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  • What does it take to be successful? Many people will tell you to get a certain degree or education, get into a specific market or business.

    But what does it really take?

    To be successful, you have to develop a success mindset, or millionaire mindset. Success is within you. Success starts with you. If you think that you can achieve anything, you will achieve anything.

    Most people are trapped inside their lack and limitation mindset, and they never achieve anything in life. They are jealous of other people's success, not knowing that they can create anything they want in their life. They could have the greatest life ever, celebrate huge success moments, if only they knew how.

    The Law of Increase clearly states that life is always expanding and advancing. There is no standstill. Life must, by all means, celebrate success to continue. And that's exactly what you should do too!

    Your life is increasing and your are given opportunities to growth in your awareness, your personality, your success. These challenges of life are your stepping stone to success. If you pass the tests, you will get to the next level.

    This is an unshakeable law of the universe!

    Success is at your fingertips if you know how and what to do.

    Reprogram your subconscious mind, and start your success story today!
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  • A Strange Thought – The Simultaneous Existence of All in the Universe, or why everything of the future already exists in the Now

    It is a fairytale that you can create something from nothing. Everything in the Universe has been in existence since the beginning of it all. There is no new creation for there is only energy in different shape and form.

    So it can be said that everything you can dream of, and therefore think of, can be materialised in the physical realm of your reality. That what you want to create is in fact already in existence in a different state of matter and energy in the non-physical realm.

    Nothing in the Universe is „new“. When we take a look at humanity and Planet Earth, the technology of today, e.g. internet, was already in existence hundreds of thousands of years ago, just not in this physical realm of reality.

    No new invention is really new, because it is merely a matter of thought bringing something into the existence in the physical plane. And when there is thought, the thing that is thought of already exists in the non-physical dimension.

    Without thought, there is no creation, and there is no materialisation of matter in the physical realm. Back in the stone age, no thought was around there that could have brought electricity into the physical realm. Yet, during the 20th Century, electricity was given to humanity by mere thought.

    Thoughts are the creative force of the universe. However, if we believe that all thoughts are new thoughts, we fall into the trap of linear time. There is no past, and no future. There is only the present moment which holds all of the creations of the Universe in its space of the physical and non-physical realms.

    Everything that can be brought into existence in the physical realm has already been in existence, right now, in the non-physical realm:

    The Realm of Thoughts

    When such a thought arises, it will and must materialise in the physical realm and bring that into existence that was intended to be “thought of”. Or in other words: an idea. An idea is a thought in its purest form. It holds the power of intention, creation and materialising within itself. We can then conclude that everything that you can think of, and dream of, can be materialised into the physical realm. There is no limit as to what can be created and brought into your reality since there is no limit the power of your mind and thoughts.

    Every new invention of the 21st century is by no means new. Only the thought of it never occurred to anyone else before. But only because nobody ever thought of it before doesn’t mean that the invention was non-existent. It was, indeed, existent in and on a different plane, another realm of existence, invisible to our eye. The power to create a specific thought necessary to materialise a thing into your current reality has been with you all the time. Even the power to create a thing that might seem to be a future technology can be initiated in your current reality, and state of mind. Mankind has always dreamed of discovering new galaxies, time travel, and so on. The technologies – or rather methods – to create such a reality where these things are tangible already exist. Such a reality, in fact, already exists, but cannot be grasped from our current reality and state of mind.

    The internet was long in existence before the first thought of it ever occurred. The fax machine was long in existence. The car, the plane, the space crafts, the mobile phone. Everything that ever has been, is and will be is already in existence in a different shape and form. As soon as you can dream or think of a thing, a circumstance, an invention, an idea, you instantly know that what it is that you want has already been in existence from the beginning of all. Hence, it can be concluded that nothing is ever new, because the thought of it is not new, because the thought just never occurred to a being before.

    Thinking is creation

    Thoughts are things because whatever can be thought of is already in existence or else the thought of it would have never occurred in the first place. The things in the non-physical realm have an urge to materialise, hence creating the thought of it in the mind of a being. It wants to materialise, therefore it sends out its frequency, waiting for a being to vibrate with it, creating the thought of it in its mind.

