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  • Spirituality & Occult
  • Arrogance and deception in the new spirituality world
    by Pat Legere MSW
    It's interesting to explore what is going on in the 'truth-seekers' online community. It seems to me there is an intense spiritual battle going on. Living in a world of duality consciousness (knowledge of good and evil) and a world where we have free will (not sure an absence of free will could ever be a good thing!) - well we all get bombarded with various bits of propaganda and we get to make our choices about where we stand with it. I grew up in this world, just as you did, and was exposed to a heavily propagandized, institutional narrative about what life is and how 'civilized' human beings are meant to live.
    My parents lived in a world torn by world wars and the trauma that goes with it. They were fed such lies about why those wars needed to happen and why we had the Great Depression. Many were taught to celebrate the winning of the wars and to forget about the troubles involved and just move on to happily developing a brave new free world. 'Work hard, pay your taxes, send your children to educational institutions that will help you teach them to behave in a controlled, civilized manner. When children acted out, they were to be heavily reprimanded. Parents were often blamed for having 'spoiled them' and not taken the proper steps to maintain good discipline. In schools, the strap was used to punish children - and a lot of demeaning strategies towards the children to 'make them' behave as expected. If they continued to act out, they were sent to Reform Schools with the label of being delinquents or incorrigible where they were exposed to heavy discipline and punishment.
    The global efforts of the 20th Century were set up to build a controlled global community, ruled by the authority of a few people at the top and to build a compliance to that rule by several institutional frameworks that were put in place. What are these institutions? Well, there is the global financial system - wage control, capitalism control, taxation for the masses, bare minimum financial aid to those who were non-compliant to the plan (meant to keep them suffering and quiet), secrecy of the enormous wealth and privilege of the elite. There is the playing at 2 sides of war to further traumatize countries/people who weren't accepting the globalist rule. The educational system and pharmaceutical industry infiltrated everyday life to control people's minds. Politics and regimes that ruled countries were orchestrated by a few blood-line families that were the real ruling elite.
    My point in this article is about today's world and I will get to that. In order to understand today, it's important to understand how we got here and the precursors to present activities.
    I first began to really learn about the ruling elite when I began hearing personal histories from people who were brought up in and survived involvement and severe abuse in satanic cults. When I began researching the literature about the activities they were telling me about, it all began to form a picture of what had been going on for at least a century. High level satanists were in every level of organisations and in every discipline. I later got introduced to the extraterrestrial component when a client told me about having been abducted through his life by aliens and all that this had entailed. Again in researching other sources of information, I learned a whole lot more about the alien presence on earth, probably since long before there were human beings here.
    A couple of years ago, I was listening to Coast to Coast radio program and George Noory had a guest on from Oakville, Ontario. He was with the freemasons and spoke about how good the freemasons are and basically tried to discredit people who would suggest otherwise. For the next few months on Coast to Coast, I found the quality had gone down and there was a lot more to promote fear. I am assuming that Coast to Coast has been back to its great quality in the last year or two.
    Yesterday (Dec. 29/18) James Gilliland interviewed a fellow who he'd also spoken with a year ago (I haven't listened to the earlier post). He said this fellow had been an advisor to the Pope, which might be commendable if the papacy wasn't such a cover for satanic activities and deep state control. James always encourages people to do their own research - and when I looked up this fellow's history, it showed signs of child sexual abuse and also likely involvement in more secret activities that go on via or at the Vatican.
    Then there is Teresa's (Yanaros) video on youtube at present where she talks about greed and misrepresented authority among those in the ufology and truth-seeking communities. In the end she states that the only ones she holds as authority is her inner self and God. I support that. We should all listen to our inner self and the God within to get guidance about the truth.
    Oh, la la! I can see that the dark ones have been infiltrating everything that is good in the world. They play on people's vulnerabilities and they take truth and twist it 90 degrees to suit their agenda.
    It's good to know what your vulnerabilities are Some are very susceptible to being manipulated by money. It makes me think about an international business guy I worked with. He had been a multi-millionaire and very successful in his international business dealings. In his 60's he lost everything. When I looked back with him over what had happened, it was apparent that the more elite business people tried to buy him. He was pretty attached to his humanitarian and God-given values and wouldn't bow to their pressure, including a honey pot they sent him and tried to video tape him with. Well, they set him up to be sued into poverty. In the truth community, there is always a struggle to make ends meet if you're outside the worldly system. The focus on money can bend your view of the world and end up putting money before people and your mission to help them.
    Some people are very much wanting to be valued as smart and insightful - to have their opinions valued over the opinions of others. There are dark ones then who can come in and play on that. They can make you feel that people in general aren't smart enough to know and value what you're putting out there. They'll feed your ego and break you from the mission you had set out with.
    Sometimes vulnerabilities aren't so much what you want e.g. money, but what you are afraid of. Dark ones can play on those fears to shut you down. When you speak the truth, the dark ones will find ways to try to shut you up. For example, once when I was asked by the child abuse network in the city where I lived to do a presentation about ritual abuse, a man came to the presentation. He heckled me frequently, saying I was being irresponsible in reporting such information since it was based on false memories and unreal data. The presentation went well as I pointed out to the audience how this was the same criticism that came out when we tried to open the issue of incest in families. It was interesting that the gentleman's name was given as Dr. Faux - LOL.
    There was a live video with Jordan Sather recently where he was talking about people he doesn't trust who are out there doing truth movement videos. I fairly much agreed with each of the people he spoke about. He wasn't so much bashing them as really calling into question the truth of what they are saying and their motivation for putting out the types of information that they do. It very much resonated with me that people are afraid to call people to task for what they say, since it seems so filled with negative energy to do so. However, after centuries of conditioned narrative about the world, it is very important to remain discerning of all information. It's important to listen to the voice within you that guides your understanding. If you feel unable to do so, just practice it. It's so important to not give your power to someone else e.g. by picking one person and deciding they are the best person for believing in all of what they say. You are the best person for knowing what to believe. For me, I find that a lot of what doesn't resonate for me just falls away and I don't think about it again. What does resonate stays with me - maybe not in the whole detail I would like - but when it comes up again, it refreshes my understanding and again feels like it stays with me.
    Yes it is important to remain in a higher frequency vibration. I try to remember each day to say: Let me be the love in all that is. For all who have been led astray or who are led by motivations that are not of love - well I send light and love, hoping they will find their path to truth. It's rather humbling to know everyone here holds the divine within themselves. But it is also a world where we all belong to the One. We all are an important part of the whole. This does not mean we can't be critical/discerning about what we are being offered on our quest for truth. It's okay to question and criticize others in the field, just wish for all to learn whatever they came here to learn and send them love - perhaps in loving detachment at times, but definitely love.
