Throughout my Awakening and Search for Truth, I find that Synchronistic Dreams unexpectedly appear...containing Signs, Spoken Words, Images or Sounds relating to my path of Seeking. Occasionally in my Dreams, New Concepts previously Unknown to me become apparent. After Researching this new Information, the Synchronicity to my Search for Truth is compelling. I do not believe this to be previously aquired knowledge, but rather a Connection to my Higher Self. Through Awareness of this Intelligent Infinity I believe we can Intuitively find a Path to our own Truths and move closer to our Connection to Source.
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  • Another Dream that sticks in my mind was one that seemed to have an Ancient feeling to it. It was a very short dream that seemed to go all day without alot of detail yet felt So Important to me somehow.

    While in a quiet, sandy desert landcape setting, I recall walking along with a tall being of at least twice my height, recieving telapathic communication in a completely different language. This being was purple/brown in colour with a smooth Pleistocene type Skin. It walked with quite fluid momevent, and had no facial features that stood out other than an aged appearance. The entire scene was without any sound and very peaceful. Although I dont remember what was said to me in this transfer of information, I do know I could understand it clear as day as we walked along.

    After what seemed like hours of walking and learning from this being, I happened to look up in front of us to see what I could only describe as Large Stone steps, Leading up to an even Larger Destroyed Temple Platform, very much like what some of Ancient Egypt looks like today.

    Once at the Top of these Steps and at the Base of this existing Structure, the Being turned and communicated to me to look out towards the Horizon, and with that motion he/she Faded out of view. What I saw in the distance was amazing yet with a feeling of sadness. As far as the eye could see were Very Ancient, Detroyed and Weathered Structures, similar to StoneHenge and the Easter Island monuments. Looking further out toward the Horizon I could see the curvature of this planet I was on. It stood out much much more than it does here on Earth so my best guess is it was a Smaller Planet than ours. This entire Dream felt like a History Lesson from a Lost Civilization of another Time and Place, yet with an eerie feeling of being Very Close to Home.

    Its one of my Favourite Dream memories so far and although short and sweet..I somehow feel the Love!
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  • From a Dream a few years back...The words SAVE KEENAN stand out as the Most Important along with the images that went with the a classroom setting with the Teacher in a panicked tone pleading to Do as the words suggest or Help in some way!

    I find in these types of Dreams that this is the moment that always wakes you up...Just when you require MORE Information!

    On waking from this dream whilst saying/hearing 'Save Keenan' I tried to think if I had heard the name before...and could not, so I immediately searched the net for the Name or any meanings associated. The search concluded a few interesting things...One of these being that the word Keenan, had some ties to the words Ancient & Irish or something along those lines. The Second thing I came across was Neil Keenan, and after doing some research on him I found out about the Global Collateral Accounts and how they were basically stolen years ago and used to fund certain agendas. Neil was and still is trying to retrieve them for the people of the world with the apparent help of some of the White Hats. It is an interesting read and worth the search as it ties in alot of what happened with President Kennedy's Assassination and the removal of President Sukarno from power...including Kennedy wanting to disband the CIA and have a new Gold Backed Currency. Finally Third but not least how could I forget about the band Tool and Maynard James Keenan, with all their thought provoking albums, filmclips and the artwork of Alex Grey, there is no surprise that in my search for expanding consciousness they would definitely have an influence.

    I still dont understand the 'Save' portion of the dream but nevertheless, this small imprint in my mind hurtled me further down the rabbit hole and with many more Stand out Dreams and Daily Synchronicities like this one up until Now, I have my Mind Opened Wide and enjoy the continuing search for Truth.

    My thoughts out loud...
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  • Dreams have a funny way of guiding us...

    In the last minutes of a previous dream I've had, I happened to be enjoying a game of Ten Pin Bowling using the Ancient Crystal Skulls of Atlantis/Mesoamerica (which seemed quite normal until I woke up!)...all of which were coloured to match each of the body's Chakras. It was then as I was waking that the immediate last part of my conversation with whoever I was bowling with was revealed to me with this person saying 'Bay of Andros', which to me in that moment meant absolutely nothing! As I repeated this phrase to myself I decided and felt that this was where some of the Crystal Skulls either are placed now, or possibly where they originated from...I dont really know!

    When I had the chance to do an Internet search on 'Bay of Andros' two things really stood out...The First being a Location near Greece where I immediately had an Ancient Atlantis feeling come over me due to previous research on Thoth and Hermes in the past.

    The Second area that came up in the search was the area close to the Bermuda Triangle and the Bahamas which is also an Atlantis proving that search, I found information regarding an Underwater Navy Base for Testing Technologies that just so happens to be in a Bay on Andros Island...AUTEC (Atlantic Underwater Test and Evaluation Centre) is NATO's (North Atlantic Treaty Organization ) Naval Forces Sensor and Weapons Accuracy Check Sites (FORACS), also known as NFA. It is very interesting what a Dream can show you!

    I Find the details of this Dream highly synchronistic and uncanny to say the least...having never heard of these places by name before and only knowing of the possible Atlantis locations in a very general sense. I do believe that the Crystal Skulls myth is true on some level and is somehow either connected to Atlantis or these geographical areas and it is highly likely part of the reason why an underwater Base is in the area.

    The Search continues...
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