    When we agree to this, the question comes up of what happens if we eliminate the process of developing the mind and getting into a fully developed mind immediately. Isn’t it then possible to instantly materialise a thought into the physical realm without the need for developing the right tools? If we can now think of time travel or space travel, isn’t it then possible with a fully developed mind power, to simply travel back and fourth in time – or rather through different dimension. And isn’t it then possible to travel anywhere in space without the need for a special vehicle? And isn’t it then so that you can create whatever you want to experience, have, be instantly and without waiting for it to materialise?

    If there is something in existence in the non-physical realm, it eventually MUST appear as a thought – an idea – under certain circumstance. Things in the non-physical realm give birth to themselves by letting the thought of that thing occur in the minds of a being.

    Whenever an idea occurs – a thought – know that what you intent to create has already been in existence since the beginning of time in the non-physical realm. You only have gotten into a state of receiving its vibration and frequency, manifested as a thought of it in your mind.

    In the 19th century, the head of the US patent office claimed:”What can be invented, has been invented.” Little did he know how right he was. Then again, maybe he did know. Everything that can be invented, has already been in existence since the beginning of the Universe. That what was, what is and what will be – regardless of our human definition of time and space – already exists together in a realm untouchable by the physical, 3D human body.

    A thought is as powerful as a space rocket. And as real as a massive wooden table. A thought can bend and create a reality for billions of people on earth, and an unknown amount of life throughout the universe.

    One can say with absolute certainty that a thought is the spark of life. A thought is what created space, time, the Universe itself.

    A thought is as powerful as a sword or a computer. A thought has the power to give life, to create a reality and to influence an unknown amount of life throughout the universe.

    If we agree on such a power, we must also agree that it is most important to learn more about this Thought Power.

    A thought can create, destroy, bring pleasure and pain. A thought can not be destroyed however, yet it is very fragile, considering the vast amount of human beings not being able to form a clear thought of their life and what they really want.

    When we consider time to be non-linear, then we must also consider the fact that a humanity already exists where beings are fully aware of the power of their thoughts. Where they create their reality as they wish just by thinking the right thoughts. And then we must also agree that this power is already in existence and available to each and everyone who is capable of creating that one thought that will bring him clarity of his mind, awareness and consciousness.

    And when we agree upon that, we must also agree on the fact that there exists another being of each and every one of us because as we evolve, we form thoughts of how we want to be and what we want to become. We form thoughts of who we want to be, and what we want to do. This process is seamless which leaves the question open: when do we become our „future“ Self? The answer must be that all future versions of us are already in existence and it is merely a matter of thought to materialise the one Self of you that you want to become into this reality. Whoever you want to be is already in existence and has been in existence since the beginning of all. It must be that way because there has not yet been found a beginning nor end to anything. Everything is energy which changes its form and shape, nothing else. And when we think about the Self that we want to become in our current reality, we must admit that everything we experienced in our „past“ and present will materialise that one Self from the non-physical realm into the current, 3d reality.

    Thoughts become (not only) things

    Thoughts not only become things. Thoughts become beings. Thoughts are the spark of creation. A thought can create a tree, a dog, a child, a new Self, a house, a car, a spacecraft, a nation. A thought is something that cannot ever be destroyed, yet its power can be destructive. It is a conscious decision within each and every being as to how to use the power of their thought.

    When humanity is dreaming about moving through space, colonising Mars, discovering new galaxies, it must be so that this is already in existence. That a humanity already did that in the non-physical realm, waiting for the one thought in one being to ignite the spark of creation, to materialise that what has been in existence since the beginning of all into the current human, 3D reality. It is not a matter of inventing, or trial and error, or finding the right components. No. It is merely a matter of that one thought to bring it into existence.

    In conclusion, we can say that when everything that CAN materialise in the physical realm has been in existence since the beginning of everything, it is merely a matter of IGNITING that one thought that brings the thing into existence in the physical realm. Man’s mind is limiting itself by believing its current reality is set in stone. These limits are self fulfilling prophecies. The power of the mind, the power of creation is limitless as we know now. There is no limit as to what can be created. The internet was an abstract thing that could not have been explained to a mind that existed on this physical realm a hundred thousand years ago. His mind was not as developed as is the modern mind. But the capacity of the mind was exactly the same! There is no limit of how much you can develop your mind. There is no end to its power. The creative force has been with you all the time, since the beginning of all. Not only since the beginning of your existence here in the physical realm. You have been aware of your powers for aeons, you just have unlearned everything by entering this physical realm.