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  • The World of Children
    I picture a room with girls dancing. Their faces are filled with beauty and innocence. Each one gleefully dances alone and in tandem with each other. Their hands fly around; their clothing swirls. There is a freedom and complete trust in their movements.
    Two girls are sitting petting a cat. They are engulfed in the beautiful fur and the cuteness of the purring face. Together they wish for all people to feel the joy they have in that moment.
    Some girls are walking into a library. They are laughing and smiling. Their light-filled energy touches everyone in the room, bringing smiles everywhere they go. They decide to read a story to the other smaller children there, taking turns in delight to bring imaginations alive as they go through the pages.
    I picture a room with a group of boys around 11 years of age. The agenda is for each of them to talk about what they are good at. The energy becomes contagious as they all want to talk about something they forgot to say that they’re also good at. Then, when all are heard, it moves to the question of what they would like to become good at. Their imaginations run wild as they explore together different kinds of skills that they can imagine having.
    A boy sits on the floor and imagines a vessel that he wants to create. As his thoughts form, they appear before him. He thinks of areas of greenery to bring life into the vessel. He imagines games and adventures for entertainment. He imagines music that can be heard for anyone who wants it. He imagines video screens that can show anything anywhere in the Galaxy. His creation continues to grow and contain more detail, trying to provide everything that would bring happiness, peace and zest for all beings who choose to be there.
    I picture boys and girls in their teens who decide to go to a meeting place where there are adults and older adults present. They each approach someone and bow. They intuitively pick up on something the other person loves. One boy sees that one older woman loves hummingbirds. He holds out his hand and a hummingbird appears in it. He holds it out to the woman and the bird flutters into her hand. Tears of joy flow as the two of them enjoy this union of human joyfulness. The young child in each person becomes activated as the room transforms into a joy-filled paradise of loving and innocent souls.
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  • Servitude vs Service to Others
    I feel I was lucky to have grown up with a familiarity with religion but not being 'indoctrinated' into it. My parents were both Christians, my mother attending the Swedenborgian church, which I attended occasionally and my father connecting once in a while with the Lutheran church. They both believed in God but their guiding principle in life was the Golden Rule - do unto others as you would have done unto you. I didn't grow up with an attitude that I was a sinner and needed to plead with a judgemental God for forgiveness. Perhaps it was the modelling I got or perhaps it was just my own inner wisdom that I saw a creator god who was there for love and support whenever I needed it.
    When I was married, we chose a minister who was a professor of theology to do the ceremony. He was very much asking us how WE wanted the ceremony to go. I asked if he could welcome God into the ceremony and say something about that. During the first part of the ceremony, he spoke about how learning about marriage is a lot like learning about God. Both are a mystery that you continue to learn about throughout your lifetime. That was very meaningful for me. Religious doctrines tend to lay out a set of beliefs in a rather finite way and religious leaders tend to present themselves as the authority about God. I often wondered in my youth why such people thought I needed a facilitator in my connection with God. I was happy that my marrying minister redefined the whole process as a learning journey. That resonated with me very deeply.
    My younger son and I have been watching the Ancient Aliens series together. This is cool since it gives us a connection around a lot of information I have been exploring for many years. He is finding it very interesting and we also enjoy star gazing together - often seeing 'star-ships' in the night sky. A recent episode was showing a lot of scenes of people worshipping their God. I found it disturbing and explored in myself more deeply 'why'. I write this article to explore and understand what the problem is with worship and servitude.
    Honouring 'the creator' of this planet/universe feels very right to me. I see a loving, creative force that is very sacred and overwhelmingly special. I do not feel a need to 'impress' this force with my compliance and obedience to expectations. I have more of an attitude of gratitude and a sense of reverance for the powerful and loving nature of this divine force. I can't 'prove' it exists but it is very real in my own experience and that is all that matters to me. I choose to honour my connection with source and be grateful for the sense of meaning and purpose that brings into my life.
    My parents were quite different from each other in many ways. My mom would encourage me to focus on my own value and the value of others. She had a very positive view of life and people. She said I have a choice in how I view the world. She would set aside the negative and focus on the positive. My dad put forth a great value on being responsible and being critical of yourself and others. He encouraged me to be authentic and to be self determined in my approach to life. He was more skeptical of the motivations of others and he didn't like arrogance. These elements pushed me to somehow bring these perspectives into some kind of harmony since both views seemed legitimate in terms of their value.
    During my spiritual journey, I have discovered a strong inner value in 'service to others and I see that I have 'lived' this value since my youth. 'There but by the grace of God go I' was a deeply meanful guidepost for me. It helped me develop a compassion for others that both helped me maintain a humbleness in spirit as well as a desire to support others who I saw suffering around me. In my youth this played out more in a way of being kind to those who didn't value themselves very much or who were being treated badly by others. As an adult, it threw me into over 35 years in the helping profession. In this work, it became important to me to 'empower' others as best I could. To really listen and to honour the spiritual life journey of another person isn't always very easy but I learned so much from all these people who talked with me about their inner experiences. When I felt the least capable of 'helping' is when I learned the most.
    In my opinion, servitude and empowerment are opposing forces. Being humble and having a reverance for God does not mean one has to worship that force with endless bowing and apology for one's lack of obedience and perfection. Service to others does not mean one has to be a 'doormat' that is stepped on and treated as a dirt collector. It is okay to have all the emotions that life brings up in you. However, not all behaviour is acceptable. Having a certain negative (or even indifferent) attitude toward others or the living world around you is important to work with inside yourself in order to fully appreciate what it's like for that other being and to treat it as you would want to be treated. It's not just a matter of blocking those judgements that come from within. When you get those judgemental thoughts, it is a clue to experiences you need to acknowledge and transform. Whenever we are judging others, we are also judging ourselves. Empowrment means really loving yourself and honouring your own inner experiences, honouring your jouney in life and all that you set out to learn in this lifetime.
    Where does 'ego' fit in all this? When you picture hundreds of people bowing down to their vision of God, or making great sacrifice in order to gain worthiness, it would appear that these ones have a life void of ego. This isn't often true but let us accept for the moment that this is so. Then picture someone who has great power and control - perhaps a king, queen or dictator - or people among the most wealthy in our world. They may promote what gifts they give to people at times - like giving what would be a tiny fraction of their fortune to people in the form of charity, but they are basically in service to self. It would seem they are filled with ego. Even this is not always true. It can be quite in error when you lump people into groups and treat them all as the same as each other. However I do so here, just to try to illustrate a point.
