I'm a consciously spiritual being having an ordinary human experience. The conscious part throws all kinds of monkey wrenches into the works! But overall, I love life and life has been good to me. I enjoy writing about my everyday experiences, meeting, and getting to know more like-minded folks out there. And as always, so much to do and so little time. I do not want to be 80 or even 60 or 50 looking back on my life and feeling like I wasted it. That's why I am taking steps now toward what I feel is most important. Here you will not find someone who has achieved enlightenment; but, you will find someone who is making progress towards it.
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  • What is it going to take?

    It's 5 am and my mind just won't settle. I keep thinking about this meme I saw on a friend's FB page.

    I've included it below. But it reads in a circle:

    Mass Shooting -> Thoughts and Prayers -> Facebook Debates -> Everyone Forgets -> Congress does nothing -> Crickets chirping -> Mass Shooting.... with an american flag and an infinity symbol in the middle. It's illegibly by signed by someone on 11-16-17.

    The person who posted this is a friend of mine, not a close friend, but once a closer friend. She's a compassionate person, and she's not stupid. But what I found myself wanting to say, but didn't -because I didn't want to incite comment wars with her followers- was to point out that there HAS to be something missing from that cycle. Think about it. There is obviously something missing from the masses mindset surrounding their understanding of the causes of these tragedies.

    I know it. You may know it. But so many just do not know it. How can I wake my friends and family up to realities that are so darn bleak? How do we break through their dismissiveness of things they've been told to scoff at?

    This meme... it looks at the surface level cycle only. It says "what" - Mass Shootings, "reactions" - prayers thoughts and debates, and then it recognizes no actions being taken to prevent further mass shootings.

    And for the sake of sanity here, let's take the gun control issue out of play. It most likely is important, but let's take it out for this discussion because it gets us nowhere and changes no one's pre-determined mindset.

    While the meme simplifies what is or isn't happening, what it DOESN'T look at is "When?"

    Not "Why?" is this happening, but "WHEN?"

    Part of pattern discerning is looking deeper at when something happens. If the debated reasons something is happening isn't fully explaining the prevalence of it, nor can anyone agree on solutions for it, then it's time to look at deeper patterns...

    How can we convey to people around us that these shootings are distractions? Sure, they may have co or sub agendas of their own, but the timing of "when" they happen is saved for a specific purpose, to distract us from something else brewing in the news that "they" don't want the masses to see.

    Like domestic abuse, domestic terrorism serves to dominate us, aka: control us. And that's what this is, modern domestic terrorism disguised as home-grown lone shooters. The mass media runs with the story and social media flares around it, leaving other breaking news ignored during the very time it has to become truly trending news.

    What has come out recently this time?

    - Anthony Weiner's laptop seizure indictment became unsealed.
    - A ton of bishops in Chili all resigned and the Pope himself is rumored to also be considering it.
    - A draft of a report of HRC's email server investigation has been provided to DOJ and FBI, possibly showing misdeeds during the original investigation.

    I thought there was something else and for the life of me at the moment, it won't come to mind.

    These other stories probably seem unrelated to those indoctrinated by the mass media machine. And that too is by design. Every time there are crumbs let out about the deep corruption in our world, every time these crumbs could lead to masses of people seeing more and more connections, as if by magic BAM! another mass shooting happens to destroy the narrative.

    THAT's the missing link in this graphic.

    But how can you tell them? Commenting on a friend's FB post that conspiracies really do happen and this is among the biggest of them... well, it's just asking for trouble. And yet, I don't want to keep my head down any longer. I guess I'm open to ideas on how to CONSTRUCTIVELY help others see the truth. Maybe there's no feel-good way to deliver such information. Obviously there's no way my effort alone can make it happen. People need to take this in, in chunks, from various sources. And I need to take their rebuttals in chunks, too. It's quite a mess we're all in.
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