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  • This is over an hour, but is totally new info on the history of the us and who owns us. According to this, it is not the R family, or the fed, or the council on foreign relations. Those (and most everything else) is owned or controlled by a family line from France, a royal who fled to the US by the last name Payseur. The last name is significant as it sounds like paying money. No coincidence.
    This video is war drummer using his channel for Anon Matrixxx to go over his research that was prompted at the urging of Q. I have not been listening to much of the Q decodes lately, as they keep rehashing the same things and there is nothing new.
    Enter this discussion. It is no rehash. It's all new, based on deep research of former Q posts.
    This Payeus family was here during the time of Washington, and has bloodlines involved in all the major players in the corporate, banking, and government interests.
    The family owned or had puppets running rail, banks, shipping, Heinz pickles (pickle company shows up in a Q post), GM, and so many more I cannot remember. It seemed like it was everything. News, too. Of course.
    This is the identity of the [P] in Qposts, not the pope.
    There are trusts for everything in this country, and the trusts own the people. GWB owned one of these huge trusts. The funds will not be able to be claimed by whomever inherits because of that cool EO about freezing funds of those involved in human trafficking and/or corruption.

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  • Hello everyone! I've been busy on Youtube and Twitter for a few weeks trying to get a good understanding of the Q movement and some of the connections (people, places and things) involved in it. When I discovered it was a worldwide movement involving humanities freedom, I was hooked!
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