    I have a belief that I am no less important than the most 'successful', most revered person on this planet - but also no more important than the lowliest, most destitute person here. In the above description, you could see the worshippers as seeing themselves as lowly - even trying to be in as much humility as they can muster. The ruling or powerful ones might see themselves as the most important people on earth, the top of the totem pole, so to speak. So how do you learn to love yourself without being arrogant? How do you deeply appreciate youself without 'comparing yourself to others'?
    I often told my children that 'Life is not just one big competition'. Unfortunately the world around them didn't support my wisdom very much. I don't like the hierarchical nature of our present reality and I am so looking forward to the coming changes in our reality where this hierachy will no longer exist.
    Being in service to others does not mean denigrading yourself and giving everything you have to other people. The more you truly love yourself, the more your love towards all life will build. It gives you a reverence for all sentient life. If you can use the word 'worthiness' with out it being in a comparitive tone, then learning how worthy you truly are is helpful. All elements in the universe are worthwhile in their own way and are essential to the whole.
    We have been taught in our lifetimes to give our power away to a higher authority. People who are into power rebel strongly against that (understandably I might add). They want to be the reciever of all the power that others are giving away. Empowerment means a sharing of power, worthiness and inclusion will all of life.
    By being in service to self mode, it really gets based on an addiction to the gaining of power through the upholding of a hierarchy of worthiness. You are constantly having to reassure yourself that you are better than others and your whole lifestyle is set up to reflect this. It's a dark place to be. It's a tough place to give up. Living in the sweetness of global harmony is well worth transforming this lifestyle into one where you love yourself and are in service to others.
    There are people who have ruled and controlled this world for many centuries. Mankind is finally taking its power back and we work towards a transformed reality of unity consciousness. We have the full support of the creator of this universe in moving forward with this.
    In service to You
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  • Bottom Line Knowing
    There is so much hype these days about what changes are to come on a global scale. A lot of people seek a hero in the midst - someone they can trust that seems to have humanity's best wellbing in mind. It's easy to get into doubt and confusion about it all when you are awake to the complex deception that has been perpetrated on humanity over several hundred years and longer. Everything we hear is subject to the question: Is this just another ploy set up to manipulate our actions and perceptions during this vulnerable time?
    I have known for around 40 years that the earth was going to go through great changes during my lifetime. This knowledge came from 'inner guidance' and during meditation. There was no internet 40 years ago and I was careful about what books I would put my head into. I saw the 'new agers' from a distance, really, and had a sense of curiosity about them but accepted the socially bound skepticism about those who would get caught up in sensational ideas and beliefs.
    When I lived in Ontario, I became aware of the growing strength and connection of the native people there. Their perspective on life was so different than the mainstream reality and offered a depth of knowledge and understanding about our connection with the earth and the universe around us. Books I read by Emmanuel Swedenborg also stretched my awareness about spiritual realities, not really talked about by fellow human beings. (and many other books - Course in Miracles being the most profound)
    It seems the mainstream social order likes to call all truth-seekers 'fanatics' - a term used to discourage people from exploring anything outside the matrix box of reality. I have counselled some clients who have had a complicated recovery from cult-type mind control and have learned that it is important to never give anyone else authority over what you see and believe your reality to be. The question: Does this 'resonate with' your inner knowing of truth? is regularly promoted by most leaders in the truth movement. This is good. I recognize that lots of people have trouble knowing how to figure out what resonates with them and not. Lots of people have trouble learning how to meditate. This would make it harder to sort through the confusion of multiple perspectives on the reality of our times. There is fear in not knowing what to trust or believe. Then you are more tempted to find a group of people who seem strong in their choice of beliefs and just join with them. It's easy to give your power and authority away to someone else and deny your inner wisdom.
    I'm not wanting to go into a lesson on how to meditate or go into 'quiet mind' here but I could bring up a couple of points that might help:
    1) When people 'pray' they are putting their own well wishes out into the cosmos, asking for good things to happen. It sets an intent, hope or wish. When you meditate you are inviting guidance or answers back from the cosmos. It's good to request that only 'love energy based' knowledge is brought to your awareness - however you might envision or communicate that. You don't want to get derailed by 'fear based energy'. There's lots of that around and it doesn't help and in my opinion, it is part of the matrix delusion.
    2) I believe we all have a 'higher self' or have multiple dimensions of who we are - one level of ourselves living in this 3rd dimensional matrix of a reality. It can be good to ask your higher self - the most knowledgeable and aware part of yourself - for guidance and let them know that you want to learn about and understand the greater picture about who you are and why you are here. Then pay attention to what happens in your reality. Perhaps you could write down what you become aware of in a journal.
    The dark controllers of this world have worked to define our reality and to block independent thinking and awareness. They want people to believe that anything that counters their projection of reality and one's purpose in life is 'lunacy' and delusion. They also like to ensure that people who become recognized for their alternative points of view - an alternate narrative about the reality in which we live - are discredited or 'taken out' if necessary. They want you to believe you are being duped by such leaders and that you are a fool if you consider their alternate views. They do not want an empowered population but want one that is easier to control and manage.
    It's okay to not know exactly what or who you believe. Awakening to truth is an ongoing process. Again, it is good to request guidance from your inner self and love-based higher dimensions. You will come to 'know' your own reality and your own sense of truth - and that is awesome. It continues to grow over time.
    We are all amazing beings that have come to this earth to witness the awakening of humanity at this time. I'm not sure exactly how it will play out. I can see the 3D reality we know as passing away in natural catastrophy - like a butterfly that sheds it's cocoon. I can also see it as light energy surrounding the planet as the Earth Alliance people/beings rid the world of all darkness and take the earth into a beautiful healing journey with love and prosperity for all. Either way, I see myself moving into a higher dimmensional reality ruled by love and a connection with all sentient life. We are all part of creating this new reality.
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  • May the mighty healing power of Archangel Raphael join with all the love being sent out from all earth lightworkers to send comfort and healing to all humans who have been traumatized on this planet! May the hearts and bodies of all who have been injured by trauma from the unenlightened ones be open and receptive to these mighty healing powers of love! May those who have participated and designed the traumatizing practices be grateful for the healing powers of love, opening their inner love and regret for their activities, letting them fade into a past dark age that opens to the new harmonious light! So be it!
