We will continually post updated Testimonials from the experiences of current Hempworx CBD Oil products
  • Well this is a real testimony to the effectiveness of this product. Met this young man and I told him I have a product that will change your life. I said, "I bet I can help rid you of those bumps/acne/inflammation in a few days." Well the first pic is Monday and the second pic is Wednesday. I know this because I gave and administered the product to him. Its was a combo treatment of 500mg CBD Oil & Renew face cream !!! I asked him how long does it take before it gets better he said a month, well this is 3 days (Facts) !
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  • This is my beautiful friend and team member Ashley’s amazing testimonial ‼️

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    **Depression, anxiety, PTSD, anger, myoclonic dystonia and chronic insomnia. These are things I've been dealing with for years. In 2012 I was in an accident where I almost lost my life. That compounded the anxiety/depression/anger that I've been dealing with for 21 years. When I was young I wrote stories about the "monster" that lived inside me. I've been in road rage incidents that resulted in physical violence. I've said hurtful things to people I love the most, in times of rage. I've self harmed, attempted suicide and have had a general poor outlook on life. Not sleeping doesn't help either , even on 100mg of Trazodone I would go days without sleeping more than 4 hours. Myoclonus causes my muscles to stiffen and eventually leads to tremors, my neck muscles stiffen and I have migraines and ringing in my ears. I've been on several different anti depressants over the years, every OTC and Rx sleep aid out there. NOTHING has worked for me as well as Hempworx CBD. I sleep solidly for 8 hours a night, my muscle pain and stiffness has significantly decreased and most importantly I can now say I look forward to every day. I LOVE life now. I can't describe how great it is to feel like this after 20 years. I no longer get angry, I feel completely calm no matter the situation. I'm not anxious when there's loud noises and a lot of movement. This amazing product has changed my life! I take 10 drops twice daily of 750.

    **Hi Everyone !! I have been using CBD Oils for 2.5yrs. I've struggled with Anxiety & Depression for over 20yrs on and off. I've been put on all kinds of antidepressants/anxiety meds. Paxil, Venlafaxine, Ativan etc ...
    All of which somewhat made me feel better temporarily. If you've suffered you know how it goes .. We just wait and hope that one day we'll feel the same as we once did. Well long story short that day never came .. It just got worst after I lost a great job for being late all the time because I'd have anxiety attacks on the way to work. Then it ruined my 16yr relationship, at this point I thought my life was over at 36 yrs of age I lost everything I worked so hard for.
    My friend who owns a dispensary sent me a bday gift it was Hempworx CBD Oil ~ He basically saved my life
    Slowly I started feeling better and better on a daily basis .. After 1 month I went to see my doctor and told him it was time to ween me off these nasty Zombie meds.
    After 4 months I was med free and Alive Again !!
    I also have a herniated disk with causes sciatica and shoulder bursitis from computer work my whole life and arthritis in my knee from a sports injury. Finally 2.5yrs of trying 6 different Brands I settled for Hempworx 500mg Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil. For those who can't handle THC on a daily basis, this only has 0.03% therefore does not require a MML. Full spectrum means it has CBD CBG CBC CBN which means you get the full medicinal effect.
    If only this would have been around 20yrs ago ... My life would have been so different.

    **This is my Testimonial for Depression,Anxiety,GERDS
    Before Hempworx cbd oil i was suffering from the above mentioned. My doctor had me on anti depression meds and anxiety meds and also a medicine for my GERDS
    For depression i was taking wellburtin (such a horrible drug to come off of) i stopped taking it without lowering the dose back down and i gained horrble anxiety from it. I wasnt able to leave my house or my "safe zone" as i would call it i wasnt able to enjoy life i had a dark cloud over my shoulders for a long time
    after gaining anxiety my doctor then put me on Lorazapam which was to be taken when an anxiety attack was happening. which take 5 minute those 5 minutes felt like hours. it wasnt a good feeling having to wait for a pill to kick in when you feel like your going to die. Now since being on cbd oil i have had 0 yes ZERO panic attacks im also able to leave my safe zone im able to be around a large group and not get dizzy and panic and my depression has been controlled i no longer have a black cloud weighing me down. i feel alive again...

    **GERDS also known as cronic acid reflux:
    i was diagnosed with this 2 years ago and was put on a pill that was supose to help not flare up my acid reflux i would have to take this pill again when i was suffing from pain from the gerds and wouldnt help till maybe an hour or so and this pill i had to take for only a short time maybe a month and then stop and my gerds would come right back. I was at my whitts end so when i went on Hempworx cbd oil back in july of 2017 i noticwd within a week of being on the oil foods that would trigger my gerds werent triggering and i was able to eat anything and wouldnt be in pain !!! I also tested it by taking a day or 2 off the cbd oil to see if im dreaming and it still was gone
    This stuff is amazing i wish i found it sooner then in july.

