Fractal Life is living one's life as healthy as possible. Fractal Life specializes in the latest in human body balance technologies, such as intracellular efficient hydrating water, water structuring units (magnetic and non-magnetic), and body balance scalar healing sessions using solid-state (no electricity), non-intrusive (no needles) hardware. Combine these tools with other healing modalities and lifestyles and you pack one heck of a punch to entropy! Enhance Life. Go Fractal. Founded in 2009 by BJ White, Fractal Life presents life enhancing solutions backed with solid research and science. "Fractal" is synonymous to the living expansive reality we surround ourselves with. True life sciences are ever-growing and open to refinement and have been included in all research and verification of the solutions provided at the website. "Fractal" science is a study of the true nature of physics, time, biology, and how they relate to each other and within consciousness. Water was the starting point for Fractal Life because of its essential nature to all life. Please enjoy the videos, interviews, studies, and effects that water has on biology and consciousness.
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