Ideally, this can be a community of Elders, of any age but leaning toward those born in the years following WWII, variously designated as Baby Boomers or First Wave. Lots of years behind us but forever young at heart. Let's share the journey and continue to play our part as we watch the younger generations pick up the cosmic ball and run with it.
  • Lately, I have only had time for the blog, so Onstellar has been ignored. The blog is much more user-friendly for, well, blogging. Imagine that?! Another thing I've learned is that a Wordpress blog can be automatically copied to a Facebook page, so Icreated a page on FB - conscious seniors, again - and set it up so the blog posts go there also. Kinda fun learning about all this stuff!

    Anyway, I want to share the latest post. It's really significant, at least to those of us who are following the process of Draining the Swamp. You might like it too. Hope so!


    [The designers here really should figure out how to eliminate the dead space that follows. Either that or put in a picture there, like a real blog does. Is this still the beta version? Maybe they're working on it....]
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  • https://consciousseniors.com/2018/08/16/cobra-key-to-freedom-meditation-report/

    Fascinating info from Cobra. Let's do better - in terms of numbers - next time!

    This Onstellar utility seems kinda funky...I don't know what will show up later or not. Just follow the link if the material doesn't show here.

    Keeping up with Q? Lots of news there! Citizens Investigative Report (Katie G) has some really good videos on the recent ones. Enjoy!
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  • https://consciousseniors.com/2018/08/16/benjamin-fulford-weekly-report-13-august-2018-complete/

    No time to comment, but I like Fulford's posts, even if some of the claims seem rather far-fetched. Maybe you'll enjoy them, too.
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  • Yesterday, I had some time to post several items to the Conscious Seniors blog. Today, I'm posting the links here. Hope you enjoy something among the offerings!

    First, we have the complete version of Benjamin Fulford's weekly message. He's on holiday right now, so the missives are general in nature, but I find this is a good opportunity for him to take the "long view" and do some analysis in broad strokes.

    Then there is an update from Cobra in regard to his Key to Freedom global meditation proposed for Saturday (in the wee hours of the morning, in my location). There are links to videos in multiple languages and to further information that may be of interest.

    I have been following the efforts to purge the deep state with great interest. The Boston Herald newspaper had a short, succinct, and very precise summary article of major points in the process. If you are following the "draining of the swamp" also, you might enjoy this.

    Next is a bit of news I find fascinating: Kim Dotcom is preparing a free-speech no-censorship alternative to Twitter and perhaps other platforms as well. A short but significant article from True Pundit.

    Next to last, I learned of a letter from a foreigner (British, I suspect) who praises the American character, in contrast to so much of the bad press Americans receive around the world due to the aggressive actions of our government. We need to remember from time to time that the vast majority of Americans are good people, regardless of the many and varied opinions we may hold about a host of issues. I thoroughly enjoyed this reminder:

    Finally, a somewhat more theoretical piece from Prepare for Change asking, basically, "What's up with this thing called Reincarnation?" I accept that reincarnation is real, based on personal memories. However, I have sometimes wondered why we are stuck in this loop of birth-and-death-and-rebirth. What happened to free will? This article, originally from the year 2013 as far as I can tell, addresses this issue. This is part of why I am focused on Ascension: I want liberation from this virtual prison. Not that I won't come back to help out, but I want that to be a choice made by my free will, not by some involuntary protocol invented by, well, whom? Cobra says Chimera or Archons or some such creatures. Whoever is responsible, this system doesn't feel natuiral to me. We want to be free!

    That's all for now. I was reading some Michael Salla articles about Qanon today. Perhaps I'll share some thoughts on that tomorrow. Have a great weekend!
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  • Cobra's latest message. Please read. PLease participate! This really does make a difference. . . .
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  • Worthwhile, as always.
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  • The Crystal Stair, by Eric Klein: A Comment


    Cobra mentioned this book in his recent post. I once owned it, years ago, but it went the way of all things. So I bought another (used), and I'm really enjoying it.

    I wrote some comments about the book, elements that stood out to me as being inspirational, even exciting. It's great to feel that again, just as I did in the early 90s when I first read this.

    Anyway, rather than repeat it all here, I'm sharing the link to the comments. If Ascension is your dream and desire, you might like to read them.


