Welcome one and all, peace, love and blessings as we make our way through this chaotic period into one more civilized, kind and loving. CE5, ET and Consciousness Tasmania has been formed to bring people together, both locally in southern Tasmania as a CE5 collective and internationally via the internet and through consciousness meditation. CE5 Cygnet Field Group meets once a month to practice CE5 protocols and to build a cohesive, effective group of contact practitioners. All are welcome to join - main membership criterion:- an abundance of love, a sense of humour, a knowledge of contact (CE5 or others) protocols or a willingness to engage in them and an attitude that we will all learn together along the way. It is envisaged that all information supplied on this page will be referenced, so please bear this in mind when posting - all are welcome to post. No responsibility is taken for the veracity of information supplied, however all efforts are made to establish truth and resources. We leave it up to the individual to decide for themselves upon a) the veracity and b) its usefulness. Bullying, gossip or judgement are not welcome here. CE5, ET and Consciousness was initially inspired by the work of Dr Steven Greer, whose faithful attention to disclosure and ET contact over the past 27 years is much appreciated and honored. Please enjoy a video of the fantastic contact experience 24 other people and myself shared at Mt Potts in New Zealand March, 2016: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc5Q2i39VXqbDD9Vju3BJZg and also see Greg Sullivan's version of the same event at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfNM3WkXa9g Namaste, Joey
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