• "Why then be concerned with the grass that blooms, withers and dies in its season only to grow once again due to the infinite love and light of the One Creator? This is the message we bring. Each entity is only superficially that which blooms and dies. In the deeper sense there is no end to being-ness.
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  • "18-Day Cycle of the Adept"
    Bring4th.org - A Community for The Law of One
    Bring4th is L/L Research's official social community site to exchange ideas and to discuss The Law of One principles.
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  • Dear friends,

    L/L Research, along with a veritable army of volunteers, has been hard at work on a years-long project that we are thrilled to share with you today. Our new books, The Ra Contact: Teaching the Law of One, represent a brand new transcript produced from relistening to the original cassette recordings of the Ra contact sessions–a continuation and refinement of the Relistening Project that resulted in the text currently at www.lawofone.info. Our mission is to provide, as best as possible, an exact transcript of the actual Ra contact audio with minimal edits in order to improve readability.

    These new books contain many features, including:
    - All Ra contact sessions, including previously omitted or missing material.
    - The Q&A numbering sequence first implemented at Lawofone.info.
    - A new Introduction, Foreword, Epilogue, and Photo Gallery.
    - Many new footnotes.
    - Tobey Wheelock’s Relistening Report + an Addendum to the Relistening Report cataloging the new edits.
    - The first comprehensive Glossary of Ra terminology.
    - An extraordinary new Index of 590 total terms from A–Z that organizes over 9,000 Q&As
    - And more.

    As with all L/L Research material, these books can be downloaded and read for free on our archive website.

    We have PDF, Mobi, and Epub versions available for free (as well as a link to the Kindle version) here: http://llresearch.org/library/the_ra_contact/the_ra_contact.aspx

    Printed softcovers are available in our online store here: https://bring4th.org/store/index.php?route=product/category&path=75_77

    And an audiobook, narrated by Jim McCarty, is on the way and will arrive later this year.

    I hope you enjoy!

    Love and light,
    Austin, for Jim, Gary, and all of the amazing volunteers who have helped L/L Research make this material free to interested seekers
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  • LawOfOneStudy.com

    Highlights, Notes, and Very Important Sections

    LAW OF ONE – Book 5 (printed book)

    *=star (very important)

    *P8 (1) Tuning the group, *(2) Always challenge the contact each time*
    P10 DANGER
    P12 Tom
    P13 Leonard
    P14 Narrow band definition
    P15 DANGER
    P16 Secret Space Program
    P17 Nikola Tesla, naïve, psychotronic, particle beam, alter weather
    P20 Dan Frye
    P21 Diameter of 23’, reincarnation
    P23 Wanderers, metaphysical alignment, not physical
    P24 Andrija Puharich
    P25 George Hunt Williamson
    P26 Men In Black
    P28 Signs, Silver Flecks
    P29, 30 Tunguska
    P31 Naïve
    P32 LSD, Aleister Crowley
    P40 Drugs
    P41 Spectra, Prayer of St. Francis
    P45 Get movie “Battle Beyond The Stars”
    P47 Psychic greeting
    P49 Trees
    P52 Physical healing of others
    P56 Exercise
    *P58 *Can call upon social memory complex*
    P60 Cosmic humor
    P61 OAHSPE typed while he slept?
    P62 Why RA “technical”…
    P66 DANGER
    P69 Blue light from arm
    P71 Carla health history
    P73 Tone in ears meaning, L ear -, R ear +
    P74 Tone above head
    P75 Control negative entities, control dreams
    P76 Tree Of Life
    P79 Wanders = RA
    P80 Tickling ear
    P85 Brain
    P87 Three Guides?
    P88 Three Guides, (1) male, (1) female, (1) androgynous
    P88 Ball lightning
    P89 Silver Flecks, Hawk
    P91 Ball lightning, anger
    P95 Church of Christ Scientist
    P104 Banishing ritual in Crucifixion Of Esmerelda Sweetwater
    P112 Worry depletes energy
    P119 Crystal
    P120 Crystal charging
    P125 Future unwritten, house cleansing
    P126 Hawk
    P128 DANGER
    P130 Card 3, Hawk
    P132 Signs are warnings?, Hawk
    P133 Allergies
    *P135 *Dealing with psychic greeting*
    P137 LATWII, Allergies
    P138 Prayer wheel, visualization of light
    P139 Cat anger cancer
    P140 Wood stain, natural
    P144 Meditation book – Joel Goldsmith – Art of Meditation
    P145 Anger
    P146 Time/Space = Metaphysical
    Space/Time = Physical
    P150 Cleansing ritual
    P152 Spider bite
    P153 Danger, bees
    P154 Cleansing
    P157 Bob
    P159 Sugar, complex addiction
    P163 Stop buying clothes, was bad intention
    P165 Very odd free will
    P166 Indigo blockage
    P167 Should not have given up buying clothes
    P179 DANGER
    P181 House cleansing, bees, wasps
    P182 Thank plants and bees, Hawk
    P191 Initiation
    P193 Initiation, A/C
    P194 DANGER, unwise energy transfer
    *P196 ***
    P197 Golden Hawk
    P198 Could have ended differently, better alternatives
    P199 Did he die so Carla could live?
    *P200 ***