    **This is my own story!
    I have suffered from major depression, basically since I was a little kid, hiding it from most people. I tried many pharmaceutical medications, but they left me feeling worse and with side effects. I feel the need to be totally honest here because if this helps just one person, then it was worth it to bare my deep dark secret. My depression was so deep that several times over the years, I tried to take my own life, even ending up in a psychiatric ward on lock down. I've never told anyone this before but if I truly want to help people, I need to be brutally honest. Not that my life was like that all of the time, it wasn't. I had good times too. I was basically a functioning depressed person that was just very good at hiding it most of the time! I can now tell my story because those dark days are finally in the past .
    Hempworx CBD oil lifted the fog and the dark clouds and has literally given me my life back. I am now a believer in this amazing oil and the wonderful things that this can do! This is why I became a distributor so that I can help as many people as I can with their ailments, with their pain, diseases, and depression! I really don't think there's anything this cbd oil can't fix. It's like when you take it, it knows what your body needs and fixes it! There's no better feeling in the world to help people who are suffering. I wish that this CBD oil was free because I would give it to everyone that needs it , but unfortunately it's not! ' But I have to say that after feeling the way I do today, it is worth every penny! Please, give this a chance... if you're tired of feeling the way you are like I was, just try it... you will be so glad you did, I just wish that I had found this years ago!

    **I don’t always go into details about how my life has been after losing my son Zac over 8 years ago but felt it time to share my testimony. I went through severe depression and the most horrid anxiety attacks. I gained weight, lost weight and have terrible knees after having some surgery still had pain. I was not good. For a long time, I never left my house, the thought of driving or leaving left me so anxious, just in a panic (really all thoughts left me with anxiety). I would just be sitting watching tv and a horrible anxiety attack would happen, I couldn’t breathe, my chest hurt so bad, I thought I was dying. Several times I even called the paramedics, it was all anxiety. I have been going to pyschiatrist and therapist, taking many meds for the anxiety and depression. I started Hempworx CBD oil several weeks ago and began feeling better. I have not had to take my anxiety meds since I started and no panic attacks. I also am off my anti depressants and in such a better place, feeling alive and happy for the first time in so long. I have no knee pain. I just can’t believe I didn’t use this sooner, it is amazing for me and as such I want to help others and joined to start selling it. You see we all have an endocannabinoid system that has natural CBD receptors throughout the brain and body, the Hempworx oil has less than .03% THC so no high feeling just the benefits of natural, organic CBD oil. Not all oil is the same, Hempworx uses no fillers or heavy metals and is pure. I love that I am getting these results and would love to help you with your physical or mental pain too.

    **So, I was pregnant recently. I got anxiety when I was pregnant. I was 16 weeks (2nd trimester) when I found out that we lost the baby. It was devastating, and traumatic. I had to have a D&E surgery the day after I found out on October 19th. After this tragedy, I became different. I developed severe anxiety and depression. So severe I could barely leave my house without shaking. My heart felt like it was constantly pounding. On really bad days, I would throw up and couldn't eat anything. I went 3 days without eating at one point. Usually easy tasks like dishes, sweeping, and picking up after the kids became so overwhelming to me that I'd just go cry somewhere. I also couldn't sleep. It would take me at least 2 hours to fall asleep, and sometimes up to 4 hours. Then I'd wake up in the middle of the night randomly and it'd again take me 2 hours to go back to sleep. I couldn't calm my mind enough to just rest. My thoughts were so depressing and always jumped to conclusions that weren't true. But my mind told me they were true. I couldn't function anymore. I was having major panic attacks and even the smallest inconveniences became a huge deal to me. I had countless breakdowns where I didn't even know what was wrong, I was just crying for what seemed like no reason. I had been seeing a friend's Facebook posts about CBD oil and all the benefits of it. Including anxiety and depression. I was willing to try anything to stop feeling like that. So I looked into it more and read testimonies from other people who had used it. I liked what I saw so I gave it a shot. I started using CBD oil from HempWorx on December 29th. 2 weeks later, I felt like a different person. I wasn't shaking, my heart wasn't pounding, I WAS SLEEPING BETTER, and I could finally be happy again. Then, my husband hurt his ankle and could BARELY walk. So, I had to take care of him (seriously like a baby), our 3 kids under 5 years old, while trying to keep up with laundry, cleaning, school, dinners, etc. All while doing my husband's usual chores as well (we have farm animals). But guess what, I could do it all without feeling overwhelmed, and even did it cheerfully! This oil changed everything. It has made me calm, cool, and collected. I had anxiety for all my life, but it was manageable until I got post partum. Then it was out of control. I'm one of the people that it didn't work right away. It took time. But oh man, it was worth it. No more shaking, weird thoughts, heart palpitations, pacing, crying, or vomiting in 2 1/2 months. Thanks to Hempworx my kids have the Mama they need, and my husband has the wife he deserves. I feel amazing!

