Realize you're creating your entire reality? Congratulations! You're awake. Now let's help others awaken too, badass style. No fluffy New Age stuff in our tribe; we love being human!
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  • So what would YOU do if there were money flying all over the highway? Would you pick it up and return it, or would you consider it a gift from the Universe? #integrity #abundance #awakening #lightworker #feelingguilty http://bit.ly/2IcuexT
    Truck Loses Bags of Cash on Indiana Freeway and You're at Risk If You Pick Some Up
    Police are asking people to turn in any loose money they find on an Indiana highway after a large amount of cash flew out of a Brinks truck. According to Indiana State Police, some drivers on the I-70 stopped to pick up the scattered bills after the back doors of the armored truck swung open, and …
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  • Think of animal souls as more of a collective. They are more integrated, with less feeling of separation than humans feel. That's why you can see a cat and a goat loving each other with no issues. It's once humans put their stamp of judgment on things that such relationships seem odd. To the animals, interactions with other similar souls---no matter what package they're currently in---is perfectly normal.
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  • Did you know that your cat is a fluffy spiritual guide, living right there in your home? Even when they appear to be asleep, you look over and feel calm. BOOM. Interaction! Guidance! Co-creation! Frequency Jump! #expandingconsciousness #wakingup
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