Let's try to keep it all 100% positive teachings in possible. Fear and doom just drags your vibration down, so lets try to study the positive and raise our vibration and understanding. Thank you !!! I spent a great deal of my life being drawn to the original source of Mystery School Teachings. Most every thing was co-opted or corrupted, so you have to go back to the ORIGINAL to try to get the most pure teaching to then glean insights from. Everyone is different and maybe drawn to different teachings. I am happy to share what I have found and hope others will do the same. Thank you !!!

    If you plug these in, they will install viruses onto your computer, steal your financial info, unlock your camera and microphone, track you, monitor you, and potentially worse. Do not even plug into a TV, cell phone or ANY device. Usually appears to come from Amazon, if you did not order, DO NOT USE !!! GET OUT OF YOUR HOUSE IMMEDIATELY !!! SCAM PHISHING "The new skimmers"...

    USB adapters (contain small micro chips...)
    USB cables (look innocent, but contain small micro chips...)
    Video adapers (contain small micro chips..)
    Smart Watches (extremely dangerous...)
    Anything that plugs or connects to any electronic device, has unlimited back doors and viruses....
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  • PLEASE help us heal all these! Please state specific intentions that you wish these to be healed immediately! Now!!! Thank you!!!


    Need to heal ALL connections from us to Source

    Need to heal ALL connections from us to Mother Gaia (Earth)

    Need to to heal Mother Gaia

    Need to heal Elementals

    Need to heal ALL of us here on Earth

    Need to call back ALL Soul fragments and heal them

    Need to heal our Collective Consciousness

    Need to heal ALL past Earth atrocities. Including ALL wars, genocide, Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu, etc.

    Need to heal ALL past timelines

    Need to heal ALL beings in ALL timelines and ALL densities

    Need to heal ALL planetary star systems and other galaxies

    Need to heal Maldek (Tiamat) and Mars wars

    Need to heal Lyran wars

    Need to heal lower vibrational Reptilians


    State specific intentions that YOU wish these all to be healed immediately! Now!!! THANK YOU!!!

    You can also ask for help (specific help) with all the above from Angels, Guides, etc.
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  • Highly recommend these documentaries from Freddy Silva!

    The Power of Resonance (can watch on Gaia.com)

    The Location of Paradise (can watch on Gaia.com)

    Otherworld (can watch on Gaia.com)

    Secrets of Andean Temples (can watch on Gaia.com)

    In the Footsteps of Isis (can watch on Gaia.com)

    Freddy Silva Interviews on "Open Minds" (can watch on Gaia.com)

    Freddy Silva Interviews on "Beyond Belief" (can watch on Gaia.com)


    Temple Making

    Stairways to Heaven

    The 900-Year Secret Of The Knights Templar
    Invisible Temple: sacred sites, megaliths, earth mysteries and alternative history by Freddy Silva
    Research on ancient temples, megaliths, sacred sites by best-selling author Freddy SIlva.
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  • Amazing book with so much insight!
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  • "18-Day Cycle of Adept"

    Bring4th.org - A Community for The Law of One
    Bring4th is L/L Research's official social community site to exchange ideas and to discuss The Law of One principles.
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  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRKBXvvDIBI
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  • I personally feel Matt Kahn teaches many of the core original Wisdom School teachings in his talks. Worth checking out if you are not familiar with.

    "Repeat After Me's" - All typed up


    If that link doesn't work, try link at the bottom of the "DOWNLOADS" page:


    His videos are here:
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  • Decalcify Your Pineal Gland and Activate the Third Eye. For me, I noticed a huge difference and healing with this just by reading "The Sofia Code" book by Kaia Ra. This video is also a good place to start. What are your favorite videos? info? Ways to decalcify the pineal? Activate the 3rd Eye? It's kinda like a muscle that can be "strengthened" and improved in different ways, so more the better. Thank you!!!

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  • I have just sarted using Mudras and notice a huge effect. I found this video helpful. Do you have any other videos or info to share? Thank you!!!

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  • LawOfOneStudy.com

    Highlights, Notes, and Very Important Sections

    LAW OF ONE – Book 5 (printed book)

    *=star (very important)

    *P8 (1) Tuning the group, *(2) Always challenge the contact each time*
    P10 DANGER
    P12 Tom
    P13 Leonard
    P14 Narrow band definition
    P15 DANGER
    P16 Secret Space Program
    P17 Nikola Tesla, naïve, psychotronic, particle beam, alter weather
    P20 Dan Frye
    P21 Diameter of 23’, reincarnation
    P23 Wanderers, metaphysical alignment, not physical
    P24 Andrija Puharich
    P25 George Hunt Williamson
    P26 Men In Black
    P28 Signs, Silver Flecks
    P29, 30 Tunguska
    P31 Naïve
    P32 LSD, Aleister Crowley
    P40 Drugs
    P41 Spectra, Prayer of St. Francis
    P45 Get movie “Battle Beyond The Stars”
    P47 Psychic greeting
    P49 Trees
    P52 Physical healing of others
    P56 Exercise
    *P58 *Can call upon social memory complex*
    P60 Cosmic humor
    P61 OAHSPE typed while he slept?
    P62 Why RA “technical”…
    P66 DANGER
    P69 Blue light from arm
    P71 Carla health history
    P73 Tone in ears meaning, L ear -, R ear +
    P74 Tone above head
    P75 Control negative entities, control dreams
    P76 Tree Of Life
    P79 Wanders = RA
    P80 Tickling ear
    P85 Brain
    P87 Three Guides?
    P88 Three Guides, (1) male, (1) female, (1) androgynous
    P88 Ball lightning
    P89 Silver Flecks, Hawk
    P91 Ball lightning, anger
    P95 Church of Christ Scientist
    P104 Banishing ritual in Crucifixion Of Esmerelda Sweetwater
    P112 Worry depletes energy
    P119 Crystal
    P120 Crystal charging
    P125 Future unwritten, house cleansing
    P126 Hawk
    P128 DANGER
    P130 Card 3, Hawk
    P132 Signs are warnings?, Hawk
    P133 Allergies
    *P135 *Dealing with psychic greeting*
    P137 LATWII, Allergies
    P138 Prayer wheel, visualization of light
    P139 Cat anger cancer
    P140 Wood stain, natural
    P144 Meditation book – Joel Goldsmith – Art of Meditation
    P145 Anger
    P146 Time/Space = Metaphysical
    Space/Time = Physical
    P150 Cleansing ritual
    P152 Spider bite
    P153 Danger, bees
    P154 Cleansing
    P157 Bob
    P159 Sugar, complex addiction
    P163 Stop buying clothes, was bad intention
    P165 Very odd free will
    P166 Indigo blockage
    P167 Should not have given up buying clothes
    P179 DANGER
    P181 House cleansing, bees, wasps
    P182 Thank plants and bees, Hawk
    P191 Initiation
    P193 Initiation, A/C
    P194 DANGER, unwise energy transfer
    *P196 ***
    P197 Golden Hawk
    P198 Could have ended differently, better alternatives
    P199 Did he die so Carla could live?
    *P200 ***

    Negative Weakness

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