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  • Anticipating Global Change
    It is quite the time we are in at the moment. There are so many posts out there about impending change - more 'energetic' and dynamic than a year ago. Monday will be June 11 when the US Dept. of Justice is to give a 500 page report about the Clinton investigation. Some say Trump will disclose the truth about how the shadow governments have been robbing people blind. Public disclosure about shadow government and secret financial controllers - specifically looking at secret conversations - international espionage - Uranium One dealings - It's hard to know how long it will take to bring this all into the open. It seems that once they start bringing this stuff into the open, removing the shackles of the main stream media has to happen. It seems it will go on a roll with information disclosure. It would be hard to half-step this one. I think people will be angry but moreso if the mass arrests don't start right away.
    Then there's the energy around the summer solstice coming up. Some are suggesting that The Event will happen on that day. For those of us who have been anticipating this for a very long time, it's hard to believe it will happen right away - even if all the signs show we're in the midst of a run up to it. Will an American financial collapse bring with it a Global crash and reset? It seems more financial crises manifest in the fall - but you never know until it happens, right? The early predictions about this time spoke of mass arrests, disclosure and then meeting with our extraterrestrial relatives. How long can they hold over 35,000 sealed indictments before it goes into arrest mode. I think it's taking as long as it takes to complete the sealed indictments - how many more will be put in place before they're ready to act on them?
    So will we move into the new age in a couple of weeks? Some say this level of global change won't happen until 2024 or some such timing. Personally I think the actual ascension scenario will happen in the 2020's but these other global changes will take place beforehand and give us some time to develop a more humanitarian world - care of each other and the planet.
    A Positive Approach to Changes
    When all this change does start taking place, it is better to move into celebration rather than anger and riots. It's those of us who envision a future of freedom, equality and prosperity that can lead the way with this. There's that saying; 'The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off' - and break your heart. Moving into celebration means acknowledging and being grateful for all the brave souls world-wide who have been investigating and bringing all the skulduggery to light and knowing that it is now becoming a PAST history, allowing us to live in a world of peace and cooperation.
    Not everyone can handle these truths emotionally. I learned very disturbing realities about the world starting back in the 90's and it was a difficult awakening - especially when there was little overt evidence that good people in high places were working to uncover and deal with the most horrendous activities that people were capable of participating in. It took some time but I was able to psychologically adjust to this new awareness. I don't think everyone needs to know all the details. It's important to take care of yourself and not just expose yourself to overwhelming amounts and depths of truth. Everyone has suffered in their enslavement on this planet - from the masses of homeless people and starving populations to the wealthy who get stuck in high level games, who fear for their lives (and loss of livelihood) if they don't follow the rules. All that will be gone. Approaching the world around you, offering caring and support will have profound effects whereas these efforts were rather stilted in the past.
    I would approach each day with gratitude to all the brave ones who have fought to bring the truth to light and kept a strong belief in this world being worthy of saving. I would focus each day on how I can participate to make the reality around me a good place to be. Everyone has the right to their own evolving process. Everyone has a higher self. Judging others doesn't help. It's better to learn to love and honour yourself and know that others are going through their own soul growth that, with the new energies, will work for them.
    I patiently wait for new realities to unfold. In the meantime, I envision it happening and try to be as loving as I can to all that is around me.
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  • A HIgher Frequency
    The Contact In the Desert conference is coming up and this is a time when all lightworkers and visionaries need to put forth energies of love and harmony. When I was reading the note on Kauilapele's (KP's) site about this being an important event, it resonated very strongly with me. We are so close to the jump forward! The recent attacks on prominent truth tellers is also an indication that the dark ones know it is a big time to put their energies into preventing (in their perspective) or slowing down (our perspective) the transformation that is ready to manifest on this planet.
    It's like playing a board game and the dark ones aren't playing according to the game rules. They have designed their own rules which they think can ultimately make them winners - mostly because the other players don't know their secret rules and moves. We are being asked to not merely kick them out of the game but to join with the light forces to send transformational energy to the dark ones so the game can be what it's supposed to be.
    To keep your frequencies high, it is important to really know in your heart that a beautiful new golden age is coming. Fear, frustration, anger and hopelessness lowers and scrambles your energetic frequency. It really doesn't matter what your life circumstances are for they will soon pass. I've met lots of charitable people who have wealth but lack the depth of compassion that is needed here. It's just really hard for them to imagine what it would be like to live in 'disadvantaged' shoes. There can be an inner block against fear of being in their shoes and a great defense system that tells them that somehow their own life choices gave them the greater opportunities and somehow the poor and disenfranchised missed taking up opportunties they might have been offered. I have also met lots of disadvantaged people who have sought to be happy and kind despite their circumstances. Of course I have met wonderfully compassionate wealthy people and angry, bitter disadvantaged people too - I'm just sayin'...
    All of us have had this 3d conditioning through our lifetimes which keeps pulling us back into matrix thinking. When you try to talk with the 'unawakened' they will spout off the matrix narrative quite readily. Are we all really 'crazy' in this community of truth seekers? Well, I have worked with the far end of 'crazy' in the health field - please don't judge me for that - and I can tell you that our vision of what's going on and coming to fruition is NOT 'crazy'. There is way too much evidence to the contrary and too many 'well-informed and awake' people who know the same truth. I would 'caution you' about listening too much to the discouraging ones and fear-slingers. I would also caution you against seeking a persona who offers 'salvation'. We know our truth in our heart space and we are each very strong beings who were chosen to be on the planet at this time. Never give your power away to others. Instead, it's better to add your strength and light to the ever growing community of light on this planet and know that who you are in your heart is very important to the bigger picture at this time.
    The dark energies cannot stand the light of higher frequencies. Those who are 'trapped' in the dark energies have free will and on a soul level can choose to let the darkness go and go towards the light. This is the choice we all have but for those who have grown up in very dark situations, it is a bigger challenge.
    Personally, I try not to 'judge' those who are playing out their dark and horror-driven ways. I do surround myself with light when in their presence and would not interact with them in any way unless strongly supported and encouraged by the light to do so.
    I hope that at the conference coming up there are frequent reminders to participants to:
    - know the light warriors on many higher frequencies are present and helping
    - remember to ground their heart energy often
    - know that the light is winning and will transform the planet
    - connect with whatever ascended masters or angels etc. that you have been aware of in your life
    - regularly offer strength and encouragement - and acknowledgement - to others around you at the conference.
    I have become aware that the chemtrails are sending out millions of nanites and that all of us have been exposed to them through various sources. I'm also aware that when you raise your frequencies to a high level, the nanites can't exist within you.
    Raising your frequency can come from recognizing the amazing inner soul that you are or connecting with the wonderful entities of Gaia - or Sol. Both are very high dimensional entities. Our star families are all around us and they boost our frequencies when we acknowledge them. Know that you are co-creating this reality with Source.
