Any and all things related or manifested by the earth's hum. Personal,physical,theories ect. Welcome one and all.
  • Hello one and all. Welcome to the new members. Incidents of this have fallen off insofar as I can tell (at least as my personal experience can tell). Although, I have experienced peaks and valleys. If anyone can expound, please do.

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  • I apologize for lack of participation. I am thankful for the latest replies. There is some good information for us to digest. May the information serve us well.
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  • Schumann Resonance. All ears and no pun intended.
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  • tonal frequencies

    Hearing ringing in your ears of late?

    Did you know this is a form of clairaudience?

    For those of you who do not know what the word clairaudient means, it is the faculty of perceiving, by hearing, what is inaudible.

    What is happening in our world, as many of you are moving up the ascension ladder from a 3 dimensional reality to a 4 and 5 dimensional reality, is the light forces and the dark forces are using psychic toning to either help or to hinder our soul’s enlightenment to truth.

    Psychic toning is something we really want to be aware of and to pay attention to.

    If you have been on the spiritual path, releasing false beliefs and releasing all dark emotions that weigh you down and entering into your own light of truth, you may be noticing various tones from very high to low.

    Some tones are high and some are not.

    The ringing may last for long periods of time or they may come in shorter duration.

    Those who are not spiritually awakening either may not notice this phenomena or they may notice low vibrational frequencies only.

    The important thing to notice is how they make you FEEL. Noticing and acknowledging the toning is very important.

    Why? Because they are asking you to pay attention to your emotions, how you feel, at the time you notice the tones and their shifting frequencies.

    Some tones will make you feel happy and some will make you feel agitated, angry, sad (the emotions of the darkness within.)

    What is happening is something is vying for your attention.
    Do not feel fearful about this.

    You have control over the tones you hear,
    whether you want to hear them at all.
    If you like them, fine.

    If you don’t, that’s fine too.
    But, if you are hearing them and you find your moods swinging too much or the tones are too strong, ask your Angels and Guides or your Higher Self, of the highest order for the highest good, to tone it down.

    Tell them if the tones are too loud or too intense.
    You will begin to notice the difference as your prayer is answered.

    In my experience, higher tones tend to make me feel better.
    My Guidance tells me that when this is happening,
    I’m receiving delivery of upgrades to my frequency, light codes, and my DNA. Therefore, I accept them, with gratitude, to the Angels, Guides, and Masters.

    Do You Hear Perpetual High Pitched Frequencies?

    For me, when I am hearing the really high tonal frequencies, someone is saying or thinking something very positive about me.

    Conversely, when I hear the low tones, depending on how loud they are determines just how loud someone is talking about me.

    So, if someone is really angry or upset with me, in some way, I will hear it in a low tone and their essence will be made known to me.

    If they are really, really projecting anger toward me, the tonal frequency becomes so intense that I know I have to spiritually protect myself from psychic attack.

    I’ve learned through these negative experiences of tonal frequencies that I am in control of this and that I do not need to know who is reacting negatively to me. It’s none of my business what others think.

    Remembering that our world is a free-will zone, I am given the advance notice to make the choice to stay in a positive frame of mind or to react negatively.

    When we react positively and centered in the neutrality of love, we are staying in a higher frequency (in the 4D and the 5D reality.)

    When our emotions react negatively, there are dark forces that feed on and harvest the negative energy of that emotion and it is spread out among us.

    We get to choose.

    Lori Lines has been a natural psychic and healer all her life
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  • I know this is off subject in this group however, anyone have any ideas? Forgive me for crap-posting in my own group.
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  • Awaiting to collaborate with fellow members... The hum isn't going away. We need to understand this phenomenon.
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    Corrected the link.
    The Hum
    The Hum is a phenomenon, or collection of phenomena, involving widespread reports of a persistent and invasive low-frequency humming, rumbling, or droning noise not audible to all people. Hums have been widely reported by national media in the UK and the United States. The Hum is sometimes prefixed with the name of a locality where the problem has been particularly publicized: e.g., the "Bristol Hum" or the "Taos Hum". It is unclear whether it is a single phenomenon; different causes have been attributed. In some cases, it may be a manifestation of tinnitus. Description The essential element that defines the Hum is what is perceived as a persistent low-frequency sound, often described as being comparable to that of a distant diesel engine idling, or to some similar low-pitched sound for which obvious sources (e.g., household appliances, traffic noise, etc.) have been ruled out. There are a number of audio reproductions of the Hum available on the web, as well as at least one purported recording. Other elements seem to be significantly associated with the Hum, being reported by an important proportion of...
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  • Say hello to Rosey my lil' buddy.
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  • #thehum
    Really looking forward to interacting on this subject thank @KellieLaws for adding to the dialogue.
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