    **Hello so i been taking 750mg hempworx cbd oil since july and let me tell you i have yet to experiance any more anxiety attacks. I use to get them every 2 to 3 days and it was horrible i wasnt able to leave the house with out feeling worried on if and when ill have an attack. I always had to keep a water bottle handy just to calm me down incase i had an attack.I also suffer from depression and i gained the anxiety from a depression pill i stopped taking it was horrible. So since cbd oil my depression is under control im always in a good mood and anxiety? what anxiety i am now able to live a normal life again Thanks so much."
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  • Destiny’s testimony!

    "For 4 years of a nightmare changing from being a “healthy” mom to passing a kidney stone every month, and my kidneys deteriorating and no answers!

    No answers to why my kidneys are failing on me as a mom of soon to be two at the time with a nephrostomy tube at the age of 21! Many kidney disease specialist and finally three 1/2 years later answers! Medullary sponge kidney disease and kidney stone calcium building up around my kidneys (also known as coral) my kidneys never grew after toddler size meaning they don’t flush out everything like adult size kidneys! For years I’ve been in and out of the hospital in more pain then you can fathom, causing me to put myself into a major depression and struggle with anxiety worse then ever! Depression medicine, many pharmaceuticals for kidney infections etc and A LOT OF NARCOTICS FOR PAIN! I couldn’t be the mom I needed to be, especially finding out I am about to be a momma of three, (if my baby or myself made it out alive) the doctor I had in my small town literally dropped me sending me to the next big city which was almost two hours away each time! That was a (4 hour drive) twice a week to my high risk ob who had told me I needed to abort my baby because we wouldn’t make it, and I needed to think of my other daughter, NO ENERGY, or hope, I was in a dark depression and in PAIN! Chronic pain puts you in a dark place! I know I’ve been there! Incurable and untreatable, CBD was introduced to me 6 months ago, I have only been to the hospital twice, I have only passed 4 kidney stones, and I am close to being pain free, and loving myself more then I’ve ever imagined, I finally am the mom god knew I could be, I am finally stress and pain free, my doctors are amazed my kidneys have not worsened, my doctors, my family, and myself left at complete shock and amazement! This product is saving my life! I finally am the mom I’ve always dreamed of being! Here is my miracle baby! ARROW!
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  • Pics tell the story here.
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  • Karen Payne

    Another Testimony!!! This CBD Oil Keeps On Amazing Me Every Single Day
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  • S L E E P
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  • Brittany would like to share her story about her anxiousness and feelings.
    Message me for info.
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  • This is not medical advice!! Just MY personal testimony and I want you to know there is hope to get healthy enough to get off this stuff. Everybody's body and health are different, and everyone has a different situation. I talked to my Doctor, monitored blood sugar levels, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc...and after 5 months of taking the drops and cutting down on medications....
    This is what I was able to give up because of Hempworx Full Spectrum CBD oil. I no longer take any of them. I was able to wean myself off of EVERY one of them and I feel FANTASTIC. It didn't happen overnight, and I have tried several different brands of CBD that DID NOT work because of all the garbage additives in them.
    I started taking HEMPWORX CBD in September 2017.
    CBD is not Illegal. CBD Does not get you High. CBD is NOT Marijuana. It is from the HEMP plant. A BIG Difference.
    Prescribing all these meds for a person to take all at the same time should be illegal, it almost killed me. This stack does not include the metformin that I quit taking the first week of CBD. Nor does it contain the pain meds Tramidol that I quit also. I was ready to throw in the towel. I took these daily and could never leave the house. My life sucked and I didn't care if I lived or died.
    I feel that Hempworx CBD oil saved my life and I want everyone to know it.
    If It worked for me and I know it can work for you!
    I have done so much research I NEED to tell people about it.
    Talk to me...I am becoming a CBD GURU
    Ask me questions, I will get an answer if I don't know it myself!
    Jennifer Wray.
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  • Rich Domina -

    I was diagnosed with the shingles Monday ( Jan 2018) In less that a week the swelling disappeared no oozing, no scabbing because of the CBD Oil taken orally and the relief pain cream applied topically. I’m truly blessed and thankful to Hempworx.

    The painful process of shingles is excruciating but because of Hempworx I was not bedridden and was able to tolerate the pain.

    500mg 10 drops 2x a day &
    Relief Cream 2x a day
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