Haunted Scotland is a project created by Ryan O'Neill afterlife researcher, content creator and worked in shows such as Most Haunted, Tough Gig & Brew Dogs. Join the journey as we explore Haunted Scotland along with fellow researchers Ally Reid & Greg Stewart. Videos, Images, Philosophies & More.....
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  • What would happen if we took 20 members of the public into an old haunted mansion in Central Scotland?

    Would we be able to gain any type of validation from the spirits within the building? Would the public gain personal validation?

    Not only would some gain validation of some strange negative activity, but it would be the first public session where so many guests would need to be physically withdrawn from sessions.

    Some were feeling sick, choked, scratched and overall physically ill and impressed upon. The team would need to be vigilant and on their toes for this one.

    All those affected were female, very much rational in mind and had been on such sessions before.

    We have a collection of audio to share, we have handpicked those that seemed to stand out while removing borderline ones.

    What caused the spike in activity on this public session?

    Was it the Haunted Dolls Ally brought so the public could name them and see them up close? Was it the high levels of EMF energy we produced to assist activity? How about the lost Clown named Charlie that was in lost property from our colleagues at Ghostseekers Scotland who conducted a public session the week before?

    Whatever the cause, this was one of the most intense public sessions experienced, rarely do we see such incidents.

    We will return, we will also communicate with our fellow paranormal research colleagues throughout Scotland who investigate here.

    Youtube Link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8F1Fll0LPw
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  • Bannockburn House

    Want to see inside an old haunted mansion in Scotland? Welcome my friends to Bannockburn House, a fantastic location cared for by many amazing volunteers and the public locally.

    It's an old haunted mansion located near Stirling, in the heart of amazing Scottish history.

    Come have a look, listen to the audio and see my reaction as it happened live on the night.

    Video URL - https://youtu.be/aA2QYCOvSN0
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  • Scariest Places In Scotland - Abandoned Tunnel

    What are the scariest places in Scotland, follow us as we head into the Abandoned Tunnel at Glenfarg, truly one of the scariest places in Scotland today. Old Railway line that was left to nature when it closed in the 1970's. One of Scotlands Scariest Places for sure. Have you been here, let us know your thoughts on the area and any experiences you may have had.

    URL - https://youtu.be/J6yz_WATRjQ
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  • Good wander of these 500m long abandoned railway tunnels. In the middle, they are very dark with an eerily quiet atmosphere. Audio sessions were conducted too. More info later!
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  • Haunted Castle Scotland - Secluded Lonely Island!

    William Wallace, Robert The Bruce and Mary, Queen Of Scots have all been here at this Haunted Castle Scotland has hidden, on a secluded lonely secret island. Join me in the video as I tell you a brief history, the paranormal activity and show you some of the key areas here. Are you ready?

    Video URL - https://youtu.be/1naB3yrH498
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  • Live Your Life To The Fullest Without Fear ❤️
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  • To Discount Things Without Personal Knowledge Or Experience In Said Area Displays Ignorance. It Happens In All Aspects Of Life, Go With Your Own Work, Experiences & Journey Results.... Always
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  • The Old Temple Kirk – Seat Of The Knights Templars

    This was the principal seat of the Knights Templars in Scotland with a history going back to that of King David I (Reigned April or May 1124 – 24 May 1153)

    In our search, here at Haunted Scotland and as part of Fife Paranormal Research Society, we will visit and dig deeper into locations such as Temple, Bannockburn, Rosslyn and other key locations we find associated with the Order.

    Will we be able to track their journey throughout Scotland, conduct audio experimentation and pick up clues from the afterlife?

    This initial location visit to The Old Temple Kirk was a starting point for this project. I had previously been here way back in 2006/7 as part of an ITV1 Primetime show about the paranormal. So the place was no stranger to me, albeit a good bit colder with flutters of snow.

    On this visit, it was about gathering the visual documentation along with various Echovox recordings and plain audio work for possibility of EVP’s

    I suspect that the Old Kirk and general area is a land that was used specifically due to natural earth energies, which we can then hypothesise, results in increases in spiritual connection within or possible paranormal activity in the vicinity.

    Please watch out for the video to follow as we dig into this mysterious location in the heart of Scotland.

    You Can Subscribe On Youtube - https://goo.gl/TLqW3m
    Access Location Information - http://haunted-scotland.co.uk/old-temple-kirk-seat-knights-templars/
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  • Caves in Scotland - Secret, Hidden & Haunted

    In this video, you will see us speak about the activity felt in here, listen to a few interesting pieces of audio and we will link up the other videos so you can explore this area virtually and hopefully physically in the future.


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  • Spirit Box App For Android - NEW 2018! **Currently Testing It**


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