    Negative Weakness

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  • LawOfOneStudy.com

    Highlights, Notes, and Very Important Sections

    LAW OF ONE – Book 4 (printed book)

    *=star (very important)

    Foreword – Best studied by: (1) Tarot, (2) Astrology, (3) Tree Of Life
    P4 First deck -> George Fathman’s “The Royal Road”
    P10 Origin of tarot
    P15 Crystal skulls
    P17 Pituitone, spleentone
    P21 Lucifer
    P25 Affirmation of healing
    P35 DANGER?
    P36 DANGER?
    P37 DANGER – Don’t stay in magical personality too long
    P39 Complex
    P41 Veil
    P41 Great # of experiments
    P47 Prayers do affect the negative
    P47 Negative weakness
    P53 Sarcophagus
    P57 Alchemist
    P59 Infinite galaxies
    P69 “Healing and review” after death
    P71 I choose “how far” I go
    P74 Disease and why
    P76 Veil Semi-Permeable
    P79 Pain
    P81 Animal protein food
    P82 Jesus
    P83 Transfer
    P89 Crisis, DANGER
    P90 Names have power
    P92 RA Languages
    *P94 Tools: Dreaming, “Knowing the body”, Desire
    P95 RA communication violet ray
    P97 Music and Mind
    P97 Dreaming
    P98 Precog
    P99 Keep “Dream Journal”
    P100 REM sleep
    P103 Ugly and beautiful
    P104 Incense, temporarily defeated negative?
    P109 Prayer
    P110 Male / Female Sex Drive
    P111 Energy = Vibration
    P114 Group of 3 very important
    P115 Pictures have “magical significance”
    P116-122 Tarot originated…
    P124 RA’s third density
    P125 Great Pyramid
    P127 First study of Tarot
    P129 RA harvest
    *P130 Calling Important!
    *P132 Inadvertently swapped polarity*
    P135 Calling, manifesting
    *P136 Earth Third Density Humans Are Advanced And “Special”
    P137 Human Form
    P138 Have to work harder to develop telepathy.
    Same with manifesting.
    P142 RA’s plan
    P144 Cosmic mind
    P145 Breath
    P146 DANGER, silver cord
    P147 Tarot was refined greatly before given to Earth
    P148 Tarot described advanced
    P170 Kundalini serpent
    P178 DANGER
    P179 Charge of Sanctity
    Salting, Ritual Cleansing, Blessed Water, Windows, Doorways
    P180 The number “36”, cut garlic clove, lower astral farewell
    P181 Cut garlic powerful
    P182 Gardening
    P183 Suspended garlic in funnel
    P184 Walking of perimeter, Dreams
    P187 Random catalyst
    P188 Tesseract / Crux Ansata
    P189 Cleaning, Intention
    P190 Don’t cross thresholds during cleansing!
    P196 Circle of One
    P197 Octave
    P197 Hieroglyphs
    P211 Daily Repetition Very Important
    *P213 ***

    Negative Weakness
    P48 Agenda
    P49 Chimera
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  • LawOfOneStudy.com

    Highlights, Notes, and Very Important Sections

    LAW OF ONE – Book 3 (printed book)

