Music that is tuned to 432 Hz has the potential for filling oneself up with peace and well being, as well as having an effect in the release of emotional blockages. It is quoted as being the scale that unites the body and consciousness with Nature. The meditation was inspired by my own personal ascension process and the upgrade of energy that I have been experiencing, activating my DNA by utilizing the geometries of light that has been intensifying at a high rate, noticeably for myself, since December 21st 2012 when I went to Palinque for the International Rainbow Gathering.
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  • Consciousness
  • The mantra Om Namah Shivaya is translated as “I bow to Shiva” - Shiva being revered as the supreme reality, the inner self source consciousness.
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  • Brand New Page! Crystalline Consciousness is a prayerful melodic song consisting of the Harp, Heart Chakra Frequency Kaliski Crystal Bowl, and meditative vocals. The Harp was tuned to A=432 Hz and recorded with the Crystal Bowl with light coded prayers and intentions of opening the heart to unconditional love through connecting to the source of LOVE within/without. The melodic light codes can be thought of as spiritual electromagnetic source intelligence software downloading into our DNA. These light codes have the potential to inform humanity of who we are beyond the illusions of this mutant paradigm of separation and fear that we are in the process of shifting out of into the new paradigm of Oneness and Love. Heaven on Earth.
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