All about energy medicine and holistic healing, scientific studies, stories and discussion about consciousness changemakers all over the world who are awakening and stepping onto the path of healing and spiritual transformation. This relates to the ascension into a higher-vibrational way of being – one that honors all life. The role of consciousness changemakers is to help make needed changes, be at the forefront of change, and be an example to others of how to be loving, compassionate, conscious, healed, and whole. This group will explore consciousness changemakers and healing practitioners all over the world-- and their ideas. Check out our sister page, where you'll see interviews with people who are stepping up to the path of transforming and expanding our knowledge and awareness of the spiritual, scientific, historical, esoteric, and metaphysical! #awakening #consciousness #soulfiire #changemakers #spiritual #esoteric #scientific #history #metaphysical #research #evidence #awareness #energyhealing #energymedicine
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