    *=star (very important)

    P7 Hypothermia during travel
    P9 Pyramid, book “Secrets of the Great Pyramid”, Crystals
    P10 Chakra descriptions
    P10 Indigo = Manifestor
    P13 Slingshot Gravitic Light Effect
    P14 Control or Discipline “does not equal” Free Will
    P14 DANGER
    P15 Wanderers, why come
    P15 Time dilation, 90-degrees
    P16 Tesseract, Lessons in meditation
    P18 Jesus?
    P19 Morris
    P22 Fear
    P25 Tone Poem?
    P28 Negative description
    *P30 ***
    *P31 ***
    *P32 ***
    P35, 36 Great Pyramid
    P37 Book “The Life Force of the Great Pyramid”
    P39 Rounded house most natural and beneficial?
    P40 Dangerous pyramids
    P43 Crystal
    P44 Crystal
    *P45 Water
    P46 Dangerous pyramids
    P47 Tipi
    P48 Pyramid materials
    P49 Pyramid “overdose” = BAD
    P49 Gateway
    P50 DANGER
    P51 4th density time is different
    *P51 Clearing Energy Center
    P52 Crystal
    P53 Crystal Test
    P54 Pyramid aligned to north
    P55 Pyramid frame vs. solid
    P56 Spoon bending
    P57 Building and manifesting
    P57 Spirals of light, 1st -> Study and Healing, 2nd -> Building, 3rd -> Energizing
    P59 3 spirals light
    P61 Why pyramid works
    P62 DANGER
    P62 Fountain of youth
    P62 Pyramid alignment
    P64 Bermuda triangle
    P65 Worm hole
    P66 Naïve, DANGER
    P67 Ark, Sons of Levi
    P68 Moishe
    P69 Inner Earth
    *P69 Calling
    P70 Council of Saturn
    *P70 Calling
    P71 Mummification
    P72 Chakra blockage
    *P73 Bio-Rhythms, 18 Dinural Cycles, Adept Gateway*
    P74 Astronomy, Loneliness
    *P75 ***
    P77 Narrow band explained
    P78 L/L alter specific to them
    P78 Frontal Lobes / 4th
    P79 Breath
    P80 DANGER, Expel breath always to left?
    P82 DANGER, Southern Cross = Orion
    P83 Orion plan -> Weaknesses
    P84 Orion plan -> Weaknesses
    P85 “Sell” soul to devil
    P86 Seven Earths
    P88 “Love is the greatest protector”
    *P89 “The New Earth”
    *P89 3-Way split at harvest ***
    P90 Do the math, very small percentage here for 4th
    P90 Wanderers have “Double Body Activation” (3rd + 4th)
    *P91 ***
    *P92 ***
    P92 Death transition, unless light body activated
    *P95 ***
    *P96 “Basic White Magical Principles of Protection”
    P97 DANGER
    *P99 18-Day cycle for adept
    P99 Giza Secret Chamber
    P100 Sidreal time, 25-hour cycle – MARS (sleep)
    P101 Western medicine
    P101 Bigfoot
    P102 Body sensations
    P106 Edgar Cayce
    *P108 ***
    P111 Wanderer forgetting is greater
    P112 Pyramid, Resonating chamber
    P113 Outstretched hand, healing
    P114 3rd + 4th
    P116 Ways of healing, psychic surgery
    *P118 Will -> Health, Healing
    P119 Sit vertical for meditation?, Archetypical Mind
    P120 DANGER, pyramid under head
    P121 DANGER
    P125 Dinural = 1-Day (Daytime), not nocturnal
    *P129 ***How to overpower a psychic attack
    P132 “Pain a blessing sometime”, attack on Don, Jim
    P134 Archetypical descriptions
    P137 DANGER, Coma / Death
    P138 DANGER
    P140 DANGER, Magic as group
    P141 Astral Travel Danger
    P141 Comb hair
    P142 DANGER, No artificial light
    P143 DANGER, LATWII, death / suicide
    P144 DANGER
    P145 Free Will Loopholes
    P146 DANGER
    P147 Hold hand in hospital?, White Magic, Order of Golden Dawn
    P148 Don’t deplete vital energy ever
    P149 Regressive hypnosis
    P149 “High self’s reluctance to enter negative time/space”
    *P150 Higher Self info*
    P151 “The Grand Plan” + more Higher Self info
    P152 Wanderer death, Council of Nine
    P153 Shape power, UFO, Propulsion, Disco Ball Craft
    P154 Wasting time?
    More stuck in negative space/time
    P156 DANGER, Don’t deplete vital energies
    P156 “Unmanifested being”
    *P157 ***
    P158 Working with tiny candle
    P160 Magic
    P161 White Magic Rules, Discipline #1
    P162 Naïve
    P163 DANGER
    *P165 ***
    P166 Harsh toll, DANGER
    P167 Banishing Ritual, DANGER
    P168 DANGER, Energy thru feet
    *P170 Exercise of Middle Pillar
    *P171 *** Magical Personality
    P173 Jesus healings, Exercise of Fire
    P174 Laying On of Hands
    P175 Exercise of Fire
    P177 Candle gutter, don’t use wide candles
    P179 “Ve Geburah” = One Infinite Creator?, p180
    *P181 ***
    *P182 ***
    P183 Sanskrit Hebrew Sounds
    P184 DANGER, Natural sound and vibration
    P185 Sanctus, Jesus = Jehoshuah
    P187 Bach – Mass in B-Minor
    *P188 ***
    *P189 *** Octave research
    P190 Hair antenna, not shorter than 4”
    P191 “Invoke Higher Self”, magical gesture
    *P191 “Clear Energy Centers any time” ***
    P192 Try this 3-step meditation

