Hi! Nice to meet you! RN for 28 years but I follow the holistic way more. I woke up a little over 20 years ago when I discovered how they grew carrots. Then gradually learning more about what they are doing to us through the years through the radio, reading(currently reading "Nutrient Power, Heal your Biochemistry and heal your Brain" by William Walsh) and endless internet. Proud vegan for the animals, for the environment and for my health! My partner is vegan and awake too! My interests are anything health/medical/eating vegan food/environmental/ancient history/Egypt/nature/cooking vegan food/reading/paranormal/podcasts/exercising/music/hanging out with my kids/and did I mention vegan food!
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  • Did anyone meditate on 11/11? I had set my clock to wake up about 10 minutes before and I started to meditate in my usual fashion. My experience was very personal. It was the most ever that I had felt to be more than who I am, to be part of something. Although it was a mix of good and bad. I am not sure if I was just "caught up" in it? but I felt mother nature was revolting against us humans. So when I heard about that unusual seismic wave, I think that it could not just be coincidence. There is definitely a "bigger picture" to us here and we are just not allowed to see it. I have lived my life feeling as if I don't belong and not doing what I am supposed to be doing although I am a fortunate and successful person in life. Its what has always kept me striving to do better and catch up to my thoughts.
    Thanks for letting me rant!
    Always stay on your right path and you will discover it!
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