    I have so much more I could say but I will leave this for now. For those of us who are not attending this conference, it would be good for us to send blessings and love to the great gathering that is about to take place.
    Thanks for listening!
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  • Unwrapping Spiritual Beginnings
    I feel very fortunate that I have spent a lifetime being aware of my experiences and exploring my feelings rather than just putting them away somewhere because the world around me wouldn't have heard or valued what I was going through. This has truly been a gift from my higher self. When I decided to go into the helping profession, it was encouraged for therapists to become self aware at the time. The motivation by the field training was not so much for the therapist's well-being. It was so that we wouldn't take our own issues into therapy sessions. It was important to be really focussed on the personal issues that the client would expose, whether overtly or covertly. So continuing to be aware of myself was really part of my 'professional' development. However, for me it was just great personal growth which I never felt apologetic about and didn't have to hide. Most 'jobs' don't offer that opportunity. Of course, listening to the inner experiences of others just validated the value of paying attention to one's inner experiences.
    In my times of big spiritual awakening, I looked back on what spiritual experiences I had been through in my life and saw the spiritual awareness there from a very young age. I will present a few of the early experiences here. These early experiences laid a foundation of building some important strengths in becoming a lightworker.
    Age 5 or 6
    When I was aged 5 or 6, I remember having a dream where I was in a swimming pool and was being chased by a whale. I doubt I could swim much at that age but I was trying my best to get away from the threatening whale. When I got to the edge of the pool and could go no further, I turned around to meet my fate but the whale stopped right in front of me and did no harm. When I woke up, I was aware that if something scary is chasing you, you have to turn around and face it and you will find that it won't hurt you. That's a big realisation for a 5 or 6 year old girl! (It's also interesting that it was a whale in the dream, which we know are more evolved beings.)
    Age 8
    In my family we had 5 kids and two parents. I was 4th born. My younger brother was a troubled soul. In those days there was a lot of pressure on parents to impose discipline on unruly children. My father became very abusive to my brother - a longer story that I won't go into here, but it was painful to hear my brother's cries. I remember at age 8 being up in my bedroom, quite upset about this and I looked out over the city and into the skies. I wished that all families would live in harmony and not hurt each other anymore. This was likely the first time I sent light energy out into the cosmos, sending love and blessings to all who were suffering. I didn't know then about such spiritual practices but it was my heart guiding me to do so. Looking back I know that was a very powerful thing to do. It helped others and also helped me. A couple of years ago, a colleague came up to me and asked me how to cope with being angry at the perpetrators of sexual trauma. I think she was expecting to get into a conversation of expressing a lot of anger and judgement towards those perpetrators. However, I took the question as a sincere request about how to deal with the natural anger that listening to trauma brings up. I told her that I look out to the world and send 'prayers' that all trauma survivors feel comforted and cared about and that all perpetrator of such pain find a way to learn what they truly need, find their path into the light and stop doing such things. She was overwhelmed by my response and said it was quite profound and helpful. This 'knowing' was definitely guided by my inner self, as was that energy at age 8.
    Age 18
    At age 18, I was living in a communal house with friends - it was 1970! I was working at some fast food place. I lived with those people for 6 months to a year - not sure exactly how long. One night I was in my room and a very dark, omminous energy came into my room and was taking me over. I was aware that I had no real strength compared to that energy. But just when I was about to be taken over completely (this happened very fast), it was like a big hand/arm of love energy came in and shielded me from the dark energy. At the time, I saw it as being like the hand of God. I know now that the whole experience was my higher self showing me that my spirit guides and all were there to help me even when I felt too weak to do it for myself. It also taught me that even though I felt weak, I and my guides were very strong and capable of fighting off evil energies. This learning helped me profoundly through my life, especially when I began hearing the experiences of people who suffered the intense pain of growing up in families involved in satanic cults.
    Summing up
    I have had many profound experieeences like the above through my lifetime and I would encourage the reader to look back through their lives to see how spirit moved them to being the strong energy thay are today in this time of change. These experiences helped me to deal with fear in a different way than I would have otherwise. They also taught me some ways to use the light within me to deal with experiences around me. By the way, my father and I worked out a lot of issues later in life and he is/was a very good spirit.
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  • Spiritual Wellbeing
    Why Spirituality?
    Four Areas of Vibration
    Free Will and Spiritual Freedom from Mind Control
    Spiritual Anxiety
    Why Spirituality?
    We live in a very complex world. On one hand we live in a sort of matrix reality where there is a prescribed life path that all are encouraged to follow. It can be different customs in different nations but in everyone's world you are born into a reality that is defined for you by parents, your religious community, by governmant, by schools or places of learning and by your neighbours.
    The world around us is becoming less and less workable for the masses. With the development and bold use of weapons of mass destruction during the last century and with the environmental destruction that has taken place, existence of the human species itself is at risk of being obliterated.
    Spirituality asks the questions: Who are we, what are we and why are we here? The journey of spiritual exploration is an attempt to sit back and look at life from a different perspective than what we have been brought up to see and believe.
    It's interesting that the term 'mindless masses' became popolar during the 1960' - 70's. When you just forget about such hard spiritual questions and just go about living out your daily life, you are living as one of the 'mindless masses'. It's like living inside a program on a computer.
    As more and more people start wondering what kind of future we have to look forward to, there are greater numbers of people focussing on a spiritual journey. Many rejected the religious teachings they grew up with. They often found them very restrictive and guilt-producing which limited their satisfaction in life. They also don't provide much in terms of answers about how to rectify the increasing suffering that is going on in the world. But there is a worry and concern about what is happening and there is an inner sense that life is about to get even worse or open to something we don't yet understand that might be better than we've known up until now. The youth of today are particularly having a problem with the empty concept of a prescribed life that their parents and teachers have encouraged.

    Four Areas of Vibration
    Note: I have looked to try to find the source of this for years but to no avail. I can't take credit for putting it together but I have thought about this and worked on it over the years. If the reader thinks it sounds familiar and you can find an originator of these ideas, please let me know.
    A. Chaos
    The first area is a reality where there is utter chaos. Nothing is predictable and people have no set of primary values they live by. There is also a lack of meaning and purpose in life. This brings to mind a life of anarchy where there is no governing order - but it's more like what the ruling class would have you imagine would happen if their rule was overthrown. With a higher level of spirituality, there can still be an order to life based on universal values. A world of chaos is more like a world where the gangsters ruled and everyone was just out for themselves. A client I spoke with told me of his life in Iran where it wasn't safe to be out in community. He got safely to school and back but the rest of his life was basically in the parental home due to chaos in the community. His own life had order and purpose but the way he described the outside community was more of a chaos reality. Your day is one where getting food and shelter is the main priority. You never know what will happen and you just live to survive with no sense of security. Managing day to day events takes all your energy and there is no space for considering the purpose and meaning of life.
