The people are the gifts, the people are the power, the genius, the brilliance, and the vision that has created everything we see around us. The current socio-economic structure of our countries and our world has failed us all. Everyday we are witness to untold assaults on our people and our planet as the criminals that have taken control, wage their wars of global domination and industrial aggregation in a blind greed, that is destroying us and the exquisite planet we, and countless others, rely on for life. We will no longer sit idly by watching the destruction of our countries, our towns and human potential, by the greed of corporate entities who control our governments for their profit. We rise knowing that the assault on our liberties and future prosperity will end with our ability to take action. We, the people, are uniting and creating a new way…a new system…a future filled with hope & beauty for ourselves and our children. We are creating a totally new system that turns competition into collaboration…a new social structure where we all benefit from our collective efforts and individual talents… a new world where people are put before profits, and the resources and materials are used to enrich all our lives. This is the philosophy of UBUNTU… of Contributionism. Every single one of us is born with valuable and unique gifts and talents that could be used to improve the lives of everyone around them, but instead these gifts are wasted in mundane week-long positions of servitude making profits for those wealthier than ourselves. Everything you see around you, from the cars to the crayons, started in the mind of a human; it was all designed, built, wrapped and delivered by humans or human-created machines. Your cosmetics, your smart phone, the jewellery you wear, your flat screen, your entire home, all created by people for people. So why do so many have so little? To understand UBUNTU we must first have a clear and open mind, erasing any preconceived notions of past systems that have failed us and releasing our beliefs that the current money-based system we live in is the only viable option. There is another way! Not only does it work in bringing abundance for all and resolving our many social and ecological problems, but it is also the only solution that leaves absolutely no opportunity for corruption. It takes time and deep reflection to recognize how truly insane the current system is, but once the penny drops that insanity becomes crystal clear – We are all trapped in a lifelong cycles, using most of the hours of our lives to create goods and services to earn money, to then buy back those very goods and services that we made and paid for with those precious hours of our lives. We are losing our lives to enrich a system that is destroying our planet and us. When instead, we could be working together to create towns, cities, countries and lives overflowing with abundance, food, arts, music, sports, technology, health, leisure and infinite variety. The people are the gifts, the people are the power, the genius, the brilliance, and the vision that has created everything we see around us. We are told all the problems facing us are inevitable, that war, hunger and poverty are symptoms of the human condition and we need governments to protect us from ourselves. As many of us now realize, this is simply a lie to disempower us! ALL the decay, hunger, fear, and lack surrounding us are the direct results of the parasites profiteering off of us, which includes the governments we are told are there to serve us. But there is another way; UBUNTU thrives because all our resources and materials are used to support the people, who in turn then support their own towns and communities by creating materials, products and services, which enrich the lives of everybody. Within UBUNTU everyone is an integral part of his or her community. Everyone contributes something, and everyone feels needed. Instead of shelves stocked with food while people starve, instead of warehouses brimming with shiny products that few can afford, we create supermarkets and warehouses full of products with no price label, and all anyone need do to access this bounty is to have made their weekly contribution to their own communities.. Money is the middle man that hinders & blocks progress & growth – we have the factories, industries, distribution systems, skills, talent & man-power to create all we need & more… we do not need money!
  • We MUST END all local business competition to get out of this SLAVE money system. We do that by working TOGETHER in community owned/run co-ops and community projects.

    This leads us to 1 day max work weeks and all our needs met at zero financial costs

    It can start with just 2 people working together. One example 2 competing hair stylists in a town that are each not making much money, get together and rent 1 place. This cuts their expenses in half OVERNIGHT.

    Or a hair stylists and a person that does finger nail work.

    Or 2 hair stylists and 2 nail workers, cutting each persons expenses 75% overnight.

    Or 2 different martial arts teachers sharing a studio, or 2 yoga instructors sharing a studio, or 2 martial arts teachers and 2 yoga teachers sharing a studio.

    2 owners of local garden centers getting together.

    2 bakers getting together....

    They then SHARE in all the income/expenses/work. They can now easily work just 4 days a week each and be open 6 days a week.

    If 3 - 4 hair stylists or martial arts or yoga together they could each take 1 week a month off!Eventually this leads to 1 community co-op/project for each need, with each person working just 1 day a week and have most of their needs met.

    This leads to the end of the money system when everyone can have 1 day max work weeks and all needs met at zero financial costs.

    Let's start!
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  • i can't believe i fell for the money scam most of my life, but that's how good a job the THUGS have done lying to, brainwashing, programming, conditioning, indoctrinating and inculcating us to believe we "need money to live". We DON'T, NEVER did.

    ALL we ever needed to do and do NOW is work TOGETHER in 1 day work weeks and SHARE the resources, that's it!

    EVERY cashier is a wast of Human time/life. Every competing business is a waste of Human time/life. Every job not really needed by/for Humanity is a waste of Human time/life and also ENSLAVEMENT.

