Reiki Master attuned to Usui and Reiki Tummo. Dedicated volunteer for DisclosureFest. New to OnStellar but have decades of natural health background. Grateful for this safe place to share health information.
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  • What do you get when you order Italian food in Munich? I don't know but back in 2010 I got food poisoning so bad that it became one of those "never again" times. So, I began the search for the antidote:

    Activated charcoal.

    This stuff has worked great to get poisons out of our bodies. I carry it all times and busted it out at Dimensions of Disclosure when I heard that one of our friends had eaten something (the evening before the opening so it not any of the food we ate.) : ) When I checked with this person the next day, they had a big smile for me.

    It saved me from the last bout of food poisoning as I took it as soon as the symptoms appeared. Years ago, a friend called and asked if I could come over "with my stuff" because her neighbor had eaten some bad sushi. I gave the man two activated charcoal capsules with a tablespoon of bentonite clay. He washed it down will a full cup of water.
    He told me he was recovering within the hour.

    There is some caution to the product as it can also remove medication taken by a patient, so one needs to be aware not to take it right after a needed med or take it too often. I use it for maintenance and the occasional emergency.

    Vitacost has been a go-to for us and I've used their activated charcoal for years now.

    Be well.
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  • “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ~ Nikola Tesla

    With that in mind, I introduce you to my fav frequency video on YouTube. It's long enough to leave on overnight while you sleep.
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