    If there was no moral order or regulatory body, then the service-to-self orientation could take over. The biggest bullies would take advantage of the weaker people. There would be no protection from or retribution for incidents of lying, cheating, thievery or assault or even murder.
    The positive side of living this reality is the self-determination that it upholds. Some people might reject a heavily structured world in order to not have to be intimidated by guilt and responsibility. There is a sense of personal freedom in this, though you have to become good at either protecting yourself from others' selfishness or be indebted to others who would protect you.
    B. Dogma/Rules
    In the second, quite rigid structure, it is a reality where everything is very ordered and regulated. Some of the nightmarish sci-fi films and books describe a world where everything you do is regulated by police/robots. Anyone not following the expected code of behaviour is quickly brought under scrutiny and control. Those who rule such a world would justify their methods of control by making you afraid of the chaos you would live in without it.
    Lots of people will develop a strict moral code, often of a religious nature, to bring order and predictability to the chaos. Without their sense of rules and rigid codes of ethics, life feels like chaos. It can be very frightening. When you start to question their expectations and rules, they often become angry or dissociative. They are very defended against questioning of their rules for fear of reality breaking down into chaos. They picture a God who punishes sinfulness so even if you don't get punished or incarcerated for your unruly actions in this lifetime, you will meet your maker at death who may very well put you in hell where you will suffer consequences for eternity. This expectation of accountabilty serves to maintain an order of life where expectations are clear and adhered to for fear of punishment.
    On a positive note, people who live within this reality can get any questions they have answered by the authorities that uphold the rules. They don't have to think for themselves but can rely on their structured view of reality to provide all they need to know to live a 'successful' life. There is a strong sense of belonging with others who follow the same rules and they often reiterate these values with each other to reinforce their belief systems.
    C.) Scientific View of Reality
    People who have grown up in a place where there is a strict expectation of moral behaviour will often reject 'religion' altogether. It feels filled with so much judgement and control. They look for 'evidence-based' orientations of how to successfully live life. They entertain a more scientific approach to life. This feels like a better way to bring order to chaos in stead of just making up rules based on assumptions and fantasy. These people are often angry when people bring up values that are based in a religious view of the world. They see world religions based on delusions rather than reality. They usually do welcome a moral code of behaviour, but often it lacks a sense of purpose other than protecting the human species from extinction. The scientific approach scrutinizes assumptions that people live by. Those assumptions can greatly limit our knowledge and understanding of how this reality works. Scientific research and discovery brings great progress in lifestyle and opportunity for advancement.
    There have been some greatly valued scientists over the years whose knowledge and theories have carved a foundation of scientific knowledge. Consider Einstein, for example. In the scientific paradigm, there appears to be a great attachment to old established theories and it's difficult to 'think outside the box' at times. At present there is quite a split in the world of science between old order scientific foundations of knowledge and some of the questions and theories coming out of quantum scientific research. Somtimes scientists are just as quick to quote the foundational knowledge as the 'fundamentalist religious people are with their structured view of life. However, generally, a theory is seen as having some merit until proved wrong. Within this, though, there is heavy scutiny of the credentials of the theorist. If you don't have a solid foundation of scientific inquiry, your questions and theories are seen as naive or uninformed.
    D. Sense of Wonder
    In this fourth area - and it wasn't called a sense of wonder by the original source - people see that there are many wonders around them that may or may not ever be explained by a scientific approach. Coincidences and syncronicities become interesting on a new level. In this area, life is seen as a personal, spiritual journey.
    I bring this forward because it helps for us to understand the perspective that people are coming from. This way of understanding people can bring a more compassionate view of their position. Some people who are trying hard to recover from addiction or from a life of crime will do so successfully by getting involved in a strong religious group. The addiction/crime lifestyles can represent a life of chaos. With addiction there can be ongoing instability of resources. They are living day to day, often facing hardship of not having food or lodging or a means to more drugs/alcohol etc. Relationships with others can be frightening and unpredictable. Joining a religious order where they feel accepted and helped back on their feet can be a welcome relief from the chaos of their previous life. These points can be true for people who grew up in chaos and go into the world of crime to provide for themselves. The strict moral order can offer them structure and a sense of attainable forgiveness to wash away the trauma of the previous lifestyle. When they relapse they quickly enter the world of chaos again.
    Religions have played a major role in instilling a behaviour code in our societies. The dogma is presented to the growing child in many cultural norms that are acted on by the people around them - in the home, in their place of worship and in their community. Children grow up with an identity attached to their religious order. Any behaviour that is outside the behavioural code is criticized and 'corrected'. Most religious groups see everyone within their group as being favoured by God or a creative designer of the universe. People outside their group are seen as 'less than' or inferior. It can be quite disturbing to see when people fall out of their religious group and the people who so cared for them within the group turn their backs on them, judging them as unworthy of their support and caring. This reflects their view of the Creator as judging them worthy of divine love only if they follow the rules of 'moral living'. Within their group, they feel a sense of belonging and love. When they withdraw from that group, they feel judged and abandoned by the very people who they thought were so loving. All of this centres around a fear of chaos. Within the world of chaos, people often feel alone and without purpose.
    The restrictions of organized religion can also bring a sense of aloneness. If your identity is so attached to the identity of your religious teachings and community, it can feel like a lack of freedom and personal fulfillment. The caring of that community can feel very conditional on following their expectations and the sense of being 'cared for' can seem very superficial.
    The world of scientific investigation can take you out of your emotions and into your intellect. It can set up a structure of life that takes you out of chaos and into predictability. It can give you your freedom of personal perspective with an ongoing leaning process about 'how the world works'. If something is scary, you just don't understand it well enough. If there is no evidence that warrants the fear respone, one can use intellectual reasoning to 'make it go away'. Many in this perspective can be very judemental of those who are attached to religious orders. The beliief in God is based on religious teachings with no hard evidence of his existence. The stories of religious lore are seen as fictional, meant to control the masses. The mindset of those who have been 'duped' by those teachings are seen as rather primitive and uneducated. There is an inordinate amount of guilt put on people who disobey the teachings. There is fear of punishment by a creator being for whom no evidence exists to support its reality. Often there is a belief that when we die we die. Any out of body or near-death experiences are seen as originating from a psychological or neurological underpinning. We have such as 'need' to believe in a reality greater than ourselves, that our minds will create it. The 'sense of purpose' in this area of reality is that we continue to scientifically investigate the world around us and over time, future generations will live in a time of much greater understanding of how to live a successful life. Some in this area do keep an open mind to there being more beyond this reality but they believe we will likely never know what that is. All the efforts to prove a greater reality are full of holes in intellectual reasoning.
