Hello Everyone, This page will be all about connecting with each other in order to bring about (POSITIVE) change in the world. Creative Connections will use the mind, body and soul in each of us, to create a better world. Starting out we will set one day a week aside for us all to meditate together at the same time. We will have suggestion pages for certain topics to meditate on. After there are topics to choose from, there will be up voting for the topic to meditate on. And that is how the topic will be chosen in the future. Be Sure To Invite Your friends and Like This page if you feel it deserves it. :) lol Getting started for the first one we will keep it simple and I will announce the first topic a few days before we do our meditation. I'm sure many of us have heard of the group that meditated and the result was that crime levels went down by 70 something % ( I will update with the real stats - lol) I really hope this will become a popular page. Not for my benefit in any way shape or form... If we do this and get a lot of people doing it we can change the world for the better. We just need to start somewhere and I'm hoping it's right here, Right NOW. love mike vastsin (:
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  • Consciousness
  • Hello everyone!,
    It's absolutely incredible how the mind of a child works. As I sat in the shade on this very sunny day surfing on my laptop, my neighbors child Nicki asked me what I was doing. I answered trying to think of something called a positive affirmation. Well the child obviously asked me what that was and I explained. It is a statement of positive reinforcement to remind ourselves that life is good. I tried to keep it easy for her. But she understood and said okay bye bye. lol. But then returned with her dad 2 minutes later asking if it was okay if she could help and if i could watch her while he mowed his lawn. I snapped back a quick yes because I know that children see the world very different then grown ups.
    So, as I asked this child if she could help me come up with some cool new Positive affirmations . After only me coming up with bland boring ones she asked if she could play some games on my computer instead. I had no games, but solitaire. But I remembered paint and asked if she wanted to draw with the mouse. She loved the idea and couldn't wait to start, jumping up and down while twirling on the spot. Truly amazing how something like drawing on a computer can bring a child to happiness beyond comprehension. Long story short, we both came up with our new PA of the day. I'm sure she gets all the credit for the whole thing. All I did was type in somethings and pick out colors. The rest was honestly hers. I am so happy how it went, and it taught me a few things on the way. One of the lessons for sure is that simple things in life are to be enjoyed and that we should all be thankful... No matter what we have.

    With much love
    Michael v
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  • #suggestions : Hey there everyone, For the first event I will be selecting something very important to me, and most likely everyone else too. This group will be interactive with suggestions and voting in order to be fair to as many people as possible.
    The important part of this meditation is to always make the world a more positive place to live, for people all over the universe...(or Multiverse) The second most important part is to interact with each other and to enjoy ourselves while we do this.
    Be Sure To Invite Your friends and Like This page if you feel it deserves it.
    We know we can succeed so the more people, the more effective this so called experiment will be.
    Keep a positive mind set and we will all chat about the future of this site together. This all relies on you so it's very important we come together.
    p.s.... don't hesitate to private msg me if u have questions or just need to talk.
    Announcements will come this Tuesday in order to get things started.
    Thank You with love,
    Michael Vastsin
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