    Negative Weaknesses
    *P129 *****
    *P130 ***
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  • LawOfOneStudy.com

    Highlights, Notes, and Very Important Sections

    LAW OF ONE – Book 2 (printed book)

    *=star (very important)

    Foreward – Book – “The Structure of the Physical Universe” by Dewey Larson
    P4 “C-squared” in equation
    P5 Intelligent Infinity definition
    P8 Dewey Larson
    P9 Color -> Seven Categories
    P12 Move Block?
    P14 Dimensions in different order
    P17 Sun
    P19 Photon, Gravity
    P20 Black holes
    *P21 Crystals
    *P23 Crystals
    P25 Definitions of Mind, Body, and Spirit separately
    P25 Mind/Body/Spirit Complex
    P26 Yes, still Mind/Body/Spirit Complex after death
    P27 Dinosaurs
    P28 Venus, Mars
    P29 Saturn has Earth Protectors
    P30 Sex, blockages
    P31 Indigo Ray Transfers
    P34 Gay
    P35 Living In A City
    P41 Wanderers
    P42 Rainbow Colors
    *P43 Indigo Ray
    *P43 Discipline and Practice
    P45 Color Therapy, try Prism Slit
    P47 Movie “9th Configuration”
    P48 Jehoshuah = Jesus
    P50 Aura
    5th Density = White
    6th Density = Golden
    P51 Karma / Forgiveness
    P53, 54 Albert Schweitzer, Martin Luther King
    P54,55 TV
    P56 General Patton
    P57 Franklin Roosevelt
    *P57 *** ACTIVATED BY SELF ***
    *P59 *DANGER, Insanity, Personality Disintegration
    P59 Adolf Hitler
    P60 Abraham Lincoln, Hermann, Himmler
    P62 Seth Material
    P63 Split Souls
    P64 Higher Self knows all? No, octave density
    P65 George Patton, Oversoul, Octave Density, Himmler
    P67 Radiating Love
    P68 Wanderers – Over 90% “still lost”… Help THEM!!!
    P69 Squares, Doubling, Spiritual Mass
    P70 “Desired By Your Peoples”
    *P71 Reading Aura
    P72 Dogs, Trees, Charlie Hixson
    P73 Levitation
    P74 Henry Puharich, “The Nine”, 7, 9
    P75 Equations, “The Nine”, Spiritual Mass, P76
    P77 Indigo Ray / Adept
    P78, 79 Black Holes, Colors = Densities
    P80 Gateway
    *P81 True Colors, Densities in years, Cancer
    *P81 “Thoughts Now Become Things!”
    P82 Cancer / Cure
    P83 Food, Vegetarianism, Fasting
    P84 Cleansing
    P85 Sun, Banishing Ritual of the Lesser Pentagram
    P90 Chakras Variable Speed
    P90 Space/Time and Time/Space definitions
    P91 Space/Time and Time/Space definitions, Fasting
    *P92 Book “Initiation”
    P93 RA History, Naïve
    P93 Unemotional “does not equal” Balanced, FEEL THE EMOTION!
    P97 Chakra Healing
    *P97 *** Chakra Healing
    P98 Shapes and Colors
    P98 Focusing of Attention
    P99 Teaching Child
    P100 Folded sheet above head
    P100 Cattle mutilation
    P102 4th Density = @ 90,000 years
    P103 Food in 4th, Nectar, Ambrosia, Light broth of golden white hue, P104
    *P105 4th Density on Earth!
    P106 Meditation Aids, Calling
    P107 Meditation, Cancer
    P108 Cancer + Catalyst
    P113 Crystalized Entity
    What aids? Can we get now in 3rd?
    *P114 Seven Bodies and Descriptions
    *P115 Physical, Etheric, Emotional, Astral, Ectoplasm, Devachanic, Gateway, Buddha Body, Light Body
    *P115 ***
    P116, 117 Death
    P118 “The Million Dollar Question”
    P122 DANGER
    P123 Left and Right Ear Tones
    *P124 ***
    P125 Secondary Energy Centers, Acupunture, Kundalini, DANGER
    *P126 *** Meditation
    *P127 Visualization
    P129 Catalyst
    *P130 *** Visualization
    *P131 *** Visualization -> Manifestation, Pyramid
    P131 Pyramid
    P132 Great Story

