The earth we live on may actually be hollow. Let's explore this theory and gather evidence to support or disprove its truthfulness.
  • Interesting summary about inner and hollow earth. Enjoy.
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  • I have gathered some articles and other information about Hollow Earth in my Knowledge Base. Enjoy.
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  • At a time in my life when I felt more spiritually in-tune than any other I often pleaded to God to have His mysteries revealed to me. A most unexpected concept came to my mind over the following months that I could not let go of. This idea led to hours of research, meditation, prayer and discussion with loved ones about the theory that our earth may actually be hollow.

    I discovered a wealth of information indicating that this theory could actually be true, including:

         Scriptural evidence that the earth may be hollow

         Beliefs of indigenous people all over the world indicating the earth is hollow

         Military expeditions to discover the entrances to the inner earth

         Scientific theories explaining the nature of our hollow earth

         Religious beliefs and symbolism indicating that the earth is hollow

         Occult practices and teachings from secret organizations that show the path to inner earth

         Secret diaries of people who have travelled to inner earth

         Biographies of deathbed confessions about the hollow earth

         People who have seen the inner earth in vision and dreams

         People who communicate with beings from the inner earth

         And much more!

    Throughout my research I have been led by a feeling that I was rediscovering something I knew long, long ago. I feel I have rediscovered occult knowledge that only the adepts and perhaps the elites have access to. How is it possible that the earth is hollow and we have not officially discovered this truth? Perhaps this reality is being purposefully hidden from mainstream humans.

    I know that the flat earth theory has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years. I mean no disrespect to those who buy into this theory but I do not believe it myself. I have to admit that I have not studied it in depth. The little research I did was not inspiring enough to continue, a stark contrast from the obsession that has led me to learn about our hollow earth.

    I believe it is possible that the theory of a flat earth may be fabricated and popularized to lead people away from the truth. Again, I am not trying to offend or disrespect anyone here but I felt that my belief about the flat earth theory needed to be clear from the get go.

    I believe that there could be light and life within our hollow earth, including plants, animals, humans (possibly superior races with advanced technology, possibly evil races as well) and perhaps even the throne or the footstool of God lies within. I feel somehow we are all destined to know these truths and the path to get there. Whether it be in this life or in the life to come.

    I would like to write a series of articles that cover each of my findings in detail and publish them here on OnStellar for the first time, to be permanently recorded in the Steem blockchain.

    Will you join me in learning and sharing information about the theory that our earth may be hollow? The response I receive will help me determine if there is an audience for this subject here on OnStellar.

    Best Regards,

    I Am That I Am Sol
    As above, so below.
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