The San Luis Valley (SLV) is one of the world's most active anomalous regions with a variety and intensity of unexplained phenomenal events that have generated global interest for over 50 years. Welcome to the mysterious San Luis Valley group page! Group moderator Christopher O'Brien conducted a 10-year research project investigating and documenting hundreds of reports fed to him by law enforcement, ranchers, farmers, outdoors people, hunters and skywatchers. This research resulted in O'Brien's three books of his "mysterious valley" trilogy. This group will interact between SLV locals and interested outsiders to keep each other informed as to the current activity in the SLV, discuss important cases and also share research into the region's rich history that extends back almost 13,000 years. Please play nice, we don't abide trolls, whiners or time-wasters. Ask some questions, get some answers or at least a healthy 'I don't know.' This is one off our planet's best kept so-called 'paranormal' regions so let's dive in and talk about it!
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