    Negative Weaknesses
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  • LawOfOneStudy.com

    Highlights, Notes, and Very Important Sections

    LAW OF ONE – Book 1 (printed book)

    *=star (very important)

    P15 Dewey B. Larson
    P18 Release Karma
    P21, 35 HATONN
    P26 Desire, Intention is key
    *P30 “Tuning” for meditation
    P40 Daily meditations alone & with group
    P44 Psychic surgery
    *P49 Challenge / Vet Entities (How to)
    P50 Bozos on the bus
    *P51, 52 Alter setup, water for meditating? (p74 also)
    P69 Don’t touch channel when coming out of trance
    *P70 Crystals
    *P72 Diamond, Ruby
    P74, 75 Meditation setup, use of incense
    *P79 “Mind must be initiated”
    P80 Pyramid energies
    *P87-89 Meditation, Gateway to Infinity secrets
    P99 Mark Probert, Henry Puharich
    P100 Orion vulnerable
    P104 Mind to mind communication
    P120 Exercises and disciplines
    P124, 125
    P137 George Van Tassel built “Integratron”
    P140 Book “OAHSPE”
    P144 Chakras
    *P148 Love/Light & Light/Love
    *P157 4th Density description
    *P161 Best way to help
    *P164 Healing, Gateway To Infinity
    P166 Best way to help
    P167 Diff. levels of 4th Density
    *P170 “Teach others this”
    *P171 Wisdom
    P172, 173
    P175 Mistakes, Failure
    P177 Study trees!
    P184 Dewey Larson
    P185 Service to others
    P192 Pure channel
    P193 “would be great song”
    *P195 “Calling is important!”
    P199 Saint Augustine, Saint Teresa, Saint Francis of Assisi
    *P200 Calling is important!
    *P201 Calling is important!
    *P203 Calling is important!
    *P204 Calling is important!
    P205 Healing with crystals
    P206 IMHOTEP, Great Architect
    P209 Mistakes
    P210 + and – calls
    *P211 “Wheel within a wheel”
    *P211 “The Cherubim with sleepless eye”
    *P211 Yod-Heh-Shin-Vau-Heh ->”ANAK”
    P218 Abraham Lincoln
    P219 Philadelphia Experiment, Manhattan Project
    P221 Healing
    *P225 Fear & Doom = Negative, Hope & Friendly = Positive

    Vulnerabilities of Negative
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  • All images rescanned for better quality and updated at:

    Study Group for the Law Of One
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