• Anshar / VirtuaLink

    I found something very similar in Japan to what Corey Goode saw while visiting the Inner Earth group, The Anshar. Below are some quotes with descriptions and images.

    Chairs for Telephatic Contacts (From Cosmic Disclosure)
    Corey ended up in a room with egg shaped chairs. Corey says in this room, people were reaching out with their minds to people on the surface, or they were sitting around in circles having a ‘conference call’ via telepathic contact. Corey adds that there were well over 200 chairs, just in this one area, for telepathic contacts.

    Chairs for Resting (From David Wilcock's Article)
    The Anshar didn’t really sleep. They just spent forty minutes or so in one of the egg-shaped chairs every few days.

    Virtual Reality Chairs from VirtuaLink
    Konica Minolta’s VirtuaLink will not only connect the virtual world to reality, but it will also connect people with each other. VirtuaLink is a new multiplayer virtual reality entertainment service to be launched by Konica Minolta which takes the concept of synchronization. VirtuaLink will be providing a new and exciting experience by connecting people through space at Tokyo SKYTREE TOWN!
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  • Designing Videogames For a More Mindful World | Robin Arnott | TEDxLinz

    Can gaming help people overcome stress and struggles of life? What happens if the design of modern technology is informed by the wisdom of ancient spiritual awakening practices? Videogames are a powerful technology for organizing and altering attention structures. Instead of directing a player's attention outward upon a world to be mastered, though, attention could be oriented to the core: the player's own inward experience of being.

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