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  • I was in my 20's living in Boise Idaho working as a grounds keeper for a golfcoarse. It was a hot afternoon work was done, so I went home.

    I fell asleep on the couch, in mid sleep I jumped up in a panic because I forgot to turn on the night light.  It was dark and I could not see.

    With the kitchen being closer I ran over to the light switch and tried flipping the switch, nothing happened, I figured it wasn't working so I ran to

    the bathroom and the same thing, my hand was going right through the switch, meanwhile fear started to set in, I returned back to the living room

    and the front door became translucent, I could clearly see snow covered ground outside, this was confusing, because it was summer time.

    Also the outside parking lot that should have been there was now a neighborhood culdesac.

    Fear accompanied by confusion settled in rapidly, then in an instant I was opening my eyes, it was around 3 a.m..

    The second time this happened, the couch was my bed once again. This time I actually felt the seperation, there was an electrical sound in my ear

    then a feeling of waves going through my body, like a flag blowing in the wind, before I knew it, there I was standing in the living room again, looking

    around, this time the room was different, there was a horizontal silver glowing line seperating the room, the top half was an old wall with cracks in it, 

    the bottom half was my apt living room. My t.v. was cut in half along with the fish tank, cut right in half.

    I though I was going crazy, I had to get answers, so I went over to this place of business that sold tarot cards, books, incense, candles, stones and such, it was the only place

    I knew where to go. So I walked in and explained what I was experiencing to the lady, she said I needed to be more grounded, she gave me 2 smokey quartz stones and instructed

    that I sleep with one in each hand at night. That was that.. Nothing changed..

    Eventually I found a book through research, this thing I was experiencing, was called Astral Travel.

    My Pc set up happened to be right next to the couch, and while on screensaver the screen changes to this animated forest theme, and it plays music, a steady 

    drum beat. This screensaver was triggering my out of body projections. I used the screensaver and a few of the techniques to trigger the out of body experience

    and it worked.

    The electricity buzzed in my ear, the wavy feeling of my whole body, and a slight falling feeling, I let go.

    I found myself standing in the living room, this time I was not alone, there were 2 people in the room, I could only make out their silhouettes only, a small little

    girl wearing a dress, I couldn't see the color but strangely I knew it was blue. The little girl said she was frightened, I opened my arms and told her not to be frightened

    she gave me a hug and dissapeared.

    The second silhouette was a man, he was sitting down, immediately I was stand offish. I asked him, "what's your name?", he replied "John", then snap right into my body I went.

    It may have been the fear that brought me back to my body as the book explains, it's the protection mechanism to keep the soul safe.

    I also forgot to command the light to turn on, as the book also explains, in the astral it's mind over matter.

    Not so easy to remember when confusion sets in. 

    It wasn't long after that that I became very sensitive, I could feel what people were feeling all around me. When I stepped outside of the apt I felt an extreme sadness

    deep inside from a whale, very far away, it was a cry, horribly sad, she lost her baby, I cried for hours. These intense feelings and emotions I was experiencing kept me from leaving the apt

    for weeks.

    As time went on was able to venture out more and be normal again, my friend invited me to a midnight fishing trip!. This fishing hole was in a beautiful canyon on a lake, we arrived

    in time by midnight, I set up the tent on a bare spot on the ground over looking the lake, my friend went to set up  the fishing spot, I stayed behind to relax for a bit in the tent.

    As I lay on my back looking up through the tent at the stars I dozed off. Not realizing I had fallen asleep. I opened my eyes and sat up, the tent was gone, there was a full

    size tree right at my feet, that wasn't there before, and animals all around. A white wolf sitting right next to me, and the mountain side completely gone!. 

    After looking back on all these experiences, I now realize that this has been going on since I was five years old, this is why the darkness scares me. 
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