyes. Yes, to this point now, we do progress as promised, that we will ALL know the good and right things. The speak of not being able to keeps these truths from another, is part of evolution. As this message will not be fully received, the light is here and does have a hold on meaningful existence. As there is still a war with the one true self, we now challenge those who make any claim to the light, to Shine. What does that mean? You, can bring positive vibrations to your surroundings, people, situations, experiences and existence. To shine, increase this positive vibration emit only this as there will now be those in your path to see you shine. The message also includes representing the true one self, the infinite creation, that lives on with in all things, as they prepare us for the change, any of our .......

    So super angry right now I just had 2 more pages of this message typed and there was a cat meowing and then magically the work was gone as I was about done, I hope to get this out I changed platform.

    ....any of our work that we do now, writing, video, talking to others, will help define what we are after the new energy is received. These things come to us and we must always invite the good to experience these positive vibrations that we bring. Part of this download is explaining things as the change takes place we are all capable of knowing the right choice of good and bad.
    Positive vibrations: can be any good energy, electricity, spiritual, sounds, experiences, that will shine thru in the work of sharing the message and helping the masses. If this existence were linear think of the good things in life such as joy, love, happiness, hope, and peace being on the positive side as to oppose fear, hate, greed, murder, death to be the negative vibrations.
    The message was badly damaged but I do remember writing about a way we are going to be the change, as I have been wanting to write a piece about cryptos the market started doing bad as the war that we fight goes on. The world cried out and now the light is here and is providing answers and solutions to improve humanity. Our job is to guide the population out of slavery with these positive vibrations as each existence needs a new understanding, help them to know to be good. This leads to part of the answer to that cry, the chains on the Petro (oil$) dollar, have so many enslaved to a pay check that part of the change, the new energy, will allow us to better understand that there is use to having, many different currency backed by different things. For example a currency backed by technology, or precious metal, or networking, or etc. Many are aware of the current issues with the financial system(dollar is a fiat currency) and how the top only seems to get farther away. This new change coming for our existence will allow this decentralization of power, and a good way to get ahead is knowing about this.
    There are several cryptocurrency that have just been created, this is monetary funding for an business or other operation. Many are using this to fight, to change the world, by using these websites ending in .io most are planning to change the future with the technology they are bringing.

    The topic: (please go do some research on this)
    ZPE : - Zero Point Energy :
    Has the ability to change the world. This science that has been kept from humanity will make so many diferent things possible. Zero point energy uses science to tap into the energy that makes up the universe.
    ZPECoin batteries :
    This technology provide unmetered electricity for (thousands) of years: this will change things on earth. No more burning fossil fuel to create electricity, transportation, New inventions will start to come almost instantly out of nowhere, with unlimited electricity we will need to guide this change to be a positive vibration.
    Get ZPECoin:
    Why? Because they are saying it will be useful to acquire the new technology, but also hear that it will be fairly inexpensive to have and own a unmetered ZPE device that produces nearly limitless electricity.
    They have batteries that last longer and don’t produce negative pollutants going into the market in August. This will be a big part of the change we need, it will need to be guided with our positive vibrations. People can speak to others after investigating to make it mean something before sharing the information research as this vessel of light did. (I recommend you do research before speaking on WAKE UP topic’s DON’T lie to people, they don’t deserve it, I honestly feel this way about this work and took me quite a while to put together so please keepthenegative vibrations to yourself)
    Help change the world : we all want a better place to live, no I didn't want this work to turn into cryptocurrency madness but the Oil based Petroleum economy of the USD has enslaved us to paychecks far too long. We deserve a free system that we are not born into debt in a corrupt economic prison designed to keep the rich wealthy and the lower classes always wanting more, thrown in with as many negative deterrents they can think up (charge for ketchup packets, bite them with bugs, make them sick, spray the air, lie to them) and it goes on and on. Well the news was that The Light Is Here but the better news is that the light is winning. The war we fight, being part of the resistance, the power we have to make others better, sharing this information can be rough but it should not be. We need to know there are a few small things we do can to make a big difference. (share the information with someone and wake them up, get them waking people up)
    When I say be the change:
    Do things that make others existence more meaningful, go that extra mile for people.
    Bring these positive vibrations to everyone around you, surround yourself with people that you can boost-up and can boost you, as we do the work know that each individual experience is meant to be unique.
    Help them understand the why: why are they feeling the way they do, allow the information to reach them on a personal level, good taking topics:
    Government cover ups
    Spraying artificial clouds
    Gaia network : Gaea Research
    David Wilcox / Corey Good
    Teresa Yanaros
    Emery smith / David Icke
    Ascension (assention)
    The Law of One
    Jimmy church radio
    Rex Bear (YouTube)
    The resistance
    The spiritual war
    Control of society
    Density perception & concepts
    Hidden information
    Inner Earth
    Blockchain technology
    Secret Space Program
    Emerging technology
    ZPE (Zero Point Energy)

