It seems studying and probing consciousness is wholly inseparable from any honest attempt to study or probe any piece or facet of what is now generally being called phenomenology. Any thinking person will find this conclusion inescapable. Being counted among both thinking persons and among, perhaps, the "lonely" - I've set out to create a space to study, engage, share, enlighten, research, and publicize what we can in a community atmosphere about consciousness. Of course our world is a big place. So the Cincinnati and surrounding area focus is simply practical. There'll be a local flavor to the page. But consciousness is local and universal. So we welcome any thinking, sentient being from wherever your local is situated. My local is Cincinnati. (A note on "Cincinnati and the Area". Purely from personal preference alone, Cincinnati and the area is considered for my purposes to be from Cincinnati in any/every direction on the map until the next big city (or pretty big city where lack of metropolises exist). So the geometric shape forms from Cincinnati to Indianapolis, Cincinnati to Louisville, Cincinnati to Lexington, Cincinnati to Parkersburg, Cincinnati to Columbus, Cincinnati to Fort Wayne.) J.L.O. June 2018
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