    Often people with a scientific view will spout their agreed upon beliefs with each other, not unlike the fundamentalist religious groups. There is a shared reiterating of scientific knowledge and skepticism. It can be difficult to discuss personal questions or points of view that are outside of the scientific knowledge base. If you were to have a 'mystical experience', for example, it would be quickly written off as coming from some psychological or neurological basis that if we only had more scientific investigation of the circumstance, it would no longer be a mystery.
    There is so much defending of one's position in the above realities.
    The Wonderment of Life's Journey
    Approaching life from a sense of wonder takes life into an amazing personal journey. This journey is unique for everyone. There is an interplay between experience and knowledge. At times you have an 'inner knowing' that is hard to explain or justify but that doesn't minimize its importance.
    In my life experiences, I have come to see myself as a Christian, though most who live by that label might not see me as one. For one thing, I don't really believe in organized religion for myself. This means I don't go to church - maybe I'll go every couple of years to enjoy the Christmas celebration, but that's about it. If I do go, I ask the creator to show me in the experience what it is I am to learn from the experience. There may be some wisdom that shines out of the sermon given that will resonate with me and lead me to a particular kind of exploration of ideas, knowledge or reflection. The reason I would call myself a Christian is because I greatly value the cited words of Jesus - Love one another as I have loved you. I do not believe in a punishing God but I believe in a loving creator energy in this reality that wants us to embody and manifest that love into the world around us. I believe we are spiritual beings, eternally connected to that Creator energy and we are here having a human experience in order to help us to evolve to a higher state of consciousness. I have recently come to believe that the whole universal reality is also evolving forward. I look for and find the love messages in all religions. Even the nonreligious orientations can have a 'service to humanity' value system. As I wite this, I am aware that the wisdom teachings of Matt Kahn, a Buddhist, have been particularly illuminating over the past couple of years.
    I've had many personal experiences or listened to those of other people that have opened my view of the kind of reality we are living in. There are many times that my insight about reality has had major jumps forward.
    In the sense of wonder, it would seem that everything has a purpose or interconnection. Though it is primarily a personal process, there is a belief that everything I do or think affects everything else and what I experience is affected by everything else going on in this universe. This gives me a personal responsibility to have a more positive impact on all energies around me.
    It's interesting that I feel a need to justify my rejection of organized religion and I also feel a need to justify not spouting 'evidence' that has led me to the understanding of life that I have developed. But in the sense of wonder, it is tedious to go through those kind of arguments. It is more important to focus in the present with awareness that all thoughts and experiences of your past have led to this present moment of being. It's also not important whether life feels the same for other people. It's delightful when others resonate with how I experience this reality but I also know that each of them have their own unique experience. It is said that 'When the student is ready, the teacher will appear' (and vice versa).
    What is Consciousness?
    Many more scientifically oriented views would see consciousness as connected to the brain. When your brain is active, you have consciousness. We know that we can have 'altered states of consciousness' such as when we are sleeping or delirious. The brain is still functioning but our awareness of reality is altered. It's interesting that when someone has a 'near death experience' and is lying 'brain-dead' on the surgery table, their brain is not functioning, yet they will return to life having had an experience of consciously knowing and watching what is going on around them. There are multiple documented cases of this. The person might have been listening to the conversation in the operating room or watching someone moving around in the environment specifically during the time when their brain was not functioning. Surgeons and their nurses can confirm that what they experienced was indeed real. However, their consciousness existed separate from their brain function.
    Most mystics are very aware of consciousness existing outside of the body. Some will 'leave' their body and experience a whole cosmic awareness of reality that is quite different from reality in this earthly existence. However, most people have not had such an experience and are usually afraid to explore such experiences.
    Many in this budding age of consciousness evolution are thinking that we are not 'human beings having a spiritual experience' but rather we are 'spiritual beings having a human experience'. In this view the body is more of our 'avatar self', a temproary vessel that we occupy in order to have a limited experience in this earthly plane of existence. Consciousness is viewed as our eternal self, an energy form that is not only individual but also interconnected with all energy in the universe. We are all an integral part of creation in action.
    This becomes rather abstract and can be hard for most people on the earth plane to imagine, let alone understand. It's easier to see ourselves as one individual compartment of energy, connected only by chance and choice to the physical world around us. A scientist would perhaps say that our belief in connectedness is only real because we 'want to see it as so' Religious people might see the above view as a temptation by arrogant evil forces who wish to have control rather than be subservient to a God/Creator.
    There is an empowerment that comes with consciousness evolution. We are much greater than our parts and we have a significant connection with 'all that is'. However, with that empowerment comes a great deal of responsibility. If we are an integral part of a whole connection of energy, what kind of influence do we have within that connection?
    Quantum Physics
    I am not a scientist, but I do read and listen to videos about scientific theories that continue in development. It's interesting to see the studies that show a strange view of energy and magnetism at a quantum level. There is also a theory that there are parallels between viewing the micro state of reality and the macro level of existence. There's a lot more unidentified 'stuff' than we have realised before - for example the present exploration of what dark matter is or what our so called 'junk dna' is for. How can a particle in one place affect an 'entangled' particle in another place - perhaps thousands of miles apart?
    Science, itself, is throwing us forward into more wonderment and is teaching us that we really need to consider a broader view of reality that our five senses show us. When they found that the expectations of the researcher profoundly affected the results of the experiment - well what is that? How about the effects of our emotions on the molecular structure of water?
    There are several brave scientists who have opened these doors to discovery even though they have often faced ridicule and discreditation from their fellow scientists. This brings more of a bridge to a 'spiritual' view of reality.
    My adult children said to me that perhaps 'spirituality' is an evolutionary jump forward from 'religion'. That was an interesting point of view and it fits beautifully with this paradigm that I am describing. The sense of wonder encompasses and appreciation for 'chaos', 'dogma' and 'science' and more...
    Experiencing the Sacred
    I sat in counselling a woman who had been through horrendous abuse. I was being very careful to not 'lead' her descriptions of what she had been through. There has been a lot of pressure by the 'False Memory Syndrome' people about the role of therapists in exploring issues of childhood trauma. While I was listening and talking with her, she began looking at something up and around the back of me. I asked her what she was looking at and she said there was a huge angel behind me. I asked if the angel had a name and she said it was 'Raphael'. I asked what the angel was telling her and she said he was saying to listen to me. Well, I never experienced such 'performance anxiety' in my life! We really didn't talk much in the rest of the session. However, I began reading lots about angels after that. I found out that Archangel Raphael particularly helps trauma survivors - and assists those who provide healing to trauma survivors.
