WELCOME TO THE JOURNAL OF MARTIAN ANOMALIES, where high strangeness is the norm! Although we focus on Martian anomalies, your finds from anywhere off-world are welcome here. Hosted by D.W.Gannett, image analyst and 3D specialist for Mars3D.
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FOR THOSE OF YOU unfamiliar with free-viewing 3D images, these two tutorials will help you determine which method works best for you.

The three images side-by-side are called "Universal LRL" (left-right-left), wherein the left two images are for parallel viewing and the right two images for cross-viewing, or "X3D".

Images are also presented as red/blue anaglyphs for viewing with red/blue anaglyph glasses (ask me how to get a free pair!).

In order of clarity, the three different methods rank:

1) Red/blue anaglyph: GOOD
2) Parallel viewing: BETTER (limit as to size)
3) Cross-viewing or X3D: BEST! (no limit as to size)

A regular, flat 2D image is almost always included as well for your convenience.

Thanks and GOOD VIEWING!
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