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  • In the mid-1850s, there was a curious group in central CA known as the Sonoran Aero Club. They actually built and flew a number of craft. The lifting gas was known as NB gas. After piecing together numerous threads on the subject, I am finally ready to start doing a qualitative testing of different aqueous mixtures used to create the anti-gravity NB gas. Results to follow after testing and analysis.
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  • Current project build in progress. Nathan Stubblefield ground battery. Dimensions 12" wide, 14" high. Composed of 5000' of Cu magnet wire (insulated) and 5000' Fe wire (non-insulated).
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  • Gravity and Electromagnetism both are described by an inverse square law. Physicists like to say we are in a gravitational field and there is a magnetic field around the magnet. This is poppycock because what they are actually saying is that there is action at a distance. Maxwell, when he was formulating his basic laws of electricity, used fluid dynamics to model an invisible aether which surrounds all things. Then, a source such as a magnet could distort the flow of aether which in turn affected objects at a distance from the source.

    I believe we will find that the gravitational force is also delivered by the aether where the source of distortion is the Earth itself or whatever planet or moon you are on. When you combine these ideas you get an electric model of the universe and things get a lot easier to understand. The reason why physics is still stuck in the 18th Century is because Maxwell's initial research was subverted and contorted by subsequent scientists and we will probably find this was done intentionally to hold back human progress. For more info, see Cosmic Disclosure and Wisdom Teachings on Gaia.com.
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  • In the Law of One series, Ra discusses pyramids in detail. The action of the structure is to "scoop" the subtle energy (sometimes called aether) and cause it to rotate around inside the pyramid and spiral toward the apex where it exits the pyramid. The energy can be utilized for many different purposes from healing human ailments to purifying the atmosphere around the pyramid. A cone structure produces the same general effects except that the energy is smoother and flows more in a circular fashion rather than a spiral. The energy produced is affected by the overall size (scaling), the material used to construct the pyramid, and the aspect ratio (steepness of the sides). Also different locations inside the pyramid produce different effects. Ra even said that there is one particular location inside the pyramid where time slows down, equivalent to stasis being.
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  • This is a field generator composed of 3 circular layers of 12 poles each. Idea is from one of Stan Deyo's talks. Each pole has two components: vertical and horizontal with each component wired in series. The vertical part is an iron bar with insulated winding. The horizontal part is a "C" section with insulated winding made by cutting a segment out of a steel washer. In the actual full-scale craft, the metal used is MU metal. The vertical component gets a pulsed DC current and the horizontal component gets a high-frequency AC signal above 1 MHZ. Both current profiles can be adjusted to give the desire field strenth and proportional lift.
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  • Coler Free Energy device known as the Magnetstromapparat [Magnet Current Apparatus] so named because the generated current actually flows through the magnets.
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  • Free energy devices exist and have been available since the 1800s. This is defined as any device that produces usable energy with a zero net cost. These devices extract energy from the environment in which they are located. Examples of energy sources are sunlight, wind, kinetic energy of air molecules, quantum fluctuations of matter, and of course the ether which is just a subtle high-frequency energy we live in.
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