I'm a regular every-day citizen, who represents our common desire for Truth and Light. As a small child I understood there was more mystery to reality than anyone talked about. My intense desire to be close to the Divine led me as a child to the Catholic Church. They slammed their door in my face, so to speak, which turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to me, as it allowed me to search for meaning, unconfined to their dogma and free to explore anything I choose to without their guilt and damnation. Whew! Barely escaped that. Finding my connection to crystals and natural elements helped open my spirit. Finding Dr. S. Greer and S. Basset's work deepened my interest and understanding of ETI. Experiencing mystical moments keeps me on the right track. I'm bone-weary of the darkness and violence on this planet. I strive in my mind and heart to bring love and lightness to my life and those affected by me.
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