    It makes you feel a little 'crazy' to think about the angelic realms. I didn't see the angel myself, so believing in angels goes back to believing in something that I have no tangible evidence for. However I have heard so many stories from people about unusual experiences in this sort of genre that I don't easily write this off as fantasy or delusion.
    I've come a long way since that day in the office. I've learned that our consciousness is much greater than the physical reality around us. For example, I believe that when you think about someone who is in hospital or suffering and you 'wish' them peace or comforting, that they actually feel that. It has become more commonplace these days that someone will ask you to think about them, such as in a job interview or when facing a difficult meeting, hoping that your well-wishes will positively affect the outcome.
    A few weeks ago, I had a 'sense' that Archangel Raphael was with me. In my mind/heart space, I expressed gratitude for all the support he has given me over the years in caring for troubled people. I had a tremendous awareness of a very deep and expansive love feeling that he is. I was almost in tears to feel that intense love. It felt quite 'sacred' to me and was overwhelming. As I recognized how incredibly strong and loving this being is, he said for me to 'not do this to him' ie. he encompasses the sacred love in 'all that is' and I can be that love as well. He is not 'greater than'. There is no hierarchy in the spiritual realm. That sense of love is available to all who seek it and is to be shared in every way.
    Some experiences are really hard to put into adequate words. This is true of probably all sacred experiences. There is a sense of awe and wonder that is on a non-verbal level. I have had a few experiences of this nature during my lifetime and I am deeply grateful for those experiences. They bring about a trust in the sense of wonder and not having to have everything logically explained or justified.
    Many spiiritual guides will not give you the wisdom you seek so much but will guide you into practice that will help you access the wisdom within you or within your own personal connection to the cosmos.
    Perhaps the development of religions was originated from a set of wisdom guidelines that had this same intent. However many of the world religions developed rules of life to follow and a push to give one's own judement over to the masters who know so much more than a naive student of life. Personally, I think with the 'marriage' of church and state, the powers that wanted to rule the general populace saw the opportunity to develop and use religious dogma to maintain a control of a then subservient group of subjects. There are also some religious leaders who are within themselves quite narcissistic and feel a strong need to be seen as better than others - more knowledgable, more righteous, closer to God, more special. But many of the actual sources of wisdom over the ages were probably not of a disciplinary nature.
    It's interesting to see the process of our indigenous people in North America in the variety of their beliefs. I have not met an 'elder' yet who was arrogant or 'preaching'. They will tell you about what they have learned but usually do so in the form of a story - something they have experienced in their lives - or wisdom that was given to them by an elder, for them to ponder and consider. They see us as connected to all life on the planet and they pay attention to any signs of guidance from the nature that surrounds us. An example of this in action was once when I went to presentation where a few of us were to talk about various aspects of addiction. A female elder was there and we joined for lunch. In preparing for her presentation, she watched all that was happening around her that day that gave her 'guidance' about what she would talk about in her presentation. In contrast, I had written out an outline of what I hoped to cover in my part. There is no competition in this. It's just different ways of approaching a presentation. I love the native ways of approaching life though and their intimate connection to their surrounding environment.
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  • The Insidiousness of Power and MoneyThe power people/families that have run this world for centuries care all about power - not about human beings or other beings who inhabit the earth. The matrix that we live in continues to deeply manipulate our minds to attach dollar value to living entities.

    When you truly love yourself and humanity, you want everyone to have abundance. It has been my view for many years that: 'for everyone who has more than they need, there is someone who has less than they need'. Life on this planet has changed some though, and it is my opinion that with the developments in technology, it is now possible for everyone to live in abundance - if that is what we aim for. Perhaps it was always that way but we have the technology coming that can make this an easy reality.

    The issue of power and money runs deeply, though. We are looking forward to a global economic reset and the removal of poverty on this planet. But what will that look like? I hear too many well meaning people who look forward to 'helping the impoverished' by 'providing' for their needs. This is from a place of heart-felt compassion but it still lives within the power and control dynamic of the old world order. It still presents a reality in which we have the 'haves' and 'have-nots'. Perhaps the 'powers that were' (PTW) specifically supported this to keep a wrench in their power dynamic. We are constantly bombarded by messages of those who are suffering and the push for us to give of our limited resources to help them out, always feeling like we don't have enough to help in a way that would really correct the situation. We also hear of big money people who supposedly give big amounts to 'charity'. This continues to be part of the mind game that supports the energy that keeps money as the primary power differential in the world.

    In the new world, what will 'kindness' look like when there aren't the poor and disadvantaged to help? It can be difficult for most people to imagine an enlightened world. We build a lot of self-esteem on feeling needed by others. We also build a sense of worth on the idea that we have 'earned' our status of having more than those who have less than us. When you get people together who do have privilege, it's interesting to hear them talk about their pride in their accomplishments and to hear them feel sorry for people who have less than them. This attitude supports the money/power paradigm as well.

    We base our sense of value/importance on financial well-being. When we are barely scraping by and look to see others who frivolously spend money or who have very nice opportunities and possessions, we feel as if we are less than them - either because we are unlucky or made poor decisions in life - or other such reasons that support the idea that we are either unfairly hard-done-by or are less valuable as people. It's the knowing that we have more than others that helps us feel better about having less than others.

    In my view, none of this is suitable within the higher dimensional reality for which we are headed. I consider myself very lucky in having had the experience of talking with 1000's of people over the years at a much deeper level than  the superficial social milieu affords. When you work in the helping profession, the big goal is to 'not be needed'. There has never been a time when that was the case. The helping agencies/services are overwhelmed with referrals. It's important for people to realize this when they get to thinking that the helping professionals are perpetuating their own economic stability by 'defining people as sick or in 'need'. There are, of course, those who look at a dollar value of their service but the needs for help and support are great and many of the helpers are trying to do the best they can to offer effective service.

    In the new dimensional reality that is unfolding, many more people will be able to be close to others and know how to connect in more meaningful ways. It's not about servicing 'physical needs' such as food, clothing and shelter. Those needs will be easily met by our own sovereignty. Perhaps the greatest need in these times is to acknowledge the amazing strength and beauty of each soul living in this world. Perhaps we will focus on the joy of living on this beautiful planet, sharing in our creative visions and insights. I hope the old concept of 'competition' will finally fall by the wayside. Old divisions between the haves and have-nots and between the well and the sick will also no longer exist.

    Be kind to yourself and others.
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