    [The linked material is being automatically copied below. Looks kinda weird to me, but I'll leave it for now in case it helps. If it's too funky, go to the linked page and read it there. Thanks!]
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  • A couple of quick notes since I'm short on time today. [It seems time is moving faster, but I'm not, and that means that many things either don't get done or they get delayed. Kinda frustrating.] Anyway, I'm sharing two links to interesting material I read this morning, both from the Prepare for Change blog. They, in turn, got the material from other sources, which are identified. Need some interesting reading? Check these out:



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  • Good Reads

    First, the complete version of Benjamin Fulford's weekly message:


    Second, the new message from Cobra. I love this one! Very hopeful. Fascinating material at the links, well worth studying, as I've been doing for the past couple of days, off and on. May it happen soon!!


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  • Benjamin Fulford: Weekly message, July 16, 2018

    Here’s the partial (Monday) version of Benjamin Fulford’s weekly geopolitical analysis. See you on Thursday for the rest of it!

    Will the Jews finally be freed from Khazarian mafia slavery as Israel is liberated?

    By Benjamin Fulford, White Dragon Society, July 16, 2018

    The world is headed for a new age, not a New World Order. As a part of this, the Jewish people—high-level slaves of satan-worshipping Khazarian gangsters—are about to be freed from thousands of years of Babylonian slavery. That is why the rogue state of Israel is now under full martial law as the Khazarian-controlled government there faces an ultimatum to surrender and free their Jewish and Arab hostages, according to Russian FSB and Pentagon sources.


    A clear sign that the Jewish people are finally waking up came last week when Jewish human rights groups petitioned their government to stop arming neo-Nazis. Many are waking up now to the fact that Nazism and Zionism are two sides of the same coin. These are really the people whom Revelation 2:9 in the Bible refers to as “those who falsely claim to be Jews, but are in fact a synagogue of Satan.”


    Pentagon sources are also saying the British monarchy has formally surrendered to the U.S. military on behalf of the Khazarian-bloodline aristocratic families of Europe. During U.S. President Donald Trump’s visit to the UK, “When Melania refused to curtsy, it appeared that the Queen has surrendered the British Empire and cabal to Trump, and to save face, Princes Charles and William did not show up to avoid the indignity,” a Pentagon source explains.

    We can now say that it was the Europeans, including the British branch of the Rothschild family, who were behind the March 11, 2011 Fukushima tsunami and nuclear attack on Japan. This is likely to come out once the arrests of European Khazarian cabalists start in earnest, according to White Dragon Society (WDS) sources.

    However, MI6 sources say that while the Rothschilds were indeed involved in Fukushima (along with the P2 Agnelli family, a portion of the U.S. space command, and others), the situation is not so simple. They say the Fukushima attack was a failed attempt to keep the owners of the G7 group in power.

    So, they say, what is now really going on is that Western leaders are trying to come up with a united front in negotiations with Asian secret societies over the formation of a world government. For that reason, the European royalty-dominated Committee of 300 (headed by Queen Elizabeth) is willing to cede the day-to-day management of the negotiations to the U.S. military government represented by Trump, the sources say.

    In any case, the trouble at the NATO summit meeting last week between Trump and other NATO leaders was another sign that the Khazarian-controlled post-war order is collapsing. Basically, Trump told the other leaders to pay more protection money, and they told him to buzz off.

    Perhaps the most interesting thing to come out of this summit was the photograph at the link below.


    This photo shows all the NATO leaders looking one way while Trump looks the other. This was almost certainly posed to send a message and shows that these “leaders,” including Trump, actually take orders from elsewhere.

    It is obvious to any rational observer that NATO serves no useful function except to lobby for arms companies. The whole structure of propaganda and lies portraying Russia as an aggressor and a threat to Europe is Khazarian double-speak, with no basis in fact. The European countries, acting rationally, would rather spend their money on something other than military-industrial instruments of mass murder. That is why a recent opinion poll showed that only 37% of Germans want the U.S. military to remain in their country.

    What is really going on here is that an agreement has already been reached between the U.S. and Russia over NATO, the Ukraine, Syria, and Israel, according to Pentagon and FSB sources. As this newsletter goes online, Trump will be meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss this, Pentagon sources confirm.

    Regardless of what public announcements are made after the meeting, FSB and Pentagon sources say the U.S./Russian deal involves…

    The remainder of this article is only available to members of BenjaminFulford.net
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    Link: https://benjaminfulford.net/2018/07/16/will-the-jews-finally-be-freed-from-khazarian-mafia-slavery-as-israel-is-liberated/

    Available through: https://kauilapele.wordpress.com/2018/07/16/benjamin-fulford-7-16-18-will-the-jews-finally-be-freed-from-khazarian-mafia-slavery-as-israel-is-liberated/

    Also available at: https://consciousseniors.com/2018/07/16/benjamin-fulford-weekly-message-july-16-2018/
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