The Soul Story is a group based on the conversations of how we all heal the human experience and Gaia to achieve ascension and love, light and spiritual freedom for all!
  • Why Are We Here?
      This existence here on Earth we chose for ourselves is incredibly harsh but we chose this existence when we were in our higher, expanded consciousness and I hear so many say “I never agreed to live in this limited state of consciousness” Ohhh but you did! A much more expanded level of YOU chose your life. Now the hard part is understanding why you chose it. So basically you...
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    The Son/Sun emits the energy to the surface that affects All things here, including Your state of well Being. It is this energy that flows through You and affects how You feel. The innerstanding of this enhances Your ability to navigate more favorably on Your own through the energies and to also assist Others in the most effective ways during healings. Generally, during these Ascending...
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  • 144.000 The Language of Light
    The avatars and masters have now permeated the gridwork of the world, bringing with them their own tools for teaching. The tools that are being utilized on this planet are artifacts that are not of your dimension, symbolic forms that literally have a life of their own. They make up what is known as the Language of Light.You are implanted with a structure, a geometric form, which triggers...
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  • Journey With Spirit Healing Past Lives!
    Much LOVE to all this is part two of my spirit journey I recently shared. I am doing this to inspire the many to go out and do these types of ceremonies themselves. If some hillbilly who just got awakened 3 years ago after a NDE can do this any of you can get on mission of restoring light and love within this realm!   So after I left Mateo Tepee (Devils Tower) spirit called me...
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  • On A Journey With Spirit Opening Portals
    Much LOVE to all! I want to share a very unique story about my latest journey with spirit. So two weeks ago I headed North on a mission, spirit has been urging me to go to Mateo Tepee for several years now and hold ceremony. This is the native place name but most of us know it as Devils Tower. Usually what I find out is that when the powers that where gave a dark name to a place it has a very...
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  • Near Death Experiences
     I had my second NDE almost 3 years ago which starting my personal grand awakening back to LOVE! Here is a remarkable story from a woman in another group explaining hers. Someday I shall share mine with you! Not really sure why it is called “near” death because you are not alive, you die and you return.... As I was wheeled on a guerny to an ER bay, I thought I may not make...
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  • Benevolent Intervention Under Universal Law Is In Effect In This Space
    Things are moving very quickly behind the curtain. Hold tight and keep grounded. There will come a time soon when those around you will need your love and light to help them find their way out of the darkness!     Rick Jewers Our intent is benevolent. There is no choice for those upon the Surface that have a malevolent intent, they must comply. All leaders of...
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  • Very Large Galactic Federation Ship Arriving Soon! ECETI News
      ECETI News, February 26th 2019 While in meditation I was told a very large Galactic Federation ship will be here in the first week of March. It has 49 shuttles each 220 feet wide. It is part of the changes rapidly unfolding on Earth. Most of your leaders are aware of and working with the Federation, the Orion Council of Light and Pleiadians. I have not been told as of yet their...
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  • The Dimensional Shift Part 2- The Day of Purification
    The Dimensional Shift Part 2- The Day of Purification The Day of Purification means everything will be restored back to natural balance. There’s a 1400 year old structure in New Mexico “Taos Pueblo” and by tribal law no synthetic material is allowed inside the structures because when this purification process takes place they know it’ll all just disappear. Like I said...
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  • The Coming Dimensional Shift
    The Dimensional Shift Part 1 What’s going to happen in the near future? What’s happening right now? What usually happens when we approach this point in the Precession... (Precession of the Equinox post in comments) where this change takes place everything starts to break down meaning all social structures begin to dissolve and break down. A major reason this is happening is...
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