The Healthy Bra Company is an "alternative" resource to commercially manufactured bras and undergarments. We provide custom-fitting and custom-alterations, in addition to a revolutionary "wireless" design, produced in over 2500 size combinations. You are custom-fit, in person or virtually, via long distance, by Postural Therapist, Maria Monti. During this fitting, many aspects not taken into consideration previously, both commercially, and in traditional retail settings, are factored in. These are "body type, posture, weight of breasts, and potential bra-related symptomology, to name a few. Each woman is evaluated for her own specific needs, that encompass her "holistic" self. A GIFT of a truly "uplifting experience"! Please contact us at or or 360-815-3205 Seattle, WA, USA.
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  • The Healthy Bra Company was recently asked to be featured on the "Trailblazing Products Segment of 2018" for a home shopping network. As a result we decided that creating a mission statement/call to action statement would be practical to distinguish why, and clarify why, our products and services are uniquely qualified to be classified under the "Alternative Health and Wellness" category. (Time for a Alternative Health and Wellness Shopping Network.)

    Mission Statement

    At a time when it is very prudent and practical to invest in oneself and one's health, for the long term, the products and services offered by The Healthy Bra Company are in sync with this ideal and goal. Once a woman is fitted for "her body type, posture, weight of breasts" etc., she has a permanent template on file for future reference and needs, that is specific to her. She also will receive complimentary follow-up consultations to address any issues that occur as a result of the musculo-skeletal adjustments, that can take place when wearing these structured foundation garments.

    In addition, over a lifetime, a woman can seamlessly transition from her first initial training bra, to an every day bra, to a sports bra to a maternity bra with our fitting process, whilst maintaining proper spinal alignment, body posture and keeping mechanical function efficient. A true bonus. We offer an alternative foundation and fitting company that provides a full lifetime service and experience, while enhancing health benefits along the way.

    These custom-fitted (custom-altered) bras are for women who are interested in actively investing in their health, including the preventative steps of addressing posture, and proper circulation and lymphatic drainage, for enhanced breast health, as they relate to bra wearing.

    The unique design of our bras, and custom fitting and alteration services that accompany them, make a statement of innovation in the area of breast support, and related preventative health and wellness. It is a uniquely professional and highly personalized service, which offers a one-of-a-kind experience and product.

    The individualized consultation is supported by vast product knowledge, proper application of garments, with regards to individual anatomy and physiology, and cuts through a myriad of information out there, regarding bras, when a simple shopping search can be overwhelming, discouraging, expensive (without value in return) and still not rendering satisfactory results, when it is completed.

    Our Call to Action is that when you think you may have tried everything, there is still an really great alternative option.
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  • As recommended by Dr. Christina Lasich, in her book "High Heels to Hormones: A Woman's Guide to Spinecare", I recommend Maria Monti with "for challenging breasts, invest in a custom bra. All women should know that the wrong brassiere can lead to neck pain, shoulder pain or thoracic outlet syndrome."
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    If you need a bra we have what you need with custom fitted bras and we offer a bra fitting, posture bras, shelf bra and the Oprah bra.
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  • Announcing RADIO INTERVIEWS pending, in the near future (2018) on 1150AM radio, the Alternative Health Network, Seattle, WA. We will be interviewed on the Dr. Pat Show & Transformational Talk Radio. STAY TUNED for updates.
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