    The human ego has managed to cut the perception of the mind’s capacity down to a minimum. However, one must understand that this is merely a magician’s trick, because the power of the mind has no limits. It has developed the skills to go out and hunt for food, as well as the skill to build a spacecraft and go to Mars. And when we agree that time is non-linear and everything that can come into existence in the physical realm has already been in existence in the non-physical, then we must firmly state that the mind has infinite potential.

    Why does someone limit itself by believing the magicians trick that their mind is limited in its ability to create ANYTHING into existence? It must be because that they are not aware of the beauty of the mind, the eternal creation that is the Universe and the infinite potential that slumbers within them.
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  • How to attract money into your life the right way!

    It is strange. Most people who are broke say that money isn’t important to them, coming up with yet another excuse. The truth is that money does have its importance in our society today. Maybe not anymore in 300 years, but still today.

    The secret is that you must always strive to balance all areas of your life:


    When you lack in one area of your life, it is most likely that you lack also in other areas. Now, in terms of money, it is important to understand what money actually is. Money is simply a tool. It has a vibration and frequency because money is energy. Neutral energy, at that. You can impress negativity or positivity unto money and it will obey.

    Money is Energy

    Having said that, you can easily attract money into your life by getting into the same frequency. Money has the same (or similar) frequency as love.

    But where to start?

    PRAGMA has developed its Holistic Life Transformation® method that will balance all areas of your life by implementing a proven system.

    The perfect start is always to ask yourself what your beliefs are about what it is you want to improve. In this case, money. What is your attitude towards money? How do you feel about earning money? How about spending money? How did your parents handle money?

    These deeply installed beliefs and mental money blocks are what keep you away from money. Or rather, what keeps money away from you.

    Only by working on these false beliefs will you be able to attract money into your life.

    I deserve money

    Most people subconsciously think that they do not deserve money. These thoughts are sabotaging them their whole lives and they do not even know it. False beliefs about money will keep money away from you forever.

    It is mighty important that you work on your subconscious reprogramming. Your belief system must be analysed and upgraded.

    Therefore, the first exercise must be to write down all your beliefs about money, good and bad.

    Reprogram your Subconscious Mind

    After you have carefully assessed your money belief system, the next step is to reprogram your subconscious mind and impress upon it the new belief system.

    PRAGMA has developed a special meditation for this purpose to get you into your heart space and meditate to self-affirmations. Now, as we have already explained, your regular self-affirmations do not work because you are lying to your subconscious mind. You say things like „I am rich“, or „I am a millionaire“. These affirmations don’t work because you cannot lie your way to a new reality. The PRAGMA meditation has been especially developed to affirm the universal truths to your subconscious mind so that it has no other choice but to upgrade its old belief system.

    Think and Grow Rich? Nope….

    There is no such thing as to „Think and Grow Rich“. It is true, though, that your mindset is important but just by thinking you cannot attract money into your life. What you need to do now is to TAKE ACTION. And here is the step-by-step guide by PRAGMA on how to attract money into your life:

    Set your intention
    Take Perfect Actions
    Detach from the Outcome

    Setting your intentions is a much better approach than to set SMART goals. Why? Because setting intentions work effortlessly! As opposed to setting SMART goals, where you focus on external factors and insist on a desired outcome, setting your intentions is so much more effective because you focus on how you feel.

    There is no manifestation without Planning. Assess what you CAN do today and what is AVAILABLE to you right now. Do not waste a second thinking „If I only had X, then…“. This is wishful thinking. What can you do? And what do you have? That’s it. Then go take action!

    Taking perfect actions, that is! What this means is that you will never act half-heartedly. Even the most profane task will be executed by you with perfection. Because only by proving that you can put in more life onto your current level will you be able to shift onto the next level of money.

    Detaching from the outcome is something that nobody ever told you, presumably. Detaching means that you stop insisting on a specific outcome, and you open yourself up for the infinite potential of the universe. You will get so much more than you ever dreamed of, if only you’d detach from your „SMART goals“. You set your SMART goals only from your current level, not knowing about what else you could have. Detach and have faith and trust in the universe. As long as you take perfect action, all will be phenomenal!

    Visit us at http://www.PRAGMA.Love

    #PragmaLondon #TransformYourLife #CreateYourReality #abundance #consciousness #lawofattraction #thinkandgrowrich
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  • [RAW RANT uncut!] Don't be an excuser. Forget your Plan B. Stick with Plan A and give it all you got! 10 minutes of raw, uncut wisdom from my personal experience. Enjoy! -Josef Reisz
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