• Storm brewing over Yorkshire
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  • A recent trip to the Isle of Skye resulted in some fantastic photography. My favorite from the trip was these "sand Art" images. Created when the tide went out each evening, the water would run through the black and white sand to create these stunning pictures in the sand. They look "Other Worldly". These are only a few of then pictures I have.
    I will be making some available as Digital Prints for sale on my website and social media
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  • Good morning world, from a very sunny and warm Scotland. A stunning end to the week. I'm off to the Isle of Skye for a weeks photography and relaxation.
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  • @inyoni So, a little about me.
    I spent 6 years full time in the UK Armed forces, and a further 15 years in reserve forces. I'm now working in the financial sector as an analyst. I also run my own photography business.
    For the past 4 years, I have been trying, unsuccessfully to get someone, anyone to listen to my story. I think onstellar could finally be the right place to tell it.
    During my early childhood I had several paranormal experiences, ghosts and other sightings. I'll leave these for another day.
    In the early 90s I was based at Larkhill camp on Salisbury Plain. Whilst on night guard duty, myself and another soldier were called to investigate a possible broken down vehicle next to officers quarters. There was no vehicle but we could hear movement and a faint glow, what we saw next will forever remain with me. A growl so deep and gutteral I can only compare it to a bear. A shape grew out of the darkness, large and dark, as we looked on and swore quite a few times an object behind the first started to glow, and hum. The noise was very low and I could feel it start to give me a headache. It seemed to just get louder then a flash and gone. We searched around for a few minutes but nothing was there. We both reported this and wrote out a description of our incident, we did not hear anything else on this matter afterwards Having recently spoken to the other individual involved, my recollection of this night is exactly the same as his.
    Another incident around 1991 caused quite a lot of attention around the base, in a heavily secure area of the base where the munitions were kept (a large single storey building surrounded by fields and large security fences and gates). The grass was longer in parts of this area, in the usual morning routine a couple of QM staff (quartermaster) found a "crop circle" within the long grass. Security was so tight that nobody, including armed forces personnel could just walk into this area unless they had security clearance. A security investigation was carried out and a lot of people were interviewed by the armed forces police special branch. To this date I believe that this has never been spoken about in public.
    I have other incidents I would like to talk about. I want to get it off my chest and reveal what I know.
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