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How to deal with the Traumatised Damaged Victims and Satanic Illuminati - I couldn't have said it better myself :-

“As loving humans we must realize that a certain part of our population wasn’t as lucky as them and instead they have been broken and traumatized through satanic brutalization since birth to eventually continue perpetuating the system of evil we are now trying to overcome. The only way to stop for good and for all this madness of insurmountable dark evil is by giving them a chance to find a way out of the only thing they have ever known, which is their current cycle of evil…but there are many who have been irreparably damaged and those are now set in a mode to kill ‘everything and everyone’ that does not comply with their ‘programming.’ Those must be eliminated and shot on sight for the good of humanity.”

[Link to full letter below]

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Benjamin Fulford: Special letter to the editor from member of founding family of Federal Reserve Board
Benjamin, until the following issue is seriously addressed and corrected within the U.S. military and USA leadership, nothing is going to significantly change.  The ongoing chaos and seemingly never-ending problems that are keeping the USA “stuck,” as it is now, are that Donald Trump and current key individuals within the U.S. government and military leadership …
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