Its time stop being sheeple and following the narrative. Truth is Stranger than fiction and Truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off. We must all Relearn compassion, empathy and true care. We must understand free will and natural law We must learn the real story through discerment and share that with those near and far. Peace
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  • Psychology & Mind
  • Start with Improving your health, then more questions and insight will follow.
    here are some weblinks to a recent podcast summit.
    Day 1 – Vitality & Longevity
    Michael Greger, MD
    Simple Foods to Supercharge Your Health
    Power of Greens | Foods to Avoid | Cancer-Fighting Diet | Fruit’s Effect on Blood Sugar | Controversial Foods
    Kris Carr
    Learning to Love Your Precious Life
    Get Busy Living - Lessons from Cancer | Tips to Start Your Health Journey | Self Care and Perfectionism | Rest and Renewal | Wounds of Our Past
    Joel Fuhrman, MD
    Nutritional Excellence For Optimal Health
    Fast Food Genocide | Food and Mental Health | Brain-Protective Foods | Natural Sweeteners
    Day 2 – Brain Health
    Dale Bredesen, MD
    The End of Alzheimer's
    Understanding the Disease | Screenings and Lab Testing | Multi-Variable Program for Sustainable Results | DESS - Diet, Exercise, Sleep, Stress | Detoxification
    Dean and Ayesha Sherzai, MD
    Preventing Dementia with Nutrition
    The Alzheimer’s Solution | Lifestyle Breakthroughs | Brain-Nourishing Foods | Critical Nutrients Your Brain Needs
    Daniel Amen, MD
    Foods Your Brain Will Love
    Foods That Shrink Your Brain | Vitamin D And Leptin Resistance | Supplements For Brain Health | Optimal Diet for Fighting Alzheimer’s | Chocolate and Sweets
    Day 3 – Food Safety
    Andrew Kimbrell, JD
    Updates From the Front Lines of Food Safety
    Everyday Choices Make a Difference | Factory Farms and Human Health | GMO Labelling | Science of Genetic Engineering | Change of Consciousness
    Carey Gillam
    The Great Glyphosate Cover-Up
    Monsanto Tactics | Advocating for Truth and Transparency | Why Everyone Should Care about Pesticides | Dietary Exposures and the Microbiome | Corporate and Independent Scientists
    Vani Hari
    Hazardous Chemicals No One Should Eat
    "Natural" Food Industry | Ingredients to Avoid | Intentionally Addictive Flavors | Food Activism | Is the EPA Protecting Us?
    Day 4 – Food & Cancer
    William Li, MD
    The Science of Cancer Prevention
    Diet and Cancer | Beneficial Gut Bacteria | Tips for Optimizing Nutritional Benefits | Lutein and Eye Health
    Chris Wark
    How I Beat Cancer (& You Can, Too!)
    Be Empowered! | Emotional Wellness | Plant Based Diet and Cancer | Comprehensive Changes
    Anthony William
    Hidden Healing Powers of Fruits & Vegetables
    Foods for Energy and Healing | The Mighty Wild Blueberry | Detox Power for Your Smoothie | Antiviral Diet Tips | Celery Juice Movement
    Day 5 – The Science
    Joel Kahn, MD
    How to End Heart Disease
    Lifestyle Medicine for the Heart | Erectile Dysfunction | Lectins and Beans | Vitamin B12 and Brain Health | Core Principles from Nutrition Experts
    David Perlmutter, MD
    New Discoveries About Brain & Gut Health
    The Gut-Brain Connection | Chronic Disease and Inflammation | Antibiotic Exposure | Healthy Fat Sources | Reducing Alzheimer’s Risk
    Neal Barnard, MD
    What Everyone Needs to Know About Dairy
    Food Addiction | The Truth About Dairy | How To Make Your Palate LOVE Healthy Food | Influencing Dietary Changes in Others
    Day 6 – Harvesting Hope
    Vandana Shiva, Ph.D
    How Your Food Choices Shape the World
    The Importance of Biodiversity | Dangers of GMOs and Industrial Farming | Rethinking Our Food System | Women’s Role in Agriculture
    Anna Lappé
    Busting the Biggest Food Myths
    Nutrition per Acre | Impacts of Our Choices | Pesticide Testing and Poisoning | Antibiotics in the Meat Industry | Climate Change and Agriculture
    Saru Jayaraman, JD
    Sexual Harassment in the Food Industry
    Power Exerted Over Servers | ROC National Diners Guide | The Case Against Tipping | National Farmworker Women's Alliance | Unpaid Sick Leave and Health Risks
    Day 7 – Healthy Habits
    David Katz, MD
    Have Your Taste Buds Been Hijacked?
    Health News Confusion | Consensus on Diet | Engineering Food Addiction | Taste Bud Rehab | Reducing Your Risk
    Kathy Freston
    The Truth About Protein
    Sufficient Protein | Clean Protein | The Importance of Fiber | Practical Tips for Meals | Environmental Impacts
    Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D
    The Real Science on Weight Loss
    Confidence, Authenticity, Fulfillment | Susceptibility Scale | Sustainable Weight Loss | Neuroscience of Eating | Community Support
    Day 8 – Transformation Time
    Dean Ornish, MD
    Healing Hearts and Growing Happiness
    Simple, Powerful Lifestyle Changes | Prevent and Reverse Chronic Disease | Eat Well, Move More, Stress Less, Love More | Pleasurable, Meaningful, Sustainable Life | Inner Peace, Inner Wisdom
    Mark Hyman, MD
    Using Food to Nourish Healthy Communities
    The Real Impact of Toxic Food | Misleading Food Labels | Food Policy Changes | Food Racism | Taxing Sugar
    Michael Bernard Beckwith
    Food For Your Body, Mind, & Soul
    Nourishing Our Body | Powerful Ways to Share the Message | The Preciousness of Every Being | Empowering Questions | Small Steps, Big Impact
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  • A good place to start discovering the real world and some reasons for your "reality" and some answers is with Mark Passio's website and podcasts of which there are about 200 of. Here is a link to the start of that list.
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