Open Discussion of Out Of Body Experiences and Near Death Experiences
  • Hey everyone!

    So, I just went on a little journey, if you know what I mean.

    To be honest, it's been a long time. So much of my early life I spent seeking the truth, then the rest of it trying to forget.

    I needed this reminder.

    I just want to Express love to all of you. We're in this together.
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  • Ok, time for another little snippet of experience...

    I had a lucid dream when I was in junior high. I was in Mr. Falconer's class, a rugged Australian man with a notable reputation for pain inflicted when swatting students with a paddle for disciplinary purposes. Since I knew I was in a dream, I got the brilliant idea to pull a prank. I decided to aggravate Mr. Falconer to the point he would take me out into the hall and give me a paddling, but right before he made contact, I would wake myself up and disappear, blowing the minds of everyone around! Well, it worked... except, when I woke up, I realized I had just pulled myself out of a lucid dream, and the only one that got played was myself for waking myself up, as it was a dream and no one was going to notice I had disappeared!

    Fast forward several years as I was having a near death experience. The best way I can explain my perception of truth is this... being in that enlightened state I realized that the current reality I was experiencing was like my lucid dream experience. When I woke myself up, and realized I had just been dreaming, I felt the same way in my enlightened state when I realized I was in a truer reality that my physical life experience. I was more conscious and aware of a truer reality that in my physical state of awareness.

    Something to think about.
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  • Hi! Here are a few experiences i've had with OBE.

    Ever since I was a child, I always was able to get out of my own body, and walk around my house and then waking up and realizing that I was "asleep" the entire time and the experiences felt real too. As I got older, it's when I realized I was astral projecting/having an out of body experience.

    One day I decided I wanted to "purposely" astral project and when I say purposely, it's because every experience i've had was always unintentional which means i'm a natural at it. I found a guided meditation youtube video, put my headphones on, laid on my bed and followed the instructions. When I got to the part where the person in the video said "Now, slowly raise your arm. You will feel intense vibrations." I did so and it was true; the vibrations were so intense, I can't even begin to explain. Slowly, I raised my body up, and as I tried to get up and get out of my body with my legs, there was this high pitched noise that was hurting my ears so badly, I tried pushing through it and I decided i'll do it next time and went back into my body and "woke up" from the experience.

    I remember thinking to myself how cool it was and how weird I'm able to do it naturally, but when trying to do it purposely, it seemed more difficult. I shrugged the thought off because doing it unintentionally is better for me I feel.

    Another experience I had that happened just recently. I was waking up from sleeping, and I couldn't move nor open my eyes. I felt heat on my chest and face and I thought to myself "oh my god, this is the first time i'm experiencing sleep paralysis!" but I didn't panic, instead what I did was, I was able to lift my astral body out of my own physical, and my arm, and then go back into my physical body again. After that, I was able to move and open my eyes. I told a family member who's experienced with astral and OBE stuff, and they told me that my astral body was stuck when it was getting back into my physical body, and I was able to fix it by leaving my body and going back in. It was the coolest thing i've ever experienced, but pretty freaky too!
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  • Welcome to open discussion of OUT OF BODY and NEAR DEATH experiences!

    Please feel free to share your own experiences, or ask questions of the group!

    I will share something to get us started...

    It wasn't until after I had what I considered a key experience before I developed an interest in these types of topics. I was never interested in aliens, or had read or heard of any of the things I was to experience... until after it happened. It wasn't until then that on my quest for answers I realized many others had similar experiences to mine.

    I remember at about 4 years of age lying in bed at night... and starting to feel dizzy. I thought it was pretty cool, and gave in to the sensation, which then became an electrical buzzing sensation all over. The next thing I knew, I was on the ceiling, looking around the room, and exploring out into the hallway. It wasn't until many years later I would realize the significance of what had happened.

    At about age 8 or 9, I remember lying on the couch, and focusing on my grandparents house. The next thing I knew, it was as if I was there, lying on the couch, and I got up and explored the house. Then I went back to the couch, and focused on my other grandparents home, and when I opened my eyes, I was there. At the time, I thought it was just a realistic dream, even though I was fully conscious of what was happening.

    When I was about 3, I fell into a river off of an inflatable raft. Whilst underwater, I remember fish all around, and one seemed to be looking right at me. I then heard the voice of a woman tell me to be calm, there was nothing to worry about, my father would get me. About that time I saw his fishing hat swooping down towards me. "There he is," she said. "See? Everything will be fine."

    Without going into a lot of detail now, as there is plenty of time for that in the future, I want to share a NDE I had. I experienced a life review, and what I remember about it was that I felt all the emotions that I caused to others. One particular memory was of a girl in high school that I had been rude to, and I felt just how bad I had hurt her feelings. I was allowed to plead to her, to ask forgiveness, and she forgave me. I was then allowed to move on to the next phase of the experience.

    One night I sat up in bed as I had an extraordinary experience. My mother had come to me, and was asking my permission to move on. Details were provided as to what would happen. She told me it was what she really wanted, so I said sure, you have my blessing, so to speak. I saw her move away, up and away, telling me she loved me all the way... and I knew then she was gone. I got up and remember splashing water on my face, looking at the clock, about 1 am. I forgot all about it, until three days later, I got a call from my grandmother that my mom had passed away 3 days prior at approximately 1am.

    Please share your own experiences, or questions you may have!

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