The Jedi Community is a loose confederation of groups and individuals who, inspired by George Lucas’ Star Wars movies, have adopted an identity as Jedi Knights. Contrary to Star Wars fans who may occasionally and temporarily play as Jedi, members of the Jedi Community aim to simply be Jedi Knights – always and everywhere. They will even say that they are the real Jedi – as opposed to the fictional Jedi of the movies. Members of the Jedi Community also believe that the Force, the cosmic power from Star Wars, actually exists in the real world. An important part of the practice as Jedi Knights is thus to study the Force and connect with it in ritual. The history of the Jedi Community since its emergence from the online Star Wars roleplaying community in the late 1990s, has grown into a vastly large online and offline presence and it quickly becoming one of the newest trends in the realm of spirituality and alternative faiths. There are two primary groups of Jedi that exist today which are (Jediist) who believe that Jedi is a full on religion and should be legally recognized as so, and then there are the (Jedi Realist) of which I myself am. The Jedi Realist Practice the Jedi way of life through study of the Force, Philosophies and other real world concepts and beliefs. Its basically like saying I'm spiritual not religious.
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  • https://alpha.onstellar.com/blogs/15528/Why-the-world-needs-the-Jedi
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  • Guided Jedi meditation is a recurring theme in Star Wars. In Star Wars Rebels we see Kanan Jarrus in a traditional meditative form in front of the rebel ship Phantom. Throughout the novel Heir to the Jedi, which takes place between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, Luke struggles with meditation as a way to calm his mind and get in touch with the force outside of battle situations. In Rogue One we witness Chirrut Îmwe practicing the meditative-like art of zama-shiwo to become better aligned with the Force. Like the Jedi and Force-sensitive characters in Star Wars, we too can use meditation to find inner calm, mental clarity, and connect with the life force around us. Here is a fantastic grounding meditation technique I want to share with the group from my Google Drive.
    Let me know what you think of it. If you would like me to share more meditations like this please let me know.

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  • The Soul Sword Meditation Technique.

    This meditation was created by a friend of mine in the Jedi community (Charles McBride) and I have found it very helpful to my own spiritual growth. Charles is a Reiki healer and energy worker with many years of work behind him. The Soul Sword Technique is a shamanic journeying style mediation.

    The Soul Sword Technique is a method for harnessing spiritual, psychic, or life force energy in a way that allows the user to then manifest these properties to some degree either spiritually or throught a heightened state of oneness when projecting this essence into an object such as a sword. This technique relies on imagery, psychic awareness, and the ability to focus and hone the self toward one single direction or goal.

    What is the Soul Sword?
    The Soul Sword Technique is the weapon forging of the spirit through a deep form of internal projection, or internal journeying, in which the mystic adept seeks to personify their very essence into both this guide which is their Warrior Spirit Guide and their Soul Sword. The Sword is not separated from the Warrior Spirit Guide in this respect, they simply reflect this concept from a different view of the gem that is your soul. Further for some, perhaps many individuals, the forging of the Soul into a weapon may result in something distinctly non-weapon like. This could be a staff, a shield, a healing flower, whatever it may be this is the truest form of the soul personified as it concerns battle, conflict, and resolution with to a final outcome.

    What is Calling The Soul Sword Into Being?

    Calling the Soul Sword into being is not the manifestation of a real blade, but the bringing of the spirit of the sword, the essence and concept into the body, into a weapon, or into a mental image to direct that energy for a physical or spiritual goal. Ultimately the soul sword brings a sympathetic link between the spirit or soul and the name of the sword thereby giving one the ability to draw this power into being upon command. This is similar to the concept of the True Name. Further the Soul Swords shape, elements, purpose, and manifestations will speak loudly about the core of the person calling it into being.

    The History of the Soul Sword

    The Soul Sword is a technique inspired by the likes of King Arthur's Excalibur, Spirit Guide Journeys, The Higher Self, and legends of mythic and mystic swords everywhere. Such stories of mystic swords set aside for a special person speak to the heart of readers and mystics everywhere and is as such a basic mythic icon instilled in the heart of those who read and watch them. The result is that we, all of us, have forged a symbolic mystical weapon in our hearts and souls already. Far better then to find and draw forth this incredible power deeply rooted in our psyche than to seek out others prescribed methods.


    Soul Explorer: This will be you, your conscious self, as you undertake these exercises.

    Soul Sword: This refers to the essence of your Soul Weapon, or Soul Object that you manifest internally. This may also refer to that manifestation of such energy in an object.

    Inner Realm: This is the place you will be visualizing as representing your soul. For each person this place will be different and as such, just as with the manifestations and experiences within the soul sword, there are no right or wrong manifestations during this journey.