    Really this list can go on and on as long as we are working to increase these positive vibrations they will be well accepted. When speaking to another individual about one of the topics be sure not to trail off, and research any topic as to be able to have the information accessible, to present and be prepared to answer questions. They want to know and we are trying to save life's here. (oh and most the time winning them over is starting off with them not believing, or simply just not knowing anything of it) There is more than enough information for any good researcher or presenter or average person or under average person could make a good case for more than one of these topics. I believe we already know why that is and why you’re reading the message.
    Why? Because the more we do, the more awake people, the better chance we have to survive the changes. The information is sensitive as we all know this is war. A war between good and evil, now that the honor call is proofing to show the battle's results, though surely there are still many embedded values that need addressing. The evil is due to reveal soon their strengths as many activating in the light are pressing down on the hard work they have been at for years to manipulate and control this planet to their liking. The good in the world is now uniting to evolve and as those evils have been damaged there are still many gripped to the deaths of warfare in many forms to yet seek out.
    Being the change is important :
    Too many people get bashed for being a good person, we have the ability to change that perception by being the change. Change the way people scoff at their beliefs of the "good" and remind yourself you are good and then remind them your good and that is the point of bringing the positive vibrations

    ZPE Tech ideas:
    With unlimited unmetered electricity, we will have the ability to automate many things that were unreasonable before. Other than houses cars and computers, unlimited unmetered electricity, will allow for many new inventions that will help change the future. Things that people would not do before because it just did not make sense to use electricity like that will now become a thing of the past. This will allow many inventions and inventors to begin giving new products that if directed correctly and produced properly will have a MAJOR impact on the world. (save it is the plan)
    A few things and ideas I see being done with ZPE,
    Unlimited internet bandwidth / computer speed (wifi’s)
    High speed automated travel
    New digital security systems
    Cellphone / computer battery
    Street lights
    Hovering technology
     Vehicle’s
     Buildings
     Bridges
     Eco system (plants, trees)
    Vehicles / Vehicle conversion’s
    Tech Homes
    More automated doors / Motion sensor use
    Factory / mill work / Large equipment / tractor
    Communications (towers, satellites, transceivers)
    Stop lights // City operations (trash, transportation, industry)
    Manufacturing plants (machines that make things, +remove pollutions)
    Never ending spinning top (electro magnetic)
    Automatic trash cans / services (we don’t want to smell trash any more)
    Electric birds that fly around and pick up trash and drop it off in your trash can
    A system to remove plastic out of the ocean
    Automatic delivery systems
    Robots (clean, security, info, etc.)
    Tools (saw’s, drills, press)

    I bring you this asking you to open up to the message and share it. Also what other things can you potentially think of that we can do with unlimited unmetered electricity ? Is this something that we could say we waited our whole life for when it happens. Do you want to be the change, I do. Even if only one person gets the message that’s enough to write it. My own beautiful creation processing reality as I believe designed to bring this. I work for free, so does most ZPE employee. There is promotion on it if your going to get some it gives u a discount if you use one. Message me if you have any questions about my work as this was meant to be the “door Opener”

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  • Yaaaaaa!! Looks like Onsteller is working on my mobile device!!! Let's give it up to those putting in work to B the Change!

    Thank you Onsteller team for making this possible, big brother, goodbye.
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  • Seeing the difference:

    To know who ones self is truly a blessing, this type of ability is something that most desire and have trouble actualizing. There are things that happen once you become your full self, and those things are a magical. The difference in perception is phenomenal. Things that never made sense to anyone may be available to you soul, things that you designed as part of you soul evolutionary process that you just need to tap into. This is what we are seeing now to those true to purpose.

    Being able to see the difference is just a beginning phase! Once you begin to know who you really are you need to find a way to embrace that figure and develop it further. The role we all have in our own development is key to the transition to the new society we desire. Knowing how to spot another that knows them self is often a skill many use incorrectly. This type of conflict will continue to cause the negative vibrations until the new energies have completely arrived. The advice in the situation is to pick a side and be objective, everyone knows them-self, or no one knows them-self. To assume the actual purpose of one soul in a common interaction has purpose in the other soul's plan is not to far off. How many times did some new information change a decision of your own?

    To know purpose: What ever it may be, what ever you find suites the definition for your purpose, what you actually believe you should be doing here in this existence, is a gift to know. If you have an honest way to be you and bring positive vibrations to the community that surrounds you, your purpose that you created, for your soul's development, may reveal its self to you. But why would the opportunity present its self unless the time was right, i know i would want to be ready for what i thought it was i am suppose to go thru in the development of my soul here in this existence.

    So how: Do you know yourself? >>ALL Kinds of way, do you have aspirations to be better? Have you started taking the steps for improvement? Do you question your own experiences and try to grow from them. If there is meaning in all things and everything has purpose then every decision has a planned outcome. Your creative soul gave you the options to makes those decisions and planed what outcomes may or may not happen based on how the decision is made and you also determined what you would learn from the situation. Once you have the ability to realize these things making the positive vibrations emit from within may become easier.
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