    Just SHARE in the ACTUAL work needed by society and we are FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • Why hasn't "socialism" worked?

    Did they still use SLAVE money?

    YES, that's why.

    Socialism is supposed to be the/a bridge between capitalism and communism. With the state taking over all businesses. But because SLAVE money is still used, the state/people in govt are still motivated by power and money.

    Money MUST be removed from the equation to even have a chance of socialism working.

    This idea of "seizing/taking" of all the businesses is not liked by business owners that feel they "worked for" and "paid for" the business and therefore have a "right" to "own" it. Plus they want the income the business makes to allow them to own big houses, nice cars, own vacation homes, jets. boats.... al the ME ME ME items that the money system has us all chasing to make our ENSLAVEMENT seem better.

    This is why i like UBUNTU Contributionism as a transition method to a no money world. Instead of SEIZING the means of production, we work TOGETHER and SHARE resources, for now in community owned/run co-ops and projects. Because we are not working for a personal paycheck, but to receive the things/products/services we need to live at zero financial costs to us personally. The Town pays any/all expenses from the income generated.

    Being as we have no "payroll" and will pay no rent/mortgage on/for these projects and co-ops, we are able to sell our products/services for much less than competing businesses that are not part of our co-ops/projects. So those competing businesses have to close, then their workers and owners can come join us as we grow the transition to a no money world.

    The business owners can't complain that their business was seized by the govt, instead they lost at the capitalism game by smarter players, thus we use capitalism against capitalism, the money system against the money system, to lead us to a no money world with 1 day work weeks and all our needs met at zero financial costs.

    The solution is SIMPLE, just needs US to DO it.

    Let's get this done!
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  • "If you can't afford to pay a living wage you can't afford to be in business"

    The sad thing is over 80% of the businesses do not make enough money to stay in business and close within 10 years, with many/most of those years the business owners make a below living wage, if any.

    The above is a FRUIT of the REAL problem, the REAL problem/ROOT of the problem, is that Capitalism and the money/currency system do not and can not work for all of Humanity, it is a game of musical chairs with most people losing the game.

    What happened is we were born into a SLAVE money system, and brainwashed all our lives to beLIEve that free range economic SLAVERY is freedom, it's NOT, it's SLAVERY.

    The great news is it's a SIMPLE fix, all we need to do is work together in 1 day work weeks and we could receive all our needs at zero financial costs.

    Don't hate the players, hate the game, then work together to change/end the game so it works for EVERYONE.
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  • EP193 Ubuntu Part 2-Local: D Mike David Michael Reed Ubuntu KS on Exploring Possibilities interview, click on link to listen
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  • Aaron Essary describes a recession proof local economy/UBUNTU Contributionism
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  • John Smith wrote - On average for every 1 hour of labour the average worker can afford a loaf of bread and a drink of water. Puts the whole sorry mess of capitalism into prospective doesn't it ?

    Alternative 100 community members could contribute 3 hours per week = 300 hours to create a large and nutrient self sustaining garden that could feed the whole community and beyond. With all the available technologies out there imagine what else a community could create to be self sufficient, also imagine with a minimum of 37 hours of free time to spare not making profit you'll never see how you could be using that stress free time to enjoy life. Anything is possible when a community comes together in an efficient way.

    Henry Ford improved the production line for increased production and profit. We can greatly improve our production to increase our own profit of quality of life and totally turn the tides of human history.
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  • The hardest part of 1 day work weeks is what shall i do on my 6 days off
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  • Why do you believe people must work 40+ hours a week
    to live?

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  • People will make what we need, remember as Michael Tellinger says People Do EVERYTHING.

    During transition is the hardest part, until we have an UBUNTU Hospital in town (or nearby town) we will have to use the money from sales of other items to pay for health care etc., as we will have to do to purchase vehicles for a town and anything else we need that we do not/can not make in town.

    After transition is simple.

    UBUNTU is nothing new, it's the way life used to be before THUGS came along and said this is mine, you must do what i say...

    My Uncle owned a restaurant, his whole family worked in it. This paid all their living expenses. This is what we do with community projects/co-ops during transition, but even better, working members will receive things like food for free, utilities for free, clothing for free...eventually we can offer housing for free.

    We can open UBUNTU co-op stores like a General Store and buy everything we don't make at wholesale prices. Charging non members less than competing non member stores. Eventually those other stores can't compete, close down, and the people working there join us in the community co-ops/projects.

    This will not happen overnight, though technically it could if a whole towns population wanted and worked for it. But it can happen fairly quickly once a few percent of a towns population are working on it.

    MT talks about health care in some of the videos at i recommend watching at least 1 a week every week until it is firmly understood.

    Here is a similar idea that shows how working together and sharing resources gets us to a no money world only with more working hours during transition (which will actually be needed at the start of UBUNTU in any town. If just 2 people are working together they most likely will need to work more than 3 hours a week each until enough people join in to help:
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