E R K S - City Intraterrena located in Argentina, Capilla del Monte, Cordoba, below the Uritorco Hill ...
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    ERKS is an Initiative Center par excellence, it is a Center for Education and Training, it is an Interior Transformation Center, ERKS is an Illumination Center.

    ERKS represents our own Inner World, ERKS reflects us through its Mirrors, as we really are when we receive your call.

    To access ERKS, we must allow us to previously access the ERKS Celeste or Dimensional in our own Internal World. On this Path, the Autoconvocado must understand that in order to access ERKS, he must first immerse himself in the Path to his own Inner World.

    When you think of ERKS with depth and respect, and you name the word in your interior, you invoke Extraplanetary energies coming from our and other constellations and also attract the Planetary Spiritual Currents that circulate through it.

    In this way you connect with the most exalted of yourself, with the most Holy, with the most Enlightened, with the Light, within your own Interior, from there, the Dream Peace will emerge, you will understand and dispose of this power granted by the Creator, then you can build with your own Imagination, your own city, the one you imagine.

    You will discover the Power of the Willpower of your Spirit and in this way you will have designed your future. This way you will find yourself face to face with your own ERKS, with your own Internal World as you imagine it.

    Everything depends, that we realize that there exists in every human Heart the Force of Spiritual Will necessary to be able to manifest the evolution of the imagination and to turn our dreams into reality.

    Everything depends on our Self-Observation and on the permeability to transformation.

    Everything depends on what we allow ourselves to dream.

    Everything depends on the scope of our vision, the sensitivity of our heart.

    From the more perfect and wonderful Future that we allow ourselves to imagine for the Greatest Common Good and of the awareness of the Spiritual Will Force that springs from the center of our heart with which we will have to give Life to the imagined. covering it and manifesting it.

    Of all these things depends our Destiny and that of all Humanity.

    Remember that these energies are the ones that ERKS deploys as the Initiatic Center and makes available to the Autoconvocado, adapting according to the preparation and Evolution of the individual.

    You must see and build your own Inner City.

    ERKS first and foremost in itself is a Millennial Archetype bequeathed by the High Lords of ERKS, who initiate the Autoconvocado in their own Future, leaving it exposed to its own transformation, Awakening it.

    This is the Future that the Hierarchy has established for the High Lords of ERKS, by directives of the Great Lords of Shambhala to be able to collaborate with the Planetary Evolution Plan, which is permanently in change and transformation, updating according to the need and the requirements of the Great Council.


    ERKS is a Physical and Celestial, Material and Dimensional manifestation.

    ERKS is a Center for the distribution of Planetary and Extraplanetary Energies.

    ERKS has the ability to materialize in the ways that each one imagines.

    ERKS is the City that you have to imagine, because if you do not imagine it, you will never see it.

    ERKS is the city that you have to Dream.

    ERKS is your dream come true.

    ERKS will always find it ahead of your Vision.

    ERKS is much more than a Vision.

    ERKS is the seen done Action.

    ERKS is a Center of Conscious Initiation in the Mystery Arcana.

    ERKS is one of the incalculable Cities within the Underground Kingdom of Agharta.

    ERKS is a Center of Light, Power and Planetary and Extraplanetary Spiritual Force.

    ERKS is first in your Inner World and then in your Outer World.

    ERKS is your City of Light, of Love, of Wisdom, of Ancestral Knowledge.

    ERKS is the most beautiful Future that you allow yourself to dream.

    ERKS is your Golden City.

    ERKS is the Golden Legend.


    ERKS responds to the directives of SHAMBHALA, to the PLANETARY LOGOS, to the LORD OF THE WORLD.

    ERKS receives from SHAMBHALA the streams of Ideas concerning the Plan of Planetary Evolution, already processed by the GREAT LORDS, READY TO BE DUMBED TO THE HIERARCHY AND THIS IN WAY TO SPILL HIM TO THE HUMANITY AND THE KINGDOMS OF NATURE.

    Connecting with ERKS you connect with the source of Infinite Goodness, with the City of Eternal White Light, the Capital of the Underground World of AGHARTA. SHAMBHALA, where the Will of GOD is Known.

    To make contact with SHAMBHALA IS TO TAKE CONTACT WITH THE LIGHT, THE LOVE AND THE COSMIC WISDOM, thanks to the life currents imparted by SHAMBHALA WE CAN PERCEIVE THIS REALITY, OUR REALITY, the Initiative Center of ERKS.

    It is through SHAMBHALA WHERE OUR PLANETARY LOGOS, together with the Great Lords of SHAMBHALA, receive directly from the LOGOS SOLAR the Rays of Cosmic Energies that contain the directives for our Plan of Planetary Evolution.

    It is through ERKS that the Autoconvocados receive directives Thanks to the telepathic currents of Ideas imparted by the High Lords, necessary to precipitate the Plan of Planetary Evolution on Earth, the Plan of the Creator for everything Created ...

    www.erks.org (Oficial Site)
    Marcelo G. Martorelli
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