    Soul Guide: This refers to the personification of the Soul Sword as an Animal, Elemental, Person, Mythical Creature, Or other Animation of the Soul Sword. It is considered and remains in essence one and the same as the Soul Sword in it's form as an object yet presents its self this way to help in your growth and understanding of the Soul Sword Technique.

    The Process
    Prior to the journey of the Soul Sword it is important to affirm this is an exploration of the self and a representation of inner forces. That basically means you recognize your subconscious as well as your spirit forms the symbolism you are about to partake in. Without this basic recognition you will not be able to progress within this technique.

    To begin the journey into the Soul Sword one must already be able to clear themselves mentally. This means reaching that point known as center, or centering ones self, and rooting themselves energetically. This can be achieved with deep any of a variety of breathing exercises at the preference of the Soul Explorer.

    After centering has been achieved, reaffirmation of the purpose of the meditation may prove useful. Remind yourself that you are projecting inward to seek out the soul sword. This reaffirmation may be verbal, highly recommended before centering and after, or it may simply be a mental reaffirmation. After reaffirmation of intent has been achieved the actual process of projection is ready to begin.

    Closing your eyes if you have not already done so, begin the process of picturing a long path of light leading inward into your soul. This path will lead to your soul realm. Focus on the path, walking it, and as you walk it watch as it takes form and shape changing from a path of nondescript light and taking on the physical characteristics of your soul. This path will change and shape into a road. The characteristics the road you are walking down will shape and change as you walk and will present to you the path of your soul. Be aware, observant, but not judgmental. The soul path is one which is neither right, nor wrong, and those things you see upon it will be indicative of your most natural state. This state as you walk down this path you will hone soon into the soul sword.

    Continue walking on this path until you reach a destination that opens up around you. This place you find will be your arrival point, the center of your soul, and this will be the destination you will begin the soul sword training within. Once here remember this place so you may return to it. Understand that it is your imagination that creates the image of this place, but it is your soul that fills that imagination with purpose, meaning, intent, and reality. Look around and take note of the surroundings of this Inner realm. From here you will begin the understanding and advancement of the Soul Sword technique. Breath deeply of the air. How does it smell? What do you taste? Is the light a particular color? Are you warm, cold, or somewhere in between? Is the wind blowing? These little details will show you more of your soul and prepare you for meeting your Soul Guide.

    Find yourself a comfortable place to sit, or rest, within your Inner Realm. With your eyes open begin to relax and sink deeper into this realm. Inside your heart and soul call inward to your Soul Guide and ask them to come forth. Continue to call until a figure arrives. This figure may arrive immediately, or other figures may arrive or leave before. Stay still though and call until that figure comes that you know instinctively is a part of you, that is the deepest part of you, this will be your Soul Guide.

    Listen, closely, carefully. The Soul Guide will be explaining to you the nature of your Soul Sword and at first might not give you its name. It may explain through actions, it may explain through words, or changing the environment, it may even seem hostile to you, or may ask you to perform tasks. These things are all a part of its communication with you and whatever your Soul Guide chooses for you in your learning from it are tasks meant to make you better able to call upon it. As you listen to your Soul Guide when it speaks remember the sound of it's voice. Recognize that sound and listen carefully. You may be able to hear it calling a name faintly. If you can not at first hear this, that is alright, in time you will learn by listening closely to hear it's name. Once you have learned the name of your Soul Sword you are done the first step of your training and may now begin to use the Soul Sword in your day to day life.

    Also as you are in the inner realm your Soul Guide will present to you the item most representative of your soul sword. This item, it's shape, form, color, element or elements, properties, all those things about it will be different from one person to the next. No two soul swords are identical and thereby nothing can be said for certain about the form your Soul Sword will take except that it will be most completely yours. It will be known to your heart that this representation of your soul objectified and made weapon is the most true form for you.

    You may have to do this meditation many times to learn the name of your soul sword. However upon learning its name you will be able to call upon it. The technique for calling upon the soul sword is part visual, part audible, and completely sensory. To call upon the soul sword be it to direct energy against an non-physical entity simply envision the object from your Inner Realm in your hand. Then call forth the name of your sword. For some this includes an awakening command and this is dependent also upon the Soul Sword and the wielder as to the use of such extra wording. However you go about bringing the name of your Soul Sword out, and however you visualize it you may then direct its power. This may be done also inside an object, inside your body acting as a object or container, or even simply within your own mind or inner realm during further Soul Sword training to learn the properties of your sword. This likewise will be available to you if you astral project and is a tool you may call